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A wall-hanging rug (pictorial carpet or tableau rug) is a perfect decorative item for interior walls. It is available in the form of frames of various sizes that are typically smaller than regular rugs. Natural or rayon yarns, Silk threads, pile yarns, wool yarns, cotton yarns, and acrylic yarns are frequently used to weave ordinary wall rugs. Tablou rugs are excellent combinations of two beautiful and historically significant art forms: painting and carpet weaving. These miniature wall rugs have a short history.
Today, Persian framed art and Pictorial Rugs, like other handicrafts, are widely available and come in two varieties: hand-knotted and machine-made.

Wall Rugs: Review, Select, and Buy

If you want to select a wall rug to buy, you should first review all kinds of it in detail. The factors of a wall rug include the KPSI or KPSM (Knots per Square Meter), the number of colors used, materials, and the details of the wall rug's motifs are the factors influencing their price, both in machine rugs and in hand-woven rugs.
The higher the KPSI, the higher the price, and the more elegance and effect it will have from the observer's point of view. The use of silk yarn increases the cost and value of the rug by adding elegance and beauty. Moreover, artful motifs like calligraphy painting patterns would elevate the price of the outcome wall rug.
When buying a tablou rug, it is recommended that you do not go for petite models because the elegance and beauty of the work and the quality of the work procedure can be seen and recognized in models with larger dimensions. When purchasing a wall-hanging rug/carpet, paying attention to the back of the rug always provides valuable information.
In addition to the rug ID and information on the back, you can look closely at the back of the rug to find any deviation in its texture. When looking at the front of a hanging rug, this point is usually not visible. In addition, the rug's backside is generally examined to determine the accuracy and delicacy of the density.
Silk wall rugs are significantly more expensive than other types. As a result, it is critical to ensure the authenticity of the silk yarn used in silk tableau rugs, which can be done by inspecting the wall rug's warp. The warps of silk pictorial rugs are more delicate and brighter than other yarns.
When selecting and buying a wall-hanging rug, try to choose more pleasing and delicate designs. In addition to being gorgeous, these framed rugs increase in financial value and can be a long-term investment for you.
Ultimately, find the most honest and reliable sellers and retailers. It is best to buy original woven wall rugs from Persian antique stores. 

Persian pictorial carpet

Wall Rugs Price

Persian wall rugs are eye-catching combinations of painting and rug weaving. Hand-woven wall rugs, especially if they are made of silk, have a high price because they are woven with exceptional elegance in different designs. 
Machine-made rugs are woven in various designs and densities of 700 Shaneh and 500 Shaneh. The price of this type of wall rugs is much lower than hand-woven types.
Wall rugs are usually placed in exquisite and patterned wooden frames, which give them a remarkable effect and splendor.
Here at Cyruscrafts, you can buy magnificent wall rugs at the best price. Their price can start from $60 and go up to $14970 approximately.

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Wall Rugs Maintenance Tips

Given the artistic value and the price of the tableau rugs, it is essential to understand the points surrounding the maintenance and care of these works of art. The upkeeping tips for wall rugs are detailed in the following:

      • The very first and maybe the most crucial point to remember is to pay close attention to the basic installation of the wall rug. If you use nails and hammers, be very careful not to damage the frame or the wall rug itself.
      • Moisture will cause the wall carpet texture to rot over time, and the wall rug's colors may also become cluttered. Inspect the wall behind the tableau rug regularly to ensure that moisture does not seep into the hanging framed rug.
      • The texture of the framed rug fades when exposed to direct sunlight. In general, direct sunlight harms all rugs, including hand-knotted carpets and machine-made rugs, causing undesirable changes in the quality of their color and texture. When selecting a wall to install a tableau rug on, consider the amount of sunlight and, if necessary, relocate the tableau rug.
      • Choose the wall rug's frame with care! Frames should be able to protect the wall rug and remain beautiful. We should note that the low-quality frames on the market can cause damage to the texture of the wall rugs or perforation.
      • It is critical to avoid folding the hanging rugs and kilims for long-term maintenance. If you do not intend to hang your tableau rug on the wall, it is best to keep it rolled up so that the wall carpet's texture does not break. Of course, in the tableau rugs cases, you must first detach them from the frame.

Iranian wall rug

The Most Popular and Best-Selling Wall Rugs 

As previously stated, tableau rugs are designed and manufactured in various designs and patterns, some of which are much more popular and have a large number of applicants among those interested in tableau rugs. These hanging rugs are designed and manufactured in various styles and subjects, some of which are listed below. Wall rug category based on style:

        • Miniature Wall Rugs
        • Abstract Art Wall Rugs
        • Modern Tableau Rugs
        • Fancy Wall Rugs
        • Calligraphy Art Rugs

The "Wa In Yakad Verse" pictorial carpets are among the most popular and best-selling examples among Asian people. These hanging tableau rugs are adorned with a Quran of the same name, which Muslims believe protects the home from disasters and unfortunate events.
Flower (Floral) and bouquet designs, animals, nature, angels, Koocheh bagh, the Last Supper, sleeping beauty, and other design tableau rugs have always been popular among people around the world.

Tableau Rugs for Wall Decoration

If you prefer a classic style in your home decoration, then decorative small rugs on the wall are the best option for you. Tableau rugs bring originality, glory, and a nostalgic mood to your living space that ordinary wall paintings lack. Wall rugs are woven and manufactured in Iran in a wide range of designs and patterns. It allows you to select a design that complements your home decor and color scheme.
When selecting a wall hanging rug, it is critical to consider which wall you are going to install it on. A horizontal wall rug will help make the room's ceiling appear higher if the wall is short. Also, the use of vertical wall rugs in rooms with high ceilings is more visible.
Installing a tableau rug in a well-lit area helps to make it look beautiful in the space. Try to use soft and beautiful lighting around the tableau rug. If your tableau rug is oversized, try to place it on the house's main wall.

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The Meanings of Each Color in Rug Weaving

It may be interesting to you that each color has a sense and meaning in rug weaving art. The most frequently used colors in wall rugs include red, blue, golden, white, green, brown, black, orange, purple, etc.

          • The red color in wall hanging rugs: Red was a sacred color and a symbol of fire among the ancient Persians. Throughout history, the fearless use of red has extended from regular carpets/rugs to wall-hanging ones. This color represents fire, warmth, happiness, life, fortune, and wealth.
          • The blue color in the wall rugs: self-knowledge, mysticism, and wisdom. Other meanings associated with blue include honesty, friendship, life after death, and power.
          • Golden color in pictorial rugs: It symbolizes luxury, wealth, and aristocracy in tableau rug designs and is for aristocratic families and rulers.
          • White color in wall hanging rugs: White symbolizes purity, innocence, peace, and tranquility in Persian wall rugs. This color is also used to evoke feelings of cleanliness and freshness.
          • The green color in tableau rugs: Green is a symbol of heaven and holiness in Persian rugs. This color is also associated with plant regeneration after winter and hope, blessing, and spring.
          • Brown color in wall rugs: This color symbolizes soil, land, and fertility, and it is also used to convey the same meanings in Persian rags and framed rugs.
          • Black color in wall decorative rugs: This color represents both strength and darkness. Black is rarely used as a background or primary color in carpet and rug weaving. This color is typically used to distinguish between other patterns.
          • Orange color in tableau rugs: Orange is the color of vitality and vivacity, and it is used in home interiors to create a sense of hospitality.
          • Purple color in pictorial rugs: This color, in its various hues, can evoke feelings of loneliness and sadness, as well as joy and love. A professional wall hanging rug weaver specializes in using different color ranges and understanding their various meanings.

It was all you needed to learn before buying a wall rug. As you know, Persian wall rugs are the best types of wall rugs in the world. CyrusCrafts, the international online antique store of Asian handmade products, presents various wall rugs and other handicrafts at the best price with delivery by shipping to all countries. Please select your desired items and fill out their order forms. As soon as you enter the address in the form, we will inform you of the shipping costs. The delivery is so fast and would be faster for the Middle East, Canada, and the USA residents, thanks to our offices and colleagues there.

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