Persian scarf and shawl design and production are two ancient Iranian arts that have been perfected over time, providing an outlet for Iranian taste and art.

Women wear scarves and shawls as a protective covering for their hair and head woven from silk fabrics. From the past to the present, women's clothing has changed in accordance with the culture and beliefs of each period, but the beauty, art, and color in design and production are evident in each period.

Because shawls and scarves are the most common women's clothing in Iran, it has become one of the main centers for producing and supplying these products. A unique shawl or scarf produced in Iran cannot be found anywhere else and has outstanding designs and patterns. Iranian women rely on both shawls and scarves, as well as other types of accessories, to achieve their desired look.

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Shawls and Scarves in Different Fabrics

Choosing or buying a scarf or shawl should be based on the fabric, as some fabrics would be more appropriate for shawls than others.

  • Silk cloth: Silk cloth is woven from natural fibers, integrated, and long-lasting. As a result, it is more expensive and valuable than other fabrics used in Persian scarf and shawls. Other characteristics of this fabric are its softness, lightness, and stunning beauty. Silk fabric is easy to iron and is ideal for formal occasions and settings. This unique shawl or scarf is appropriate for all four seasons and can be worn in hot and cold weather. Silk can retain moisture in the skin and hair; its anti-allergy properties are ideal for people with sensitive skin.

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  • Harir cloth: This type of fabric is thinner than silk and has soft, thin, and straight material. Harir scarves and shawls are cool and ideal for the summer. Hair fibers are mostly cotton and have a plain texture. This fabric is typically used for parties and gatherings but is slicker and more expensive than cotton fabric.

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  • Satin cloth: A satin cloth has a smooth surface and a matte back. Satin shawls and scarves are popular at parties and gatherings. Satin fabric is less valuable than silk and Harir. Natural and synthetic fibers are used to make satin scarves. Natural fibers are superior to synthetic fibers in quality, softness, and shine. This type of Persian scarf has a denser texture. As a result, it has a greater lifespan and durability than others.

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  • Cotton cloth: These fabrics conduct heat, transferring body heat to the outside. Therefore, this fabric is commonly used in the summer. Cotton scarves are more affordable than other types of scarves and shawls. The ease of removing stains from cotton scarves and shawls is one of the benefits of using them over satin and Harir fabrics.

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Shawls and scarves design and color

Another important consideration is the design and color of Persian shawls and scarves.

  • Traditional designs: Paisley, flowers, antiquities, and other patterns are examples of these designs for unique shawls and scarf along with women clothing.

  • Turkmen scarf: These are an example of Persian shawls and scarves in traditional design. These Turkmen scarves are one of the coverings worn by Turkmen tribes in Iran's north and northeast. With the passage of time and the changes in this scarf, it has also become popular among other people. This unique scarf is a large one that measures 150 x 150 cm and has crowded designs full of flowers and colors, most of which are located on the scarf's edge.

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  • Modern designs: Modern designs have become very popular in recent years, and most young women are interested in this type of scarf. These designs include drawings, calligraphy, checkers, chains, cubism, and other styles. Most geometric shapes are used in the design of modern scarves and shawls.

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  • Solid-colored: These are plain shawls or scarves, typically made of satin, cotton, or Harir.

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Price of Scarves

Weavers and other artisans who make inexpensive shawls are becoming fewer in number. Also, the material used for making those items is less common today than it was previously. In contrast, expensive scarves are made from different materials, often natural fibers such as silk and wool. They're soft, they'll keep you warm, and they will last for years. The price can start from $4 and goes up to $10,000

How to choose scarves and shawls to match your style

  • Black color scarf: Black is a neutral color that works well with any style. As a result, the black scarf has become extremely popular among the general public.
  • Solid color: If you are unfamiliar with color combinations, you can use a dominant color in different tones.
  • Contrasting colors: These are colors that are opposite one another. This method is commonly used to pair scarves and shawls with other clothing, for example, the combination of yellow and black, yellow and blue, etc.

Shawls and scarves of different sizes

Most shawls are made in the 65 x 200 cm size, also known as large shawls.

The most common sizes of scarves, the average size for a scarf, are 90 x 90 cm.

Some scarves are used merely for fashion, which means they have a decorative aspect and are used to tie around the neck or the wrist. The scarves used for this purpose are 65 x 65 cm in size.

Large-size scarves, typically 120 x 120 cm in size, are commonly used by women.

For many years, all kinds of unique Iranian shawls, Iranian scarves, and different accessories have been exported to various parts of the world. Now, thanks to the capabilities and knowledge available on CyrusCrafts, these products are increasingly available in global markets.

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