Woodcarving, also known as wood carving, beautifies woodwork with hand tools. The wood carving designs are so variable that they are categorized into different types. One of the most professional of which dates back to ancient Persia: Monabat, Monabbat, Monabatkari, or Monabat Kari.

Woodcarving or Monobat Kari Review

Here, you will study AND REVIEW woodcarving briefly and in detail in the following order:

  • Woodcarving Definition
  • Monabat Kari and wood carving designs
  • The Best Timbers, Methods, and Steps of Woodcarving
  • A Comparison Between Woodcarving and Marquetry


What Is Woodcarving?

Woodcarving is a branch of visual arts like sculpturing. The artisan carves a piece of lumber to form a captivating and usable forte. The wood carving art name in Iran is Monabatkari or Monabbat. Here, we first introduce Monabat briefly. Then, review woodcarving designs, methods, styles, steps, processes, best woods for carving, and modern wood carvings.

Woodcarving Monabat Kari

Monabat Kari, the Persian Woodcarving Art

Monabat Kari is an outstanding Persian woodcarving art. The artist who creates wood carvings is called Monabat Kar. Persian woodcarvings mainly include wall art, decorative bowls, vases, water bottles, and decorative plates at the best prices. Still, the numerous popular Monabat Karies are done on wooden sofas. One vital thing that a Monabat Kari professional needs to learn is to know how to soften wood for carving.

What is woodcarving

Wood Carving Designs

It is possible to categorize wood carving designs into the following groups:

  • Woodcarving Furniture
  • Wooden Relief sculptures
  • Monabat Ornaments
  • Wooden Carved Containers
  • Decorative Handicrafts

They are all fantastic, and constructing a woodcarving design takes considerable time.

Monabat Kari

What is the Best Wood for Carving?

The best woods for carving are stable but easy to soften for carving. To make a Monabbatkari work, you must pick up timber or lumber that maintains its stability, durability, and beauty in the long run. Woodcarving artists choose timbers based on the color, surface, and price they desire the outcomes. The most frequently used woods for woodcarving are:

  • Black poplar
  • Pear
  • Walnut
  • Plane
  • Beechwood
  • Maple
  • Basswood
  • etc.

woodcarving design

Each of these items has its distinctive color that, in crossbreeding with a designer's artistry, significantly sweetens the beauty and affects the price of the handicraft. After all, remember that it is normal for wood to crack. So, any dry wood or soaking wood in the water you choose may crack when doing woodwork. And the prescription for this phenomenon is to have skills like softening wood for carving.

best wood for carving

The Wood Craving Process and Steps

Like all kinds of art, wood carving has its process and takes steps to be done. Experts take these steps to create a work of woodcarving:

  1. Designing the schematic of the outcome
  2. Choosing the most proper wood for the design
  3. Soften the wood to make it easier to carve
  4. Transferring the design onto the timber or lumber
  5. Coating the wood in crude oil to soften it
  6. Securing the wooden block with a woodworking clamp
  7. Carving the design along the outlines using V-tools
  8. Flattening the layout background with a straight chisel
  9. Carving out the design using chisels, gouges, and V-tools
  10. Adding the final parties
  11. Coloring the product if it needs

woodcarving steps

The steps and whole process may appear straightforward. However, the most critical point is to learn woodcarving skills from an experienced master first. These skills include knowing how to soften wood for carving, knowing about wood fibers and surface tension, how to work with the tools, etc.

Woodcarving Methods and Styles

There are various methods and styles for woodcarving. Some are traditional and date back to ancient times, and some are modern. Some are in the hand woodcarvings category, some in the machine woodcarving, and some in both. The following are the most popular wood carving methods and styles in brief:

Persian Woodcarving, Monabat

Monabat or Monabat Kari is a unique Persian woodcarving method mostly done on furniture, especially sofas.

Persian woodcarving Monabat

Relief Carving

Relief woodcarving is a style in which the designer carves patterns on balanced timber with special tools.

relief carving

Chip Carving

In the Chip woodcarving method, the artisan removes tiny chips from the surface of a wood piece to achieve a detailed figure.

chip carving

Treen Wood Work

Teen woodcarving things are miniature or oversized practical home objects such as furniture and clocks.

treen wood carving

Whittling Wood Carving

Whittling is a technique that sculpts raw wood with a specific knife.

whittling wood carving

Scandinavian flat-plane woodcarving

The Scandinavian flat plane is a woodcarving style in which the artist makes statuettes from flat wood panels.

Scandinavian flat-plane woodcarving

Florentine Carving

The craftsman creates woodcarving sculptures in ancient Greece and Rome's styles in Florentine woodcarving.

Florentine Carving

Chainsaw Woodcarving

The Chainsaw carving combines hand carving methods with the Chainsaw machine.

Chainsaw woodcarving


Lovespoons are wooden spoons with woodcarving details and gifts with romantic meanings.


Modern Wood Carving Methods and Styles

Nowadays, some artists design wooden artworks with their exceptional techniques. The methods can combine several styles or be used in a distinctive, untried manner.

modern wood carving

Woodcarving VS. Marquetry

Most inexperienced people make blunders about woodcarving and Marquetry. Knowing the following tips helps you distinguish Marquetry from wood carving Monabat:

  • Woodcarving (Monabbatkari) applies carving timber into relief sculptures. In contrast, Marquetry works by organizing diverse figures cut out of wood, ivory, oyster, bronze, and silver.
  • A work of woodcarving is a single-piece object engraved out of wood. But in Marquetry, first, the configuration is transferred onto the wooden base surface and then cut along the outlines using special instruments. Next, the cutouts are carefully arranged together.
  • The other difference is in woodcarving and Marquetry price. Marquetry often costs more than simple wood carving because it incorporates multiple miniature wood pieces.

The difference between woodcarving and Marquetry provides an excellent opportunity to combine the two art forms into a striking masterpiece. The distinct features of each make for an incredibly eye-catching result. For instance, the top surface of a table can be ornamented with Marquetry, while stunning designs can be carved out along the sides of the top and the feet.

Woodcarving vs Marquetry

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