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Cream Persian rugs are the latest trend for the living room, that's right. This is the year of cream rugs and for a good reason. Adding a touch of luxury and elegance to the room enhances its style. Check out our compiled list of cream area rugs if you're thinking about updating your living room.

Cream Persian Rugs Review, Select, and Shopping Guide

In addition to geometric patterns and hand-knotted motifs of Persian rugs, cream Persian rugs' classic look has countless variations.

Thus neutral color palette blends perfectly with any decor, complementing the existing furniture and accessories. The monochromatic look of cream Persian rugs will give your space a sophisticated feel and make it appear gender-neutral. 

cream Persian rugs

Choose cream and brown rugs to match the rest of your room for the best results. These rugs come in various shades too, such as ivory, tan, fawn, etc. Even though they are neutral mainstays, cream rugs give floors a fresh feel. And that is why cream Persian rugs are incredible for rooms that need a touch of freshness.

The Versatility of Cream Persian Rugs

Cream Persian rugs offer an assortment of materials, textures, and patterns, effortlessly enabling you to find the look that embraces your style. Imagine sinking your toes into a fawn area rug's comforting fluff.

For those who need a touch of texture, a cream wool rug is the coveted choice. These rugs not only indulge your feet with their soft and resilient nature but also come with inherent stain-resistant properties, making them a breeze to maintain.

And if you're after some fanciness, there's nothing quite like a cream Persian rug to infuse your room with an air of luxury. Their intricate tapestry of patterns and designs instantly elevate any room's character.

Consider a cream geometric or abstract rug for a more modernistic touch. These rugs' striking designs can introduce a contemporary flair to your space. Imagine a cream machine-made rug bidding you a warm welcome as you step inside your home.

Different Sizes of Cream Persian Rugs

Cream Persian rugs, the signature of elegance, come in a various sizes. The most prevalent sizes are the 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 variants. The 4x6 rug, versatile and compact, great for small spaces such as entryways, hallways, or even living rooms.

5x7 rugs and 8x10 rugs on the other hand serve as a splendid centerpiece, defining seating areas in living rooms or dining halls. 

When selecting the size for your rug, it is important to consider the room's dimensions and the position of the furniture. Ideally, the rug should be large enough to fit all the furniture in the room or at least cradle the front legs of them, this creates a visually pleasing scene.

However, smaller spaces need not despair. Opting for smaller rugs such as kilims and Gabbeh rugs and placing them correctly can upscale a specific area.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Cream Persian  Rug

When choosing a cream-colored Persian rug, there are several things to remember. Suitable for both modern and traditional designs, these rugs are versatile. Your home will also feel fresh and luxurious with them. You should also look at the rug's shape to make the right choice.

Good-quality handmade rugs made in Iran are often made from high-quality sheep's wool or silk. They can last many years if cleaned and maintained correctly.

Wool rugs treated with chemicals are usually cheap and shed horribly. Be sure to check the quality of the material, too. Rugs made of cheap wool are often tufted in India. Ensuring the tufted rug's back is made from quality wool is important.

Also remember to consider the rug's location. Bedroom rugs get less traffic than in other rooms, so they can be placed on the floor where they will receive little to no wear. Choosing a smaller rug than you'd prefer is better for your budget. You'll also have fewer options if you choose a large cream-colored Persian rug.

cream area rug

Colors that Go Well with Cream

Cream rugs can be paired with other color rugs. The result is a visually harmonious and aesthetically pleasing effect.

Cream and pink rugs for example, their delicate and subtle shades dance together in a beautiful ballet of color, painting an image of femininity and elegance. Whether you opt for a cream Persian rug with pink highlights or a pink rug adorned with cream, the pop of color will liven up your space.

Alternatively, consider pairing your cream Persian rug with one displaying earthy tones such as grey or white. This combination radiates warmth and invitation, crafting the perfect atmosphere for cozy living rooms or bedroom.

With that being said, make sure you give our Persian rugs in other colors a try.

What Kind of Furniture Goes Well with Cream Persian Rugs? 

The cream rug looks good in almost any shade. By arranging cream Persian rugs correctly with other home accessories, you can have either a modern and stylish decoration or a classic and luxurious one. These are the best furniture colors that go best with cream Persian rugs:

Dark Furniture with Cream Persian Rugs

One of the best benefits of cream rugs is that they can go with ALMOST any furniture. If you have dark furniture, a cream Persian rug can help balance out the room's look and make it feel more open and airy.

Light Furniture with Cream Persian Rugs

A room has a sense of balance when light furniture is combined with a cream area rug. While the light furniture keeps the room from feeling too heavy or cluttered, the rug brightens up the space and makes it more open. Also, for a room with bright color decoration, choosing vintage rugs with darker colors is a great option.

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Sharp Color Furniture with Cream Persian Rugs

A cream-colored Persian rug can be complemented with furniture and accessories in complementary colors. For example, pair the rug with furniture in shades of red or yellow and enjoy its modern and energetic effect. 

How to Care for and Clean Your Cream Persian Rug

Proper care and upkeep are indispensable to ensure your cream rug maintains its look. Regular vacuuming is the first defense against dust, dirt, and debris that might seek refuge in the rug's fibers. As a precaution, always equip your vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to gently cleanse the rug without inflicting any harm.

Another crucial aspect of rug care involves rotating your rug every few months. Doing so ensures even wear and tear, preventing certain areas from appearing faded compared to the rest. This rotation ritual maintains the rug's uniformity, keeping its charm intact for years.

Should the unfortunate event of a spill or stain occur, swift action is paramount to preserve the elegance of your rug. One must dab the offending spot with a pristine white cloth or paper towel, absorbing as much liquid as possible.

DO NOT rub or scrub the stain, for such actions may drive it deeper into the textile's delicate fibers. A gentle solution of mild detergent and water should be your weapon in this battle. However, it is always advised to test this cleansing solution on a hidden corner of the rug first to ensure discoloration won't happen.

Cream Persian Rugs Retail and Wholesale

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