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Qom rugs are one of the artistic symbols of Iran and are made in not only Qom city itself but its surrounding areas too. Qom rugs are made of high-quality silk fibers, which are very prominent in terms of softness and beauty.

Qom Rugs Review, Select, and Buying Guide

Before choosing or buying a Qom rug, you should pay attention to whether this purchase and this type of rug is suitable for you. In general, those who are looking to buy Qom handmade rugs have two approaches. Some are looking for a unique and beautiful work of art and do not pay much attention to its price.

Some others think that one of the most important factors when buying a Qom rug or any other Persian rug including kilim rugs and gabbeh rugs is the high price of these rugs, and don’t consider that Persian rugs are no less than smart investments.

Either way, a dedicated buying guide is required when it comes to buying a Persian rug because they are exquisite products that can be easily bought wrong, whether is the design, color, or size. Keep reading and you will get closer to purchasing the right rug that suits you the best.

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The History of Qom Rugs

Qom rugs are considered one of the most valuable souvenirs of Qom city. It is interesting to know that the art of rug weaving was limited in Qom in the past and did not have an independent design or role. However, Qom has been an immigrant-friendly city throughout history, which has made it host many people from all over Iran and even other countries.

In this way, the art of rug weaving in Qom was developed by immigrants, and what is known today as the Qom carpet or Qom rug is the result of the efforts of immigrant artists who have been active in the last hundred years.

Kashan rugs and Isfahan rugs are among those rugs Qom silk rugs took many designs from. For this reason, the design and patterns of these carpets are considered an artistic intervention.

Types of Qom Rugs in Terms of Design and Color

Qom rugs come in various designs and patterns, each of which has a special color scheme. Although among the existing designs, you may see special similarities with Kerman rugs, the presence of minor differences has made them completely distinct.

Traditional designs in Qom area rugs include:

  • Shah Abbasi Design Rug
  • Lachak Toranj Design Rugs
  • Inscription Design Rugs
  • Floral Design Rugs
  • Sultani Design Rugs
  • Hunting Ground Design Rugs
  • Geometry Design Rugs
  • Mosaic Design Rugs
  • Boteh Design Rugs (Buta)
  • Tree Design Rugs
  • Afshan Design Rugs

As well as the design Qom rugs also come in various colors which you can browse them by color below:

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Qom Rugs Compared to Other Persian Rugs

Persian rugs have been famous in the world since ancient times. In the legends and stories, wherever there is talk of wealth and beauty or good taste, a Persian rug shines brightly. 

Which city's rug is better is not a question that can be answered easily. The one who is from Tabriz says that Tabriz rug is the best and the one who is from Isfahan considers Isfahan rug to be the best. 

 It’s all about the needs and taste, every Persian rug meets the requirements of a great rug, but what makes Qom rug someone’s first choice is the attraction to the very pattern and design, with that being said, there are a few factors that might make Qom rugs a better option for you.

Qom silk rugs are versatile in design and have a lower price compared to other silk rugs, this increases the possibility of your rug being a Qom rug. But, it is not possible to say exactly which city's rug is better. It is just that rugs from some specific regions of Iran have more fame and fans.

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Qom Rugs' Price

Like any other Persian rug, the price of Qom rugs is influenced by various factors such as the design, the Dimensions of the rug, the quality of the weave, the materials used, and the demand on the market.

Qom Rugs Retail and Wholesale

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CyrusCrafts' Qom Rugs

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