Meenakari Jewelry

Dazzling Meenakari works of Iran have greatly influenced the jewelry collection. Meenakari is a form of handcrafted jewelry like no other. From royal classic to stylish contemporary, Meenakari ornaments have bedazzled queens, celebrities, and brides for centuries. Sometimes Bold, sometimes understated and stylish, the colors of Meenakari are believed to reflect a woman's inner emotions and sentiments.

Persian Meenakari Jewelry

What is Meenakari Jewelry?

In essence, Meenakari designing involves coating grooves or engravings in accessories and ornaments with colored enamels. Meenakari designs can be created with a variety of metals, including brass, copper, silver, and gold. Jewelry has depressions similar to animal figurines or images of gods and goddesses. Thus, meenakari jewelry expresses various themes and occasions beautifully and gives them an exquisite look. This is one of the most applauded features of the Meenakari technique.

History of Meenakari Jewelry

Meenakari involves coloring and ornamenting metal surfaces with brilliant colors and beautiful designs. The Persian word, meenakari, refers to heaven and is derived from Meena, which is the feminine form of Minoo. As the name suggests, Meena refers to the azure blue color of heaven. This art was invented by the Iranian craftsmen of the Sassanid era and spread by the Mongols to India and other countries. A French tourist who visited Iran during the Safavid era referred to a Meenakari work from Isfahan. In this work, animals and birds were arranged on a floral background in light blue, yellow, green, and red.


The most important Meenakari jewelry

Meenakari is done in many varied pieces of accessories and jewelry; the art of Meenakari is done on bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and other types of jewelry.

It can be said that Meenakari art can be applied to any type of jewelry. 

The price of Meenakari jewelry       

The value of Meenakari jewelry is determined by its art as well as its design and construction.  

meenakari earing

Different types of Meenakari jewelry

For ages, gold has been a preferred metal for Meenakari art as it can hold the enamel in a better manner. Not only has this, but the usage of gold in Meenakari works also enhanced the luster of the art while bringing out the colors of the enamels beautifully. The usage of silver in Meenakari work was introduced later, mainly used for making bowls, boxes, spoons, and art pieces. Later on, copper was also introduced in Meenakari art.

meenakari necklase

Last Words about CyrusCrafts' Meenakari jewelry

The increased demand for Meenakari jewelry in the past few years has undoubtedly proved the growing charm of this art. The Meenakari jewelry is Available in both traditional and modern designs in Cyruscrafts, becoming the first choice for jewelry lovers.

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