Round Rugs in Toronto

Round rugs are among the most popular rug options available in Toronto, however, the decision-making process of choosing round rugs in Toronto can sometimes be a very time-consuming task since there are many brands, designs, and types of materials with different price ranges.

Round Rugs in Toronto: Review, Select, and Buying Guide

By reading this article, you will get all the appropriate information that you need to source the appropriate Persian round rug for Toronto homes.

round rugs in Toronto

You will discover various types of round rugs and how to choose the best Persian rug according to the various factors in the article below before you make your purchase of the round rug, you will need to know where you can shop for the best Persian rug.

At the end of these lessons, you’ll be as knowledgeable as the next round rug dealer, or perhaps more savvy, all set to change the face of your interiors with an authentic masterpiece.

Different Types of Round Rugs in Toronto: Origin

This is a diverse area to look at in the Toronto market as when looking for round rugs, each one has its personality and history. Let us dive into some of the most popular Persian round rug types found in the city based on their place of origin:

Tabriz Round Rugs

These exquisite and rare rugs originated from Tabriz, a city located in North Western Iran. Tabriz rugs are particularly noted for their deep delicate floral motifs, vibrant coloration, and high artisanship.

Isfahan Round Rugs

Isfahan round rugs have a reputation for being beautifully designed and handcrafted; the patterns on Isfahan rugs are intricate and gentle curvilinear ones and the colors are known for being rich jewel tones. These rugs illustrate different practices, rituals, and customs of Persia or provide glimpses into the mythological stories, court life, etc., which are evidence of the artistic perfection of the region.

Kerman Round Rugs

Made in the southeastern city of Kerman, these round rugs are characterized by durability and a minimalist design that is far removed from the customary aquarium look. Due to their round shape and natural colors, Kerman rugs bring class to any interior design.

Kashan Round Rugs

Another export market in Kashan is famous for its historical landmarks and beautiful architecture and is recognized as the city with a great rug-making tradition. Kashan rugs come with complicated floral motifs, which can be in the background of a central medallion the color scheme is pleasing to the eye.

Khorasan Round Rugs

Also known as Mashhad rugs, these Oriental rugs, which are made in northeastern Iran, feature striking, graphic patterns and rich hues of azures, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. Khorasan rugs may use designs that reflect the natural world, including plants or animals specific to the area, or art that depicts artifacts found in the local culture.

Qom Round Rugs

Produced in the Qom region, are acclaimed for their great workmanship and elaborate designs, which are frequently reflected by the symmetry in the patterns. In terms of motif and design, round Qom rugs mostly come with a medallion and a design in the area bordered by intricate motifs and flowers.

While choosing from the wide range of round rugs available in Toronto, remember that every region (as it is depicted in the list), has its own enchanting story and each of the rugs has its own merits that put them in the list of worthy purchases.

Popular Round Rug Designs, Motifs, and Colors in Toronto

The uniqueness of the round rugs is embedded not just in their workmanship and the incredible detail and higher pile but also in the narrative, the roots, and the tradition that they bear.

buy round rugs in toronto

Canada with its rich multicultural community offers several round rug stores and while shopping, you will see fabulous combinations of design, motifs, and colors to tell a unique story.

  • Medallion Round Rugs: A central pattern, generally circular and simple in geometry, on which the main design of the rug is focused. Floral motifs are usually more complex than geometric shapes, while the medallion designs also encompass geometrical forms.
  • Repeating Pattern Round Rugs: Recurring patterns that are balanced in orientation and design with an interlocking that resumes in the shape on the other side of the rug.
  • Geometric Round Rugs: Sleek designs formed out of geometric shapes like diamonds, triangles, honeycombs, etc. that reflect the oriental influence and the minimalism of line.

Popular Materials of Round Rugs in Toronto

The uniqueness of a round rug also lies in the fact that its material varies as much as the designs do, and all of them have their advantages, benefits, and disadvantages. As you shop for round and other Persian rugs in Toronto, familiarize yourself with the following popular materials because some of them may serve better for you:

  • Wool Round Rugs: Wool is the most usual and native material that has been used in the Making of Persian round rugs. Wool is one of the most common fiber choices today for rugs and carpets thanks to its hardness and sheen which makes it very suitable for rug use, wool handmade rugs can be used on most floors given its resistance and durability.
  • Silk Round Rugs: Delicately luxurious and shiny, silk round rugs are quite fine and considered to be the best of the best owing to their creamy finish. Silk rugs are considerably more delicate and ideal to be used in areas of light traffic.
  • Cotton Round Rugs: Traditional round rugs are made in different materials; wool, silk, and cotton are the most popular materials for making round rugs although wool and silk round rugs are a bit more expensive than cotton rugs. These are not very thick and are easier to wash naturally, as we are going to put these rugs in areas that will have a lot of traffic.

Round Rug Stores in Toronto

Persian round rug stores are present in almost all the cities of the world but those in Toronto are particularly noteworthy for the extensive range and quality that they offer to their customers. CyrusCrafts can be classified as one of the best due to the quality of services offered to customers. A well-established round rug store with a large selection of round rugs, which makes it one of the best round rug stores in Toronto.

At CyrusCrafts, we offer you a wide array of round rugs that were imported directly from the region where they were produced. The uniqueness of the Persian rugs regarding their artistry and workmanship has placed them among the premium quality rugs appreciated anywhere in the world. CyrusCrafts is the home of the best round rugs in Toronto and you will be glad to find the perfect match for your home as soon as you browse our collection.

Tips for Selecting the Right Round Rug in Toronto

I guess it is not very easy to venture out on your own when it comes to identifying Persian round rugs in Toronto, but at least with the information that we have provided here, you should be able to find a round rug that will fit your home and make it warmer and more welcoming than before. Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind:

persian round rugs in toronto

Some of the key factors that should be checked when measuring the rooms that are going to be occupied by the new interior design include; the design of the rug that one is interested in purchasing must fit the available space. Another thing that should be also considered is that there may be other objects inside the room such as the furniture, or any other parts of the interior of the building that may also influence the placement of the rug.

Find a round rug that features high workmanship, which can be acquired through handmade round rugs. There are certain things that you should look at while choosing round rugs, which are the density of the knots and neat edges of the rug, and the reason is that such features refer to the good quality and durability of the rugs.

Using these insights will guide you toward finding your ideal Persian round rug to complement both the style and atmosphere of your living area.

Price of Round Rugs in Toronto

Round rugs offered in Toronto can be of rather different costs and could vary greatly depending on the size, materials used in its production, the complexity of its patterns, and the company offering the rug. 
Many more factors make the final cost of the rug change; this includes the age, condition as well as the source of the rug.

In addition to the great inventory of products displayed in our store, CyrusCrafts also provides one with the best shopping experience and enables you to buy your dream round rug. Acquiring a Persian round rug is not merely a fashion statement of home decorating; it is the history of the mainstream of human civilization worldwide for centuries.

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