home decorative pot
handmade metal vase
home decorative pot
handmade metal vase

Home Decorative Vase HC- 722

HC- 722

Home Decorative Metal Pot

Size: 6.69 * 11.81 inch (17*30 cm)

Weight: 200 gr

Usage: Home / Home-office / office Decorative

Turquoise Inlaying on containers includes a copper, brass, silver, nickel, or bronze object on parts of the surface of which small pieces of turquoise are set in mosaic fashion thus giving the object a special glamour.

Home Decorative Vase HC- 722 Details

The production of Turquoise Inlaying includes two general stages:

  • Goldsmith is making and preparation of the object intended for Turquoise Inlaying using one of the metals indicated above.
  • Turquoise Inlaying handicraft correct placement of turquoise chips on the metal so that it is strong enough and the chips do not come off while burnishing the work.

This product is a royal home decorative metal pot that increases the attraction of your home, home office, or office.


Why CyrusCrafts™?

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6.69 * 11.81 inch (17*30 cm)
200 gr
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