Gaz Candy

Gaz (Persian candy) is a traditional and extremely tasty candy. Iranian cities produce various types of candy and cookies popular for souvenirs, including Gaz, trail mix, BaklavaQottab, and Sohan. However, nutrient Gaz is one of the oldest confections/candies prepared and used as one of the main souvenirs in Isfahan. 

Gaz candy

Properties of tasty Gaz (Persian candy)

Gaz has many advantages Because of its Angabin. Angabin is a laxative used for children. It is also used to treat eye diseases, but the most important function of this unique and rare substance is in the production of Gaz. Gaz contains more beneficial and nutritious ingredients such as rosewater, pistachio, almond, and egg white, which enhance its nutritional properties.

Angabin increases hemoglobin levels in the blood strengthens the body and increase energy levels. However, because it is a natural and scarce substance, and because the amount of gas produced and exported has increased, some Gaz producers prefer to use sugar or liquid glucose instead.

You can substitute Persian Gaz for candy, which contains a lot of industrial oil, palm oil, and sugar and is bad for your health. Other advantages of Gaz include its ability to treat anemia, its antioxidant properties, and its ability to boost the immune system. Other natural ingredients, such as rosewater, honey, saffron, cardamom, and others, can be used in this extremely tasty Iranian candy.

almond gaz

Floury Gaz recipe

The traditional method of preparing Gaz has been popular for a long time and is still used in some old workshops in Isfahan!

Large dishes known as cauldrons are used to prepare Gaz in the traditional way. To begin, a large amount of water, Angabin, and sugar are combined and boiled. Water should account for 20% of the total mass of sugar.

The two should be boiled for 20 minutes before adding glucose and finally Angabin nectar (or cotoneaster or manna of Hedysarum).

The resulting mixture is then transferred to another cauldron, heated, and stirred with large special paddles. The stirring process is repeated until all of the ingredients have evaporated and a completely thick substance has been obtained. "Siah Chashni" (black spice) is the name given to this concentrated substance.

The egg whites should now be added. When the Siah Chashni mixture has slightly cooled, a proportionate amount of egg whites is whisked to foam and then added. This is especially important because if the white eggs are added when the Siah Chashni is too hot, they will burn and render the entire dish unusable.

When egg whites are added to the mixture, the volume of the ingredients increases and they turn white, which is why the compound is now known as "Sefid Chashni" (white spice).

At this point, the heat should be reduced and the ingredients should be stirred more slowly. The mixing process must be continued in order for the ingredients not to stick to the hands.

The ingredients are then supplemented with nuts such as pistachios and almonds. Because using a larger amount of nuts necessitates a more concentrated composition of the ingredients, a proportionate amount of them must be used.

The final step is to add pistachios or almonds, or both, to the ingredients. The gaz is removed from the heat and taken out of the cauldron immediately after the nuts are added. For cutting and preparing the gaz, a large rectangular tray covered with flour is used. The gaz is spread out on the tray and placed in a cool place.

Pistachio Gaz

It is then cut into squares, rectangles, or small circles with a tool, most commonly a circle mold. To be sent to stores, Gaz confections are placed in boxes with flour-covered bottoms, flour is used between each row, and the boxes are neatly packed.

Price of Gaz candy

The price of Gaz candy depends on several factors such as:

  • Type of the Gaz candy. It has various types that are different in terms of shape, size, basic materials, ETC.
  • Quality of material and cooking.
  • It's brand and city where it is cookedli>
  • Packaging and the gift which may it has.

Each brand and type of Gaz candy has its fans in the market, and their price can vary from $12 to $115.

The last word about gas (Persian candy)

We hope you have had your fill of "Gaz" a white, healthy, and delicious Iranian confection. This article was written to introduce you to various foods produced in different cities and regions of Iran. For several years, Gaz and other Iranian products have been produced and exported to other countries, including Europe and the United States, but we intend to contribute to their production and export by utilizing CyrusCrafts' capabilities and knowledge.

Persian candy

CyrusCrafts will provide you with high-quality and unique products as part of its specialized activity in preparing, selling, and exporting the best Iranian Gaz (Persian Nougat and candy), so that you can have a wonderful and one-of-a-kind taste and serve your guests in a unique and different way.


Kermani Pistachio Gaz Ta-1166| 28% Pistachio

1 Reviews
Produced in Iran  Gaz type: Pistachio Gaz Packed in an elegant wooden box 26 pieces in a pack Calories: 380 cal per 100 gr Net weight: 300 grams (10.58 ounces) In the package of 700 grams (24.69 ounces)

Mozaffari Pistachio Nougat Ta-1391| 40% pistachio

Produced in Iran (Isfahan) Gaz Type: Pistachio Gaz Wooden Box and Handmade Embroidery 32 pieces in a pack Calories: 380 cal per 100 gr Net Weight: 400 grams (14.10 ounce)

Antique Almond Gaz Ta-1459| 18 % Almond

Produced in Iran  Gaz Type: Almond Gaz Healthy snack 32 pieces in a pack Calories: 380 cal per 100 gr In the package of 400 grams (14.10 ounce)
buy online nougat Ta-980 buy online nougat Ta-980 2

Antique Pistachio Nougat Ta-980| 30% pistachio

1 Reviews
Produced in Iran (Isfahan) Gaz type: pistachios Gaz  It has a very beautiful wooden box 32 pieces in box Net weight: 400 grams (14.10 ounce)
Kermani Gaz Ta-1481 Kermani Gaz Ta-1481 2

Kermani Gaz Khatam box Ta-1481| 28 % Pistachio & Almond

Produced in Iran A mixture of pistachios and almonds Gaz Type: Almond and Pistachio 35 pieces in a pack Calories: 380 cal per 100 gr Net weight: 450 grams (14.10 ounce) In the package of 700 grams (24.69 ounce)
Persian Mozaffari Gaz Ta-403 Persian Mozaffari Gaz Ta-403 2

Mozaffari Gaz Ta-403| with Mina-kari Box

1 Reviews
Produced in Iran (Isfahan) Includes four rows of Gaz: Angabin pistachio Gaz 40%, pistachio Gaz 40%, Bidmeshk pistachio Gaz 40%, almond Gaz 40% 44 pieces inbox In package of 500 gram (17.63 ounce)
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