Jewelry Box

From ancient times to the present, jewelry boxes have been widely used for simple storage and protection of jewelry and valuables, as well as for decorative purposes. The jewelry box should be able to prevent the jewelry from getting dispersed and lost, as well as from being exposed to air, dust, or moisture

It is critical to understand that the purpose of jewelry boxes is usually to protect against physical damage or loss because the majority of these boxes lack a special security feature. Some jewelry boxes have no luck at all, while others have a small lock with limited protection that keeps the contents of the box out of children's reach. Therefore, jewelry boxes cannot be considered good security guards in terms of theft prevention.

Iranian Jewelry Box

There are many different types of decorative and beautiful jewelry boxes available today. The "Boxisho" model is one of the most popular types of jewelry boxes for giving your jewelry a special order and organizing it well. These box models have several distinct spaces that provide more space to store jewelry and have a special order than simpler models.

Different techniques in jewelry box designs

To make jewelry boxes in an authentic Iranian style, you can employ a variety of techniques or even an artistic combination of several techniques, some of which are listed below.

Persian metal box

Wood carving: Wood carving is the art of carving on wood according to a design. In this original Iranian art, the designs are first separated from the wood by the artist's hand using a tool called the cave or chisel, and then the necessary ornaments are added to it according to the design.

Khatamkari: This art (Khatamkari) is known for decorating wood, copper, and other metals with various designs, patterns, and geometric shapes using materials such as wood, artificial bone, and metal. This art, like wood carving, is distinguished by its artistic details and elegance.

Minakari (vitreous enamel): Minakari is the art of painting on a ceramic glaze. Iranian motifs are gently drawn on the glaze in minakari. Minakari uses special blue colors that give the work of art a double beauty.

jewelry boxes materials

Today, jewelry boxes come in a variety of styles; here are a few of the most popular ones.

Wooden jewelry box: Wooden boxes are said to be the best way to protect your jewelry because wood is a good moisture barrier and adds a special beauty to jewelry and ornaments with their beautiful appearance and variety of colors

Metal jewelry box: These boxes are made using techniques such as kalamkari, hammering, bending, and casting. In comparison to other types of boxes, this type of box provides good protection against blows and physical damage due to the appropriate material and strength of metals.

Glass jewelry box: Glass jewelry boxes have a distinct beauty that complements the jewelry and ornaments contained within them. Brass glass boxes are new and modern designs in which, in addition to glass, brass is used to add strength and beauty.

Polyester jewelry box: These boxes come in simple and geometric shapes, as well as fine-design types with royal decorations. These boxes can also be used as table and room decor because of their fabulous shape.

Stone jewelry box: Stone jewelry boxes are typically beautifully carved and made of beautiful stones such as marble, with beautiful decorations such as painting and illumination.

Khatam Jewelry Box

Now, this is for many years that all kinds of Iranian jewelry boxes have been exported to different parts of the world, and today due to the capabilities and knowledge available in the Cyruscrafts collection, these products are offered more and more in global markets.

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