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Tavazo nuts and dried fruits brand is the leader in the production and export of the best types of nuts worldwide and the company's success is due to its commitment to providing the best nuts and dried fruits at the best prices.

In Tabriz, the centre of Iran's carpet industry and home to the finest nuts in the world that is located in northwestern Iran, a family business has been handed down through generations. The Tavazo company has been passed from one generation to another so that each team member can continue devoting themselves entirely to their craft—making sure their customers get only top-quality nuts and dried fruits. Tavazo aims to carry that tradition by always providing customers with their best products. So it's no surprise that their products have such a high standard. 

Tavazo Nuts and Dried Fruits

Tavazo Has been involved in the Dried Nuts and Fruits Industry for over 6 decades. They produce 100% naturally dried nuts, fruits, vegetables and many types of spices in wholesale and retail packages. Tavazo products are naturally grown, sun-dried and contain no additives or preservatives. Their company also carries traditional pastries from Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan of the same great quality and taste. What separates them from competitors is the fact that Tavazo products have undergone little or no processing and contain no chemical additives, so you can be certain that you have made a healthy and nutritious choice shopping. Cyruscrafts Group, one of the leading companies in exporting Iranian snacks and handicrafts, provides Tavazo products at an affordable price.

Tavazo nuts and dried fruits

Tavazo's mission is to introduce the best Iranian nuts by selling them worldwide, educating the public about their healthful qualities and leading their promotion in the gourmet food industry. The company's success lies in providing its customers with the best nuts and dried fruits and dependable, genuine customer service.

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