wooden chess set
chess set
pieces of chess set
pieces of chess set in Ontario
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wooden chess set
chess set
pieces of chess set
pieces of chess set in Ontario

Brass & wooden Chess set HC-2177

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Length: 50cm

Width: 20cm

Weight: 2kg

Material of Chess Pieces: Brass

Available in: Toronto, Ontario


The absorbing wooden backgammon set pieces are divided into two sets - a shiny silver/chrome finish and a rich gold finish. The chess pieces have an intricate, sculpted design that appears to be inspired by medieval or Renaissance themes. The chess board is set within a large wooden case with an ornate, inlaid design around the edges. The wood has a dark, polished tone that contrasts nicely with the light-colored chessboard squares.

High-quality material of Brass & wooden Chess set HC-2177

Among the variety of materials, brass, and wood stand out from the crowd for the Chess set. Actually, wood offers a warm, organic feel that many players find inviting. Various types of wood, such as ebony, rosewood, and boxwood, are commonly used to create chess, and brass is a mixture of copper and zinc that is famous for its durability and distinctive golden hue.

Brass and Wooden Chess set

Order wooden chess Set HC-2177 in Canada

In case you live in Canada and need to have this chess set or any Types of Persian Handicrafts you'll be able to order it from our antique store CyrusCrafts, by clicking on the WhatsApp icon or filling out the order form at that point with quick delivery, you'll have this set in your home.

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1 Reviews

im a big fan of flamboyant things and this set literally catch my eye
By Abigail on 07/06/2024

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