Decorative Plates

Plates are not only home decorative items, but they also serve many functional purposes. One of the wise and appropriate choices for interior decoration is to use decorative plates on the walls or tables.

Decorative Plates: Review, Select, and Buy

Whether used as serve ware or as decorative items, all ornamented plates are considered decorative plates; here is a review on decorative plates for whoever wants to get informed about their types, price ranges, and quality before selecting and buying.
There is an extensive variety of decorative plate designs, such as floral, minakari, turquoise, and more. But we will talk about two of the masterpieces worth being in your fantastic home. Minakari plates and Turquoise plates.

The materials and sizes of these decorative plates can vary a lot. Examples include decorative plates made of ceramic, glass, stone, and wood, which will be discussed. Choose; depending on the table size, you can put one or more ornamental plates on any wall. Wall-hanging plates are decorative objects that serve the wall like a painting. Minakari/enamel plates, for example, are great for that purpose.

minakari Decorative plates and turquoise plates

Meenakari / Minakari Plates Review

Most of these plates are crafted by hand, and meeting other situations is difficult. That makes each piece unique and of very high quality. Handmade Minakari plates are inspired by Persian art and are a proper choice for wall decor. One of the distinguished art courses in Isfahan is the art of enameling, which focuses on decorating objects (mainly copper) with colored and baked coats.
Ornamental plates of this type are minakari plates, which have around 5000 years of history. Persian minakari plates symbolize the heavens' blue sky. Minakari crafts are traditionally blue, but we can find them in many colors today, including green, grey, pink, etc.

Turquoise wall decor Plates Review

You might already know about Turqoiyuise and the Kingman mine in northwestern Arizona, the largest turquoise mine in the United States, but turquoise inlaid items are something else.
How is turquoise mounted on copper plates, and what is the art of turquoise inlaying? It may be your first question once you see a turquoise inlaid plate. You were performing the steps of turquoise carving with an uncommon taste from Isfahan.
If you are interested in turquoise wall decor plates, an excellent understanding of art is vital. It is important to note that turquoise items vary with the quality and quantity of production from commercially active workshops. Turquoise products thus can vary in price a lot.

Select Decorative Plates by Material

Materials of Persian decorative plates include:

  • Ceramic Plates: Ceramics have been glazed and fired to produce these decorative ceramic wall plates. A thick, heavy, and rustic kind of linen has a rustic look and feel but doesn't last as long and is more prone to chipping than other types of plates. Hand-painted design is typically applied to them. Earthenwares are often less expensive than other types of decorative plates so that they can be an excellent gift choice.
  • Glass Plates: They have always been a favorite of many people and artists because of their elegance and transparency look. Glass plates are now considered one of the best decorative choices because they make a striking and stylish addition to any home. You can hang them on the wall next to your artwork for a double beautifying effect, or just put them on the table. It will do the job also.
  • Silver and Gold Plates: Decorative plates of this kind can be pretty pricey, but the look of these plates and their impact on the interior design is unimaginable.
  • Brass Plates: Brass is a combination of copper and zinc alloy. This alloy has been widely used from the past to the present and is one of the most frequently utilized metals in metalworking. This metal is widely employed in making all kinds of utensils, jewelry, home decoration, and, most importantly, "brass handicrafts." Brass plates can be a wise choice because they are almost unbreakable and can serve your house for a long time, and the price them is not as expensive!

turquoise inlay decorative plates

Tips for Buying Decorative Plates

Please consider the following tips before you buy a decorative plate:

  • Determine your aim of buying a decorative plate: It can be a gift, a wall-hanging plate, a centerpiece, or a serving dish.
  • Decide about its material according to your usage.
  • Determine its design, too.
  • Choose honest and reliable stores or online shops.
  • Select a high-quality product.

CyrusCrafts, the international online antique store, offers the best quality of artful decorative plates at the fairest prices.

Decorative Plates Price Ranges

The price of decorative plates is determined based on the type and weight of the material used, but more importantly, on the patterns and drawings made by skilled artists who have spent a great deal of time creating these, as well as the destination country's taxation policy. For example, for the United States of America, it even falls to the state you are located in. Feel free to blame state tax policy for that.

Decorative metal plates, gold plates, silver plates, Brass plates

Uses of Decorative wall hanging Plates

The uses of decorative wall hanging plates are various and can be categorized into the following stations:
Home Usages: Decorate your home with wall dishes or plates in different patterns, colors, and designs, or just put them on the table or shelf using plate stands for a better look at the space. However, be careful because most decorative plates are made of easily breakable materials (except metal plates). We are putting in all the effort we can afford to get the result you want.
Gifting porpuses: Do you have trouble finding the appropriate present for your loved ones? You can gift these plates to your friends, relatives, or coworkers/employees as a thoughtful gift for work, a birthday present, a New Year present, or a workplace gift. It is because they are some of the most peculiar and valuable decorative plates available online! The recipients are sure to be excited.

minakari (persian enamel) plates

How to Install Wall-Hanging Plates?

Adhesive discs or sticky discs are one of the easiest ways to hang plates on a wall. When you add water to the discs, glue is activated. The discs are attached to the back of your decorative plates; then you hang the hooks on the wall.

how to install decorative plates

Last Words of CyrusCrafts

CyrusCrafts Antique Store and its experts are helping to improve the visibility of traditional Persian decoration and handicrafts to all people around the world, especially those in Canada and the US; with a variety of decorative dishes and wall-hanging plates to choose from, CyrusCrafts is a company that specializes in elegant wall-hangings and decorative dishes. Our mission is to liven up and enhance your environment with our high-quality, one-of-a-kind products.
You can have a traditional, formal, comfortable, modern layout. It does not matter which category your house design falls under. Every house requires some form of decorative accent. Whatever your taste is, there is something to suit your house the best.
Home accessories such as ceramic plates or wooden plates (if you are Canadian, you have already seen or even used these) displayed on the table are suitable for decorating your living space. Investing in these appliances will make your home more beautiful, regardless of the budget.

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