Persian Rugs in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario due to its population, cosmopolitan angle, and many Persian immigrants is a destination for many great Persian rugs. It is no surprise that Persian rugs adorn interior design in Toronto as they combine various positive aspects: high-quality masterwork in the hands of true artists, connection with ancient traditions and culture, and the ability to enrich any interior.

Persian Rugs in Toronto: Review, Select, and Buying Guide

Being one of the biggest art, culture, and design centers globally, Toronto now more than ever knows and appreciates Persian rugs from its rich heritage. The customers with their desire for an aesthetically pleasing design have understood the value of these luxury handmade items and that their home or office space will be completed by such a piece that will provide comfort.

With such vast options of Persian rugs in Toronto to choose from, it is not surprising that collectors find the things they love…

Persian rugs in toronto

Different Types of Persian Rugs in Toronto: Origin

These are the most popular Persian rug designs and patterns based on their place of origin you can find in Toronto right now:

  • Tabriz Rugs: Out of every Persian rug, Tabriz rugs have a long history dating back to the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz and are recognized as some of the most durable and intricate wool rugs with vivid and brightly colored floral motifs.
  • Kashan Rugs: Examples of these rugs include Kashan rugs which originate from the city of Kashan in central Iran and are noted for their central medallion patterns and delicate images of flowers and leaves.
  • Isfahan Rugs: Available only from the designer city of Isfahan, Nain or Isfahan rugs have a very fine, silk-like texture and a softer pallet of light colors that makes them ideal for more formal rooms.
  • Mashhad Rugs: Mashhad or Khorasan rugs are unique, in that they are woven out of the city of Mashhad which is located in the northeastern part of Iran.
  • Qom Rugs: The quality of weaving, motif design, and materials used in the weaving process as well as the location of production of these rugs make Qom rugs rank high.

What to Look for When Buying Persian Rugs in Toronto

When purchasing Persian rugs in Toronto, there are several things to look for…

  1. First is the Quality: Toronto’s climate is not as rough as other cities that is true, but look for rugs that are meticulously handwoven using high-quality materials, such as wool, silk, or a blend of both. 
  2. Then the Size: The houses in Toronto are on average slightly bigger than in New York and Chicago so for you to gauge the size of a rug you will consider the size of the house or an apartment and then buy a rug that suits the particular space. This will depend on the size of the room, and the level of enhancement required, for example, 3x5 rugs are good for bedrooms, 5x7 rugs for the kitchen, and 6x9 rugs for the living room.
  3. After that the Design and Color: Determine a design and shading plan that you will like and adjust to your home’s existing setting. Persian rugs provide numerous choices of design for their customers from flowery 18th-century style to geometric shapes.
  4. Lastly the Price: The price of Persian rugs can vary considerably depending on the weave quality, age, and overall rarity. Set a budget and be aware that you may need to bargain as the cost is not fixed and can be negotiated, especially if the neighborhood store is a well-known one.

These are simple things that you need to take into consideration when searching for a Persian rug and you will definitely be on your way to getting one that not only beautifies your office or home but also something that you can even consider as an investment.

Persian Rug Shops in Toronto

There are countless rug shops to buy Persian carpets in Toronto, but CyrusCrafts can be referred to as the top shop to buy a Persian rug. It is among the leading e-commerce online sellers of precious and authentic Persian rugs that can cater to individual requirements and preferences of clients about colors and prices.

Persian Rug shop in Toronto

You will find a large assortment of Persian rugs classified by kinds including Tabriz, Kashan, Kerman, Isfahan, Mashhad, Qom, and other kinds here. I called the people who will choose the rugs to work with the rugs as they understand the way of the rugs and the cultural context as well.

Popular Persian Rug Designs and Motifs in Toronto

Toronto is an iconic city in Canada with a rich cultural history, Persian rug designs in its various forms have been on high demand in the city, with people embracing the motifs invested with their cultural values. Some of the most popular patterns among Toronto residents are:

Medallion Persian Rugs in Toronto

The traditional central medallion pattern with a floral or geometric design around it is traditionally one of the most loved Persian rug designs for the people of Toronto. These rugs imbue a classic character in the décor of the area.

Floral Persian Rugs in Toronto

Signs of Persian nature include flowers such as roses, peonies, or vines. These bold and earthy designs are especially suitable for Toronto’s contemporary and transitional-themed interiors.

Geometric Persian Rugs in Toronto

Diamond shapes and shapes with angular geometries like hexagons or chevron. These rugs serve as a wonderful way of modernizing the interior with their unique and attractive texture.

Repeated Pattern Rugs in Toronto

The specific character of Heriz encompasses the repetition of ornamentation, which makes the texture symmetrical and balanced – and therefore the favorite decoration of Toronto homeowners and office space designers.

Popular Persian Rug Colors in Toronto

The multiple-colored rugs represent common characteristics of Toronto City as a cultural melting pot that still preserves its Iranian identity and accepts all colors of Persian rugs.

Buy Persian rugs in Toronto

  • Rich Colors: Dark blue rugs, red rugs, and green rugs are typical colors in homes in Toronto since these colors make people feel that a room and an entire house is quite royal and opulent.
  • Earthy Colors: Carpeting in warm natural colors like taupe, greenish, and shades of blue and grey have grown to be popular in Toronto.
  • Monochromatic Colors: A single color in soft transitional tints and shades is gradually becoming a trend for the minimalistic and Scandinavian type of Toronto interiors.

Note: Personal color choices or prior home or office design are irrelevant because there is an option for every interior in terms of how it looks and feels with the Persian rug installation.

Price of Persian Rugs in Toronto

The price of Persian rugs in Toronto ranges from relatively low price to very high price depending on several factors such as size, type of material used, design, and the shop from which it is purchased.

As a reminder, you should also be informed that a Persian rug in Toronto could cost depending on the reputation of the company selling it, the city of origin, as well as the features or Additional Specifications. 

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