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Kashan Rugs are generally those rugs that are made in the city of Kashan. The city of Kashan is known all over the world for the production of handmade and machine-made rugs.

Kashan Rug Review, Select, and Buying Guide

When buying a Kashan rug there are several factors to consider, factors such as the pattern, color, knot density, price, and size of the Kashan handmade rug.

Not all Kashan rugs are handmade but we focus on handmade ones that are made with high-quality materials such as wool, and silk. So choosing the right material will affect the longevity of your rug.

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The History Behind Kashan Carpet

Kashan is one of the desert cities of Iran, which is located in the south of Qom Lake and its salt desert. The deserters of these cities can be seen from the windbreaks, internals, water reservoirs, covered corridors, and courtyards below the ground level.

The oldest rugs/carpets belonging to the city of Kashan date back to the 11th century. But the period of Safavid rule was a turning point in the history of Kashan carpets, because in this era, the city of Kashan, as the weaving center of court carpets, produced very exquisite woven and silver silk rugs/carpets, some of which are now in large museums and collections.

From the 17th to the 19th centuries, there was not much information about Kashan carpets, which was probably due to political and social events, changes in governments, wars, invasions, etc.

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Types of Kashan Rugs’ Motifs and Designs

Kashan rugs or carpets are one of the most popular and famous rugs in the world due to many reasons. First, we will discuss the designs, and then the technical features that include texture, color, etc.

Lachak Toranj Design Kashan Rugs

Lachak Toranj design, which is probably inspired by the leather covers of old books and some tailings of mosques and schools, has been used in Kashan rugs and carpets since at least the Safavid era and is one of the most common carpet designs in Kashan.

  • Lachak: It can be seen on the four sides and corners of the rug, which is almost a quarter of the length of the rug and can be designed separately.

  • Toranj: Toranj or tangerine is in the shape of a circle, oval, or rhombus, which is placed in the middle of the rug, and its central point is the central point and symmetry of the rug.

Afshan Design Kashan Rugs

In Afshan design, the visuals consist of large and small flowers and bushes, curved lines in the text, and are surrounded by a band.

The Afshan design, which is one of the sub-plans of Shah Abbasi, is also known as the comprehensive design of Shah Abbasi. Among its special types, we can mention broken Afshan, bouquet Afshan, animal Afshan, and Toranj Afshan.

Altar Design Kashan Rug

The altar design is reminiscent of mosque altars. In the upper area of the canvas or background, the altar arch is designed, which mainly has the second state of lath, and the border band also surrounds the rug background.

In Kashan altar vintage rugs, there are potted, columnar, and candelabrum types of altars with patterns and rotating arches, which are woven with silk.

Hunting Ground Design Kashan Rugs

The hunting ground design goes back to the Safavid era, and some of these designs - which are among the best examples of that era - are kept in famous museums.

The entire field or canvas of this design includes a view of the hunting grounds with animals and hunters on it. Today, this design is woven in a limited way and mostly in the form of a rug with cream silk.

Mohtasham Design Kashan Rug

Mohtsham design is a design that has combined geometric and rotating motifs. However, the general format of the design is Lachak Toranj.

The two distinguishing features of this design, which make it attractive, are its very beautiful border and the simplified design of the willow tree, flowers, and leaves, and the harmonious stem - in an abstract and summarized form with straight and broken lines.

Kashan rugs, just like any other Persian rug are also categorized by their color, you can browse Kashan rugs in other colors here:

Kashan Rugs Compared to Other Persian Rugs

First of all, it should be noted that the city of rug production has only minor effects on the quality of the rug. Unlike machine-made rugs Kashan handmade rugs are produced by experienced rug weavers, as well as premium yarns and fibers.

If such effort had been put into making other Persian rugs, the price would have been no less than mind-blowing. However, Kashan Rugs managed to keep their prices pretty affordable.

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Kashan Rugs' Price

The price of Kashan rugs is one of the important factors for those who decide to buy one, and that is why a lot of attention is paid to this issue.

Various factors affect the price of the carpet; Such as fibers, size, knot density (raj), and the use of expensive materials like silk, which affects the price.
For example; a Persian 9x12 area rug differs from an 8x10 area rug and a 3x5 area rug in terms of price.

Another reason for the popularity of Kashan rugs is their cheaper price compared to Tabriz rugs and Isfahan rugs. You can buy your product directly from CyrusCrafts online and receive it hassle-free at your doors.

Kashan Rugs Retail and Wholesale

Become a member of CyrusCrafts and receive updates and assistance with finding Kashan rugs online whether it is a single item or multiple ones. You can refer to the desired product page to see its price tag, but for wholesale prices make sure to contact us due to the possible price changes of the market.

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CyrusCrafts' Kashan Rugs

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