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Chocolate and candy are some of the most popular treats in the world. Cocoa beans were discovered in Central America and quickly became a luxury commodity valued at the same level as the currency at the time. Chocolate was originally made pure and bitter, with little or no processing. Gradually, however, other types were added, such as milk chocolate or dark chocolate, and a variety of fruit flavors.

Changes and innovations gradually resulted in the development of new types of chocolate that did not necessarily contain cocoa. Among these chocolates are various types of candy chocolates and some Iranian chocolates, some of which are described below.

persian candy and chocolate

Best Iranian chocolate brands

Shirin Asal Iranian chocolate

This is one of the Middle East's most important and best chocolate companies. Shirin Asal Company manufactures a wide range of chocolates in a variety of flavors and shapes for a wide range of consumers, including chocolates with fillings, tablet chocolates, dragée chocolates, and so on. Shirin Asal has grown significantly over the years for two reasons, and it currently produces many delicious products for people all over the world.

The first reason for Shirin Asal's popularity is that this brand has offered a variety of high-quality chocolates with great taste and reasonable prices to its customers, and the second reason is its focus on offering new and diverse products. More than half of the products offered by this brand have been designed and manufactured in the last five years. Shirin Asal's most well-known product is undoubtedly its delicious compound coated biscuits, known to many people as Shirin Asal.

shirin asal chocolate and candy

Shoniz Iranian chocolate

Shoniz Company has a special place in the chocolate markets of Asia, the Americas, Australia, and Europe, with decades of experience in the production and supply of chocolates, wafers, candies, toffee, and similar products, and more than 5,000 experienced employees. This brand's products include a variety of catering chocolates in various flavors, dark chocolate, chocolate bars, mixed chocolates, nut and fruit chocolates, and popular rabbit chocolates.

shoniz iranian chocolate

Chichak Iranian chocolate

Iran Chocolate Company, also known as Chichak, commenced its activity in 1985. This company's main activity is the production, packaging, distribution, and export of chocolates, toffee, biscuits, Petit Beurre, crackers, chewing gum, and so on.

This brand's coconut chocolates, cocoa cream, golden chocolate with fillings, and fruit chocolates are very popular. Iran Chocolate Company (Chichak) opened a new 35,000-square-meter factory in Iran in 2007. This factory was outfitted with cutting-edge production and packaging equipment, as well as a diverse range of chocolates, to produce products that meet international standards and increase product quality and quantity.

chichak candy

Farmand Iranian chocolate

Farmand is a well-known brand in Iranian chocolates, operating under the slogan "Farmand, as sweet as a smile" and producing, supplying, and exporting a wide range of chocolate chips, gift chocolates, breakfast, nut-filled chocolates, dragées, cocoa cream, and so on. Farmand is also very active in the production of jelly powder and desserts and has received numerous certifications to date, including ISO 9001 standard in the quality management system, ISO 22000 standard in food safety quality system, SEDEX standard in supplier ethical data exchange, and many others.

farmand iranian chocolate

Aidin Iranian chocolate

Aidin is one of Iran's oldest chocolate brands. Aidin chocolates are popular for their egg chocolate with hazelnut and almond fillings, dental chocolate, spoon-like chocolate, spot and sparkling chocolates, and so on.

Chocolate's health benefits

There are numerous advantages to eating chocolate that you may not be aware of. Chocolate is good for your heart and keeps your blood vessels flexible. Consuming chocolate has also been shown to improve memory, mood, math performance, prevent sunburn, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, relieve cough, relieve vision, and reduce cancer risk. Consuming high-purity dark chocolate can help slow down the aging process.

Of course, as with all foods, excessive chocolate consumption is harmful. One disadvantage of chocolate overconsumption is that it raises blood cholesterol and its caffeine content weakens the body.

Which kinds of chocolate are more beneficial?

Milk chocolate loses many of the properties of chocolate due to its long processing time and is not well absorbed in the intestine, so it lacks many of the benefits of chocolate.

However, as dark chocolate is less processed, its properties are better preserved. The bitterest chocolates are the most beneficial and have fewer side effects for people who are lactose intolerant.

tasty chocolate and candy

identifying high-quality chocolate

If the chocolate bars are fresh and of good quality, they should crack after being removed from the refrigerator and when broken; otherwise, it can be said that they are not fresh. In addition, the presence of small jags at the breaking point of chocolate is an indication of its high quality.

The darker the chocolate color, the higher its cocoa content and bitterness level.

Low-quality chocolates lack the authentic chocolate aroma. One way to determine the quality of chocolate is to smell it.

When high-quality chocolate is placed on the tongue, it gradually melts, and its good and pleasant taste fills the mouth. Poor-quality chocolates lack this feature.

High-quality chocolate should have a shiny, smooth, and stain-free surface. Otherwise, it is said to lack the necessary quality, freshness, and originality.

For many years, authentic Iranian chocolates. candies and confections have been exported to various parts of the world, and now, thanks to the capabilities and knowledge available on CyrusCrafts, these products are increasingly available in global markets.

CyrusCrafts will provide you with high-quality and unique products as part of its specialized activity in preparing, selling, and exporting one of the best chocolates and candies in the world so that you can experience a wonderful and one-of-a-kind taste and serve yourself, your family, and your guests in a healthy, unique and different way.

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