Interior Design

Decoration literally means to decorate and arrange home accessories. Knowing the different styles of decoration is one of the most basic things in choosing the right decoration.

Many people think that arranging interior decoration of home is a very simple task, but there are very important points in this regard that If you follow them well, in addition to beautifying your home, you can make the best use of your home space.

Unique home accessories in interior decoration

tableau, wood carving, wall Carpet: If you want to have a beautiful and unique decoration, It is better to use tableaus that are in harmony with the other components of the house.

tableau, wood carving, wall Carpet

Rug and Carpet

It can be said that in most cases, preparing a suitable carpet is a permanent or long-term choice, so you should be careful in preparing and buying it. In most cases, creating a classic and stylish atmosphere without Iranian carpets is a difficult and impossible task. One of the advantages of Iranian carpets is the great variety in design as well as its sizes.

rug and carpet

Sculptures and Decorative dishes

Sculptures and Decorative dishes give the house a special and unique charm. These appliances are used in different parts of the house such as living room, bedroom and bathroom. Home accessories for each part of the house should be chosen according to that part because the parts of the house that we do not think are very important in the beauty of the house can become the main center of the house by choosing the right accessories for that part.Wooden or inlaid sculptures and aslo decorative dishes such as khatam kari and mina-kari containers, toreutics, and turquoise, are some of the most popular examples of home accessories that give a special and beautiful effect to your home and work space.




Furniture plays a very important role in the interior decoration of homes. Iranian sofas have been welcomed by everyone due to their new and diverse designs. Many beautiful and artistic inlays on steel or royal sofas are the most prominent features of Iranian sofas. Its patterns and drawings are often golden in color and give an aristocratic look to the furniture. The height of steel sofas is higher due to having a crown. Another advantage is that these sofas are formal, which is very suitable for parties and family gatherings. Royal sofas are heavier than other models due to the use of more wood and larger dimensions and have higher strength.


Important points in buying furniture:

1.The strength of the sofa

The furniture you choose should not be too light. Lightness indicates low quality and cheap raw materials.

2.To fit the space of the room

To create the best mood in the room, it is necessary to determine the height, length and depth of the sofa according to the dimensions of the room. If you choose the traditional style, you can use sofas with intricate handles. If you choose a contemporary style, choose furniture with subtle lines and less effect.


Everyone nowadays understands the significance of using beautiful and decorative lighting in interior design. However, lighting plays an important role not only for the inside of a building, but also for the outside environment. Many modern apartments are illuminated by colored LED lights, and some buildings have hanging lights in front of the front door to light up the environment. Wall lights are also required in villas and houses with yards.

Oil lamps, lanterns, and candlesticks made of colored and patterned glass and decorated with beautiful patterns and designs were once common in Iran.

This is the most popular Iranian art and original culture that comes from rural and nomadic lands, which shows that the Orientals have been able to make good use of this magnificent gift!

iranian chandelier

Iranian craftsmen, with their own artistic taste, especially in lighting products, can easily introduce the breadth of art and culture to the whole world, i.e. high-quality products, widespread all around the world.

Also, the uniqueness of Iranian handicrafts in the world has led to the preservation of the products of traditional lighting and art by the people of this unique area. Using chandeliers, lanterns, along with beautiful lamps that can fill the space, are attractive products for lighting homes or any other space that needs lighting.

iranian Candlestick

Therefore, it is a good idea to decorate our surroundings by providing a variety of beautiful, handmade, traditional, or even modern lighting products that feature art.

Important tips to buy different types of lighting

Lighting is one of the most important and powerful factors in interior design; it gives the environment identity while also inducing a sense of calm and warmth. As a result, you should exercise caution when selecting it. Many people struggle to provide lighting that meets their needs and the environment, so to avoid these issues,it is best to pay attention to the following tips before purchasing lighting.

Type of application

The first thing to consider is the environment for which you require lighting; for example, a brass chandelier with crystal shades is inappropriate for an office or a child's room. Simple built-in ceiling lights are also inappropriate for the living room. Outdoor lighting, bedroom lighting, study room or office lighting, or other environments such as hospitals, shops, restaurants, or cafes, require different types of lighting.

Room dimensions and height

One of the factors that determine how many lights you need, as well as how much light you need and at what intensity, is the size/area of the room. Most chandeliers come in a variety of sizes, and most have multiple branches, each with a lamp at the top, so for smaller rooms, choose a chandelier with fewer branches. The height of the room's ceiling is also an important factor. If the ceiling height is high, it is preferable to use high hanging lights; however, if the ceiling height is low, hanging lights are not an option.

Room decoration type

The use of the room, the type of decoration, and the pattern, design, and colors used in the room all influence the choice of lighting. It is critical that all aspects of an environment be in harmony with one another. Is the furniture in your room traditional or modern? What are the colors used in it? Is the design of the room empty or crowded? Is a single ceiling light sufficient, or do a lampshade and a wall lamp also need to be installed?

Types of lights and lighting

There are many different types of lighting depending on the application and location, which cannot be covered in a single article, so here are a few examples.

Table lamp

A table lamp can be used for a variety of purposes. A desk lamp, which typically has a simpler appearance and focuses light on the desk, is an example of such an application. The other type is used as a bedside lamp because we may wake up in the middle of the night and do not want to wake others up by turning on the main light in the room. Most children are also afraid of the dark and require a small, soft light near their bed.


Wall lights

Wall lighting is known as one of the most important decorative elements today, in addition to being functional in terms of appearance, and has a significant influence on environment lighting. Wall lighting comes in a variety of styles and models, some of which are only decorative and others are used to focus light on a specific object such as a painting or sculpture. Wall lights alone are frequently insufficient, and one or more ceiling lights are usually used as the primary light source, with wall lights adjacent to them.



There is a wide range of chandeliers available in terms of size, material, appearance, and so on. Chandeliers have a decorative aspect in addition to lighting, which is why you usually see them in a luxurious and glamorous setting. There are simple and modern chandeliers that are commonly used in administrative settings, offices, and doctors' offices. A house's living room will be very simple and lifeless without chandeliers, so each house should have a very beautiful and stylish chandelier.

Floor lamp

Soft-lighting lamps with a long base and a lampshade (cap) that covers the lamp, such as a bedside lamp. Floor lamps are generally decorative lights with an aesthetic appeal. However, some people prefer low and soft lighting in the living room, as well as in the bedroom, and they can save electricity by using a floor lamp. Another advantage of floor lamps is that they emit indirect light, which is not harmful to the eyes.

floor lamp

Long strip chandelier

In large villas and duplex houses, a staircase usually leads from the middle of the house to the upper floor and has a very high ceiling above it, featuring a crystal chandelier with long strips. These chandeliers are referred to as luxury lighting and are not appropriate for every home. Tall chandeliers are also used in some large and stylish hotels with high ceilings.

The CyrusCrafts is dedicated to offering a unique collection of modern and traditional lighting products with ancient archetypes, royal furniture, Persian chandeliers, carpets and decorative tablous, to attract the attention of enthusiasts and experts in this field, considering the glorious Aryan culture from the distant past.


Crystal standing Floor Lamp Cream Color Crystal standing Floor Lamp Cream Color 2
Interior Design

Crystal Floor Lamp Cream Color

Size: 59.05* 17.71* 17.71 Inches Weight: 6.6 kilogram Lampshade Color: Cream Body Color: Olive
Floor Lamps Crane01 Model Floor Lamps Crane01 Model 2
Interior Design

Afranoos Floor Lamps Crane01 Model

Material Body: wood and metal Size: 13.77* 13.77* 62.99 Inches Weight: 7 kilogram Wire Length: 98.42 in
Interior Design

9-flames Golden Chandelier Venus Model

Weight: 8 kilogram Size: 31.49* 31.49* 35.43 Inches Height: 47.24 in Body Material: Aluminium Shape: Globular Number of Flames: 9
Brown Modern Floor Lamp Tree Design Brown Modern Floor Lamp Tree Design 2
Interior Design

Brown Modern Floor Lamp Tree Design

Weight: 0.3 kilogram Size: 10.23* 10.23* 39.37 inches Body Material: Wood Wire Length: 39.37 in Color: Brown
Shabaviz Golden Chandelier K / 3-G Model Shabaviz Golden Chandelier K / 3-G Model 2
Interior Design

Shabaviz Golden Chandelier K / 3-G Model

Weight: 4 kilogram Size: 15.35* 15.35* 41.33 Inches Body Material: Metal Ability to replace the LED lamp: Yes Color: Golden
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