Handicraft is a cultural symbol of every society. In all civilizations, handicrafts include people's spiritual and moral lessons. The craft works reveal their background, what they have been through, and their sophistication. For instance, different types of decorative plates, vases, bowls, wooden chess sets, wooden backgammon sets, tea sets, minakari, inlaying, woodcarving, and marquetry are among the most important decorative handicrafts and home accessories.

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Review, Select, and Buying Handicrafts

As mentioned, most popular handicrafts like Minakari, Termeh tablecloths, turquoise inlaid items (such as decorative bowls, plates, and vases), metal crafts, wooden backgammon sets, wooden chess sets, etc., bring warmth and intimacy from ancient times to the contemporary world.

Decorative handicrafts are one of the most effective elements in home decoration. Paisley shelf covers, classic candlesticks, tulip chandeliers, decorative inlay vases and simple and delightful wooden photo frames bring the nostalgic aesthetics of the past beautiful days. You can bring those lovely days today by having a collection of handicrafts.

Each type of handicraft in any region represents the culture passed from the past to the present. Lots of Antique decorative objects reveal the profundity of civilization and culture. The power of Iranian art surpasses the frontiers and acquaints people worldwide with handicrafts like pottery, enameling, Coppersmith, woodcarving, and ornamental stones. All of which result from the endless efforts of tasteful artists.

On the other hand, you can buy Persian handicrafts as fine gifts or appropriate souvenirs for those weary of the modern mechanized world. Persian unique colors, along with visual art styles, can distract the beholders and add a stunning look to the atmosphere.

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Types of Persian Handicrafts

Persian handicrafts from the past to the most contemporary societies attract eyes. Different types of handicrafts can decorate walls and tables and demonstrate the glory of ancient Persian and Aryan culture and civilization. The cruses made in Lalejin Hamadan using the pottery wheel are the hidden sign of Hegmataneh pottery, and the wood-carved mosaics of Isfahan are reminiscent of the glory of the Safavid era. Here you go with the most popular types of Persian handicrafts:

Minakari Persian Handicrafts

Minakari, or Persian Enameling, one of the most beautiful Persian handcrafts, has roots in Iran's history and culture. Minakari is an artwork demanding excellent delicacy, precision, and high skill level. Minakari have had first appeared around 1500 BC.
Several thousand-year-old Iranian antiquities exist in prominent museums worldwide, such as enameling pottery dishes, handmade vases, etc. The most famous are the Victoria, Louvre, and Glasgow in Europe.

Persian minakari (enameling) handicrafts

Khatamkari, Persian Inlay

Kalamkari is among the most brilliant stars in the endless universe of Iranian handicrafts. Shirazian and Isfahanian skilled artisans make unique Khatamkari items in Iran. Khatamkari consists of geometric shapes mosaiced together to form regular and colored polygons. These eye-catching Inlaying stand various decorative objects, including jewelry boxes, pen cases, chocolate boxes, and other decorative items.
Kalamkari is a handicraft that, in addition to creative fondness and aesthetics, necessitates a significant amount of time, high accuracy, patience, dignity, and the artist's calm. As a result, it has a high value compared to other handicrafts worldwide.

Persian Khatamkari handicrafts

Persian Marquetry, Moarraq

Marquetry, or Moarraq, beautifies various objects' surfaces. The skilled artisan often accomplishes marquetry with small pieces of metal, wood, tiles, or leather to create beautiful designs and patterns. Marquetry is an original and ancient art form; this Persian handicraft date back thousands of years.

Unique Wood Carving Items

Carving or engraving on wood is another unique and exciting Iranian handicraft. A skilled and experienced artist produces exquisite dents on wood using particular tools and their innovative taste and creativity.
Founders used wood carving on wooden doors in ancient times. Persian carving handicrafts include tables, wooden utensils, tableaus, sideboards, crowns of sofas or beds, and various frames.

persian carved wood - wood carving handicrafts

Termeh, an Iranian handicraft

Termeh tablecloth is one of the most famous and beautiful handicrafts of Iran. Patterned fabric is woven from fine fibers in a warp-and-weft style. Termeh tablecloth has some stunning patterns containing:

  • Paisley design
  • Flower and birds
  • The Shah Abbasi
  • Parrot & peacock

Termeh or cashmere is gorgeous and useable anywhere in the house, from a tablecloth to a cashmere tableau. Interestingly, you can buy several pieces of cashmere as a set. Termeh tablecloth sets exist in different dimensions to use the same set. One of the most favored termeh tablecloth types is Runner. A runner can be a dining or coffee tablecloth and counter kitchen cover.

Termeh tablecloth

Decorative Plates

Decorative plates are beauty elements you need at home or workspace. A wall plate is a suitable replacement for a photo frame or painting. Decorative plates include categories based on the material and technique they are made:

The plates are placeable on the wall or the table. Their desktop types have brackets. Wall hanging types are better to assemble many of them to be more effective. Of course, you can choose and install numerous wall plates on the wall without any restrictions.
Although you can use wall plates in any space, using them on the top of the table, couch, or home console has an outstanding result.

Decorative plates

Decorative Vases

Modern handmade decorative vases are among the trendy decoration items these days. These pots are impressive art mixed with Iranian culture. They are obtained from the combination of delicate patterns and colors baked in the oven at high temperatures.
The durability and longevity of these decorative handicraft vases are worth mentioning. They can add looks and brilliance to your space for a long time.

  • Turquoise inlaying vases
  • Modern engraving pots
  • Enamel on copper jugs
  • Enamel on pottery vases
  • Khatamkari vases

Depending on your use or space for the decorative vase, you must choose the vase size:

  • Elevated Decorative Vases: For the wall of narrow spaces
  • Large Decorative Vases: For living rooms
  • Tiny Decorative Vases: For table or showcase

Decorative vases

Decorative Bowls

A decorative bowl is a stunning handicraft in various sizes and materials. Furthermore, techniques for designing a decorative bowl include:

Small-sized, distinctive, peerless bowls can function as sugar bowls, nut bowls, and as particular home decor. The large handmade bowls can be candy boxes, cake stands, decorative fruit bowls, etc.

Decorative bowls

Chess and Backgammon Sets

Backgammon goes beyond a hobby or product. A beautiful product combines the most beautiful and meaningful patterns and art. The primary size of these boards is 50 x 50 cm, but other sizes are also available. Most chess and backgammon boards are handmade with inlay and Khatamkari art.

chess and backgammon set

Tea Sets

A tea set normally refers to a collection of matching tea-related items that are used for serving and drinking tea. Traditional tea sets often contain the following pieces:

  • Teapot: The central piece of a tea set, used to brew and serve tea. Teapots come in different sizes and styles, ranging from classic ceramic or porcelain to more modern and eclectic designs.
  • Teacups: Cups particularly designed for drinking tea. They may be part of a matching set with the teapot, or they can be mix-and-match for a more diverse look.
  • Saucers: Small plates that attend teacups. They serve both practical and aesthetic goals, catching any drips and providing a place to rest the teacup when not in use.
  • Sugar Bowl: A container for holding sugar, often with a lid and a spoon. CyrusCrafts makes it possible to prepare beautiful turquoise inlaid sugar bowls for your home.
  • Tea Tray: A tray used for carrying the tea set and sometimes for serving small treats alongside the tea.

Handcrafts Price

CyrusCrafts has the honor of offering the most exquisite Persian handicrafts at the best prices. It sells Iranian handicrafts to all esteemed enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, especially Canadians, Americans, and Europeans. Including:

  • all kinds of pottery and ceramics
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  • traditional handwoven and fabric products
  • leather goods and textiles
  • wooden and wicker handcrafts
  • metal and conceptual handcrafts
  • vitreous enamel
  • turquoise inlaid
  • copper containers
  • glassware and mirrors
  • and many other products

You may find any of these items between $50 to $20000 worldwide. But the good news is that CyrusCrafts offers them top quality in the range of $20 to $4500.

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