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Khorasan rug has a long history and the first signs of it have been seen in the Safavid period. Indeed, we cannot specify an exact date for the history of the Khorasan rug, but according to the writings and documents, the first Khorasan rug was created between 999 and 1038 AH.

Khorasan Rug Review, Select, and Buying Guide

The art of rug weaving has flourished in most cities of Iran, and some of these cities are world-famous. Such as Tabriz rugs, Kashan rugs, Qom rugs, and Khorasan rugs are among the most prominent Persian rugs.

When buying a Khorasan rug there are many factors to consider, such as the color, patterns, knot density (raj), price, and the size of the rug.

We have provided some of the most important information you will need before buying a Khorasan silk rug, as well as a dedicated review; selecting tips, and a fully in-depth buying guide, so don’t miss out.

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The History of Khorasan Rugs

Rug weaving has been common in Khorasan for a long time but suddenly stagnated with the arrival of Tabrizi rug-weaving artists.

Khorasan rug weaving started to decline after the Safavid era and finally went through its last decline at the end of the Qajar dynasty. 

It passed one of its most flourishing historical periods during the reign of Shahrukh Mirza (from the Timurid dynasty) during its 1,500 years of life.

Types of Khorasan Rugs in Terms of Design, Color, and Size

Even now, when we talk about the Khorasan silk rugs, the geography we are talking about is much wider than today's Khorasan; this geography covers from Khorasan in Iran to the Herat of Afghanistan, and it is not wrong to say that Herat is its center. A place that used to be the center of weaving Persian hand-woven rugs. Today many cities have gained fame for their rug in the Khorasan province:

Mashhad Rug

Mashhad rug has very special and attractive features and can easily attract all art lovers. In the patterns and designs of this carpet, the large flowers of Shah Abbasi, which sit on thin and narrow stems, are often used; but these natural designs are not the only designs that can be seen in this carpet. Another very important feature of the Mashhad carpet is the Lachak Turanj design.

Mashhad Rug Advantages

One of the most important points that we have to tell you about Mashhad rugs is their special texture. Although the Persian knot is more common, the texture of the Mashhad rug is a combination of two types of texture, Persian and Turkish.

In the Mashhad carpet, the weft is in the form of two wefts and is placed in the form of woven loops, which greatly contributes to its strength and durability.

One of the most important characteristics of the Mashhad rug is that they are made from the highest quality materials.

mashhad rug

Tabas Rug

If you are looking for an exquisite and valuable souvenir from this city, Tabas rugs are one of the best choices. Tabas rugs are woven in different designs of Joshghan, Altar, flower, dome, plain floor, tree frame, Afshan, and Lachak Turanj, and are sent to different handicraft markets all around the world. 

Ghochan Rug

Ghochan is one of the cities of Khorasan province. This city is located 120 km northwest of Mashhad (the capital of the province). The city of Ghochan AKA Qochan is considered the first capital of the Parthians by various historical sources as well as many current historians.

Ghochan rugs have a long history in Iran with their unique colors and designs. But what should you do to be able to buy a premium Chochan rug at a fair price? Look no further than CyrusCrafts as we have gathered the most beautiful and unique Choochan rugs for you to choose from.

Sabzevar Rug

Geographically, Sabzevar is a city located in the northeast of Iran in Khorasan province, and it was formerly known as Beyhaq. The Safavid gov revived Sabzevar and became prosperous at that time.

Carpet weaving in the past of Sabzevar was influenced by Mashhad rug weaving, and Mashhad patterns were used by these weavers.

Mostly Lachak Toranj with the background of lacquer color has formed the pattern. The mentioned cases were related to the past. Nowadays, Tabriz and Nain designs are also woven in this Sabzevar. Sabzevar rugs are woven with Persian knot, with the highest quality wool and silk as the main material.

Birjand Rug (Moud Rug)

The handmade rugs of Birjand city can be introduced as one of the popular options among rug enthusiasts, which are known for their economical price and high quality compared to other rugs. 

It can be said that one of the main characteristics of the Moud rug (Birjand rug) is its special dyeing, as the weavers increase the transparency of the colors to come up with a different and unique hue.

Birjand rugs (Moud rugs) use Persian knots and are woven on vertical looms. In terms of appearance, some looms are composed of only two parts, the top and the bottom loom.

Khorasan Rugs' Colors

Khorasan rugs come in a variety of colors, offering a wide range of options to suit diverse design preferences in your home. Here are your color choices:

khorasan vintage rug

Khorasan Small, Medium, and Large Rugs

Khorasan offers a range of options to suit various room dimensions and design preferences. Here are some of the available sizes:

Khorasan Rugs Compared to Other Persian Rugs

Compared to other Persian rugs, the wool used in Khorasan rugs, such as Ghoochan rugs, Birjand rugs, Tabas rugs, and Mashhad are of extremely high quality of the local sheep and are woven combining the Persian and Turkish knots. Although some weavers who weave Persian knot rugs use double knots to save time and materials.

The designs of Khorasan handmade rugs are usually floral motifs, like Lachak Turanj, Afshan, Buteh Jeghe, and the most common of all, Herati. 

Moreover, for the color, natural dyes are generally used in Khorasan. The colors of Khorasan carpets are not very diverse and are limited to red, yellowish red, blue, turquoise, beige, mustard, and brown.

Khorasan Rugs' Price

The price of Khorasan rugs is influenced by various factors such as the design, the Dimensions of the rug, quality, materials used, and the demand on the market.

Khorasan Rugs Retail and Wholesale

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