Decorative Bowls

A decorative bowl or candy dish is an item for holding candy of course. In most households, a candy dish or fruit bowl is placed in the hallway as a sign of welcome. Decorative candy bowls and fruit containers are typically placed for guests to help themselves to fruit, candy, and sweets, but the type of bowl we are going to talk about is not what you think... 

persian decorative bowls and decorative plates

Types of Decorative Bowls & Dishes 

Candy bowls and dishes serve as a traditional form of hospitality in many cultures worldwide including Central America. Candy bowls are designed not only to hold candy but to make people feel more at home. A candy bowl or candy dish can be made of various materials. You can find decorative bowls that are covered or uncovered, as well as flat candy dishes.

If you are looking for something unique and unusual for gifting, turquoise candy bowls are an excellent choice for you. Old-fashioned hospitality is sometimes shown to guests by presenting them with an antique turquoise candy bowl.

  • Brass decorative Candy Bowls: Iranians have been fascinated by the design and pattern of brass sweet or candy dish utensils since they were imported from India. Unless they are improperly cared for, these decorative dishes will last for many years. Acidic environments, for instance, should not be used on them. These dishes, which have attractive and beautiful patterns and colors, will enhance the appearance of our home.

  • Glass decorative Bowls: It is possible to combine glass decorative bowls with any style of home decoration. Another reason they are so popular is that they allow you to see the colorful sweets inside.

  • Inlaid decorative Bowl: Handcrafted Iranian antiques include candy dishes with inlaid patterns. Their popularity never wavered. Geometric patterns and designs have given these bowls and dishes are very luxurious and beautiful look, which is one of the reasons why these products have become so popular.

  • Toreutics decorative fruit bowl: Toreutics decorative containers are mostly used as home decoration. Because they have become a work of art due to their designs and engraving roles and will make your home look eye-catching.

  • Ceramic Candy Dishes: The use of ceramic candy bowls/dishes utensils that are produced today with different Persian designs has become popular on the markets.

  • Earthenware Candy Bowls: These old fashion looking candy bowls have been common in Iran since ancient times. Decorative candy bowls that are made of clay are of cheap prices. Yet they can be painted with the minakari technique which raises both the price and the look of them!

Different types of decorative dishes

Price of Decorative Bowls

Everyone knows how difficult it is to properly price art, especially art that is handmade. Despite the price of the raw materials, which is important, but not sufficient to determine the price of the decorative bowls, you have to count all those hours the artist spent creating that piece of art, how many attempts it took, and how much the idea is worth. Moreover, decorative bowls can cost anywhere from $15 to $2,800 (for customers in the US and Canada).

Uses of Decorative Bowls & Dishes

People frequently ask "what to put in a decorative bowl?" At first, these bowls and dishes might look very simple but the use of candy bowls is vary!
Instead of throwing hairpins into the bottomless pit of the bathroom drawer. A small bowl or only other decorative container can be used to catch them. Candy or fruit bowls can also be used to catch keys when you walk in the door.
Alternatively, they can be used as decorative items to make the place look more attractive. Put them on a table or shelf to make the space look more valuable. The best part is... You can even use these bowls as decorative vases to plant flowers, making them look even more amazing.
They also make great gifts! Whether it's your mother, a dear friend, or a coworker, they'll be pretty surprised when they open the package and see this exceptional piece. Your employee is quitting? Is there anything more memorable than a vintage candy dish or a turquoise handmade bowl?

CyrusCrafts’ Last Words about decorative Bowls

In the wake of recent changes in Iranian policy, CyrusCrafts' capabilities and expertise contribute to improving the visibility of traditional Iranian decor and handicrafts throughout the globe, especially in Canada and the United States of America.
With a wide range of decorative plates and dishes to choose from, CyrusCrafts' mission is to liven up and enhance your environment.

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