Interior Design

Interior Design is known as the art and science of designing the insides of a building to improve the air inside the building, making it a healthy and beautiful place for occupants.

Interior Decorating Items

In your knowledge of various styles of interior design and decoration, you are able to pick the perfect decorative pieces as well as home accessories e.g., sofas, chairs, tables and beds. Other things mentioned include rugs, curtains, and chandeliers. A lot of people believe that designing is an easy thing. Still, there are crucial points: however, if followed properly, each part of your room works perfectly.

interior decorative items

A key part of design is made up by furniture e.g., sofas, chairs, tables and beds. Other things mentioned include rugs, curtains, and chandeliers.

For instance, pillows, plants, wall paintings and mirrors are also necessary part of the decor. Moreover, other options like shelves are also considered as additional storage solutions. In general, design aims at creating a harmonious home environment that is not just physically attractive but also practical as well.


Furniture plays a significant role in any interior design. Choosing suitable furniture is the primary step of decorating a space.

Quality, coziness, and applications are essential factors when choosing furniture. At CyrusCrafts, we offer top-quality, cozy handmade and antique sofas and other furniture items. These handmade sofas are cozy and comfortable simultaneously, suitable for parties and family gatherings.

The advantages of CyrusCrafts' handmade wooden sofas:

  • They are all made by hand, so each is unique and one of a kind.
  • Each woodcarving sofa is a piece of art.
  • CyrusCrafts uses the best raw materials to produce all its furniture products.
  • You can order sofa sets and accent chairs in unlimited numbers.
  • Most of our handmade wooden sofas are customer-made, and you can choose their
  • colors and clothing materials.

interior design - antique sofa


The artistic sense that is evident even in their lighting appliances makes it possible for the Iranian artisans to introduce the range of art and culture to the entire globe at the shortest time possible, that is good quality products across the globe.

Due to the uniqueness of Iranian handiwork, this region still continues on with the use of local lights. Spaces may be lit up with some lovely chandeliers, lanterns, and other beautiful lamps meant for decoration. Consequently, there is the need for decorating using elegant, artisanal, customary or contemporary lighting items containing art.

Interior design lightings

Types of Home Décor Lightings

There are various usage-specific lighting applications available. Some major types of lighting appliance include hangings lamps, chandelier, wall lights, standing lamp or a floor lamp, as well as, desk/table lamps.


Chandeliers are manufactured in a myriad of sizes, materials, styles, and designs. Chandeliers, therefore, are used for aesthetic purposes as well as light provision where one is designing a luxury or elegant interior.

The necessary touch of luxuriousness in Persian interior design has an equivalent need in the Persian architectural style; hence, a chandelier has become indispensable in Persian style interior design.

interior design chandeliers

Desk/Table Lamps

The applications of table lamp vary greatly. One of them, for example, is a desk lamp that tends to be less ornate and directs the beam toward the table.

The another variety works like we can wake up in the midst of the night and turn on that lamp rather than having everybody awake due to the brightness of the major light in the room while asleep. The majority of kids cannot handle the gloom and just require a little dim light close to where they sleep.

interior design table lamps - desk lamps

Wall Lights

The wall light is one of the most important decorative items in modern days. The contemporary style of a wall light makes it one of the most significant decorative elements, which also looks functionally appealing while illuminating a space. There is wide range of wall lights available, with specific designs and models that can be purely decorative while others offer directional lighting onto another subject, such as a work of art.

The wall light or the wall sconce light may not be enough for lighting the room, and so at most one or more ceiling lights can apply as primary light sources.

interior design - wall lights

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps AKA soft-lighting lamps, standing on the basis and decorated with shade— have various functions, although, most floor lamps are mainly for decoration, as they add beauty aesthetically.

On the other hand, others prefer to use floor lamps for low and soft lighting in their living rooms and the bedrooms, hence saving on electricity. Apart from that, these lamps send no straight rays to the eye, which can damage it.

interior design - floor lamps

Rugs and Carpets

Buying and preparing a suitable rug is a permanent choice, therefore, you must take your time to choose it correctly. Generally speaking, it is very difficult or even impossible to create an elegant and traditional ambience without Iranian carpets. Persian rugs and carpets also have a wide range of designs and sizes as their advantage.

CyrusCrafts offers both woven and machine made Persian rugs divided into groups by types, colors, sizes, etc.; the categories are carpets and rugs by the following options:

  • Sizes: 9*12, 8*10, 6*9, 5*8, 5*7, 4*7, 4*6, 3*5, and some "one of a kind"s
  • Colors: Multicolor, red, green, blue, black, grey, pink, cream, white, beige, and combinations of some colors
  • Styles: Modern, Vintage, machine-made, and handwoven
  • Materials: Silk, wool, cotton, etc.
  • Types: Kilims, Area rugs, Gabbeh rugs, runners, outdoor rugs, doormats, wall rugs, etc.

Decorative Accessories

Opt for decorative accessories if you desire extraordinary decoration. Household décor accessories like candleholders, vase, mirrors, sculpture, photographs, picture framers, paintings, framed works of calligraphy, wall rugging, e.t.c, or just general home accents.

Iranian artists create unique and stylish home accessories that CyrusCrafts offers you in two main categories as following:

  • Art Gallery: As you may have known, we have a number of art works in our online art gallery which include wall rug, calligraphy, framed wall artworks ranging from acrylic and water colors abstract paintings to Persian miniature paintings.
  • Handicrafts: The Handicrafts category includes potteries, turquoise inlaying, minakari or enameling, khatamkari, marquetry, termeh, engravings, toreutics, wood carvings, tea wares, and decorative plates.

interior decorative accessories

You know now everything that is needed for an interior design. We provide various types of furniture, handmade sofas, and light devices such as chandeliers, wall lamps, table lamps, and standing lamps with safe shipping across the globe at the best prices.

At CyrusCrafts Online Shop, you will also be able to browse through other home accessories like artworks, carpets, as well as other decorative home accents. Every product we have is made of top quality materials and long-lasting. In the end, good news for people from Canada and the United States of America: with the assistance of our US and Canadian colleagues, we can ensure shorter shipment and delivery time for these two countries.

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