Toreutics (Hand Engraving)

Toreutics, metal hand engraving, or Qalamzani, creates lines and patterns on metal plates by hammering a burin. Here are tips for buying hand engraving, toreutics price range, an introduction to Persian metal engraving Qalamzani, products and usages of toreutics, and a comparison between engraving and embossing.

Buying Toreutics Tips

Categorized as metalworking, it's a popular form of traditional Persian art. The engraving artisans can do this art on multiple varieties of metals. Still, the most appropriate metal ilks for Iranian toreutics, Qalamzani, are brass, silver, gold, and copper. It is one of the best ideas for personalized gifts. Here's a list of critical matters you should check when buying hand-engraving and toreutics products. The engraving toreutics should have:

  • A flawless and intact surface
  • Delicate designs and perfectly smooth edges
  • A complete and detailed background
  • Excellent solder seams

Persian engraving and other art artisans use only top-grade materials. So, you don't have to worry about the quality when buying Persian handicrafts.

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Toreutic Engraving Price

Factors such as size, material (copper, silver, brass, or gold), standard, quality, and design class affect the toreutic engraving price. They typically sell handmade metal engraving outcomes for $60 up to $3,000 worldwide. And CyrusCrafts, after eliminating the commission merchants, offers the best quality Persian toreutics, Qalamzani, artworks at the best prices ever. Persian metal engraving products are $40 to $2000.

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Persian Metal Engraving: Qalamzani Toreutics

Qalamzani, Persian toreutics, has a long history in Iran. It goes back to 2000 B.C. There are three main styles of Persian metal engraving art:

  • Shiraz Qalamzani: Shiraz Qalamzani or toreutics includes two subcategories: Tiny Tools technique (Rize Qalam) for gold, copper, and brass and Curving (Monabbat) for silver. The Monabbat style is similar to the handmade woodcarving Monabbat.
  • Isfahan Qalamzani: Isfahan's toreutics includes two techniques, too. The first style is the Tiny Tools technique (Rize Qalam), but it differs from Shiraz's Tiny Tools style. The second one is Bulging, which forms a 3d view.
  • Tabriz Qalamzani: In Tabriz's metal hand engraving, artisans use a hammer to create patterns while importing pressure with his hand.

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Toreutics / Engraving products

Varied in form and function, works of toreutics (Qalamzani) include:

  • personalized jewelry
  • Cake/dessert stands
  • Fancy nut bowls
  • Engravable gifts
  • Unique decorative vases
  • Lidded bowls
  • Water pitchers
  • Framed toreutics
  • Charcoal samovars
  • toreutics Trays
  • Lidded sugar cube bowls

Engraving techniques (Qalamzani) are among the wealthiest and most exquisite Persian handicrafts and can serve as:

  • Eye-catching and unique decorative items
  • Personalized wedding gifts
  • personalized gifts for him and her
  • Splendid masterpiece artworks


Engraving vs. Embossing

Some mistake engraving for embossing. Embossing and engraving may look alike but counter in primary aspects. The main difference is that embossing presses an object (primarily a searing instrument) to make the patterns. Nevertheless, engraving carves out the patterns to make the design outstanding on the surface.

We have reviewed tips and matters of buying metal engraving, engraving product prices, Qalamzani styles, and embossing vs. engraving. Now it's time for good news. CyrusCrafts offers metal engraving or Qalamzani, wood engraving, and other fantastic Persian handicrafts.

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