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Undoubtedly, shoes are one of the most important inventions in human history. Human beings need to take good care of their feet since they are known as their second heart. Due to this realization, humanity invented shoes that simultaneously protect the foot and increase efficiency. Looking at Iranian handmade shoes for men and their history, we will now provide all the acknowledgments, so stay there.

The legs carry the entire body's weight and are directly connected to the body's pelvis, spine, and nerve bases. Therefore, foot health is essential to the whole body's health.

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Features of Suitable Shoes for Men: Iranian Shoes

The fashion industry is popular worldwide because people like to wear excellent and unique shoes for men, which go well with their unique bags. But besides beauty, there are other factors to consider when choosing handmade shoes for men. Let's examine the most important points together.

  • Air conditioning: We wear shoes for a long time during the day, so having proper ventilation is the first and most important feature for choosing shoes. Shoes made of natural leather and natural fibers have good ventilation, which prevents foot perspiration and skin diseases.
  • Standard mold: Suitable and quality shoes should be made in standard mold so that you can buy shoes precisely the size of your feet.
  • Sturdy and flexible sole: The sole of the shoe should be of high quality due to direct contact with the ground to not injure the foot, and it should also be flexible so that you feel comfortable while walking. Shoes are made of different materials such as plastic, PVC, and Eva, each with characteristics.
  • Temperature insulation: The material of the shoe should be chosen so that it is temperature insulation; that is, in cold and heat, it does not transfer the outside temperature to the foot and does not become hot or cold. Men's shoes made of natural leather and natural fibers have this feature and do not worry about temperature changes when buying a natural leather shoe.
  • Beautiful appearance: From classic men's shoes to modern designs, you should look stylish and distinctive in stylish and unique shoes.

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Materials of Iranian Handmade Shoes for Men

We always come across different colors and models of men's shoes in accessories stores, but have you ever carefully examined the material of each? In this section, we get acquainted with different types of shoes for men.

  • Natural Leather: Natural leather is one of the best materials for making men’s shoes in the world due to its flexibility, proper ventilation, temperature insulation, resistance, high durability, and comfort. In addition, original leather shoes for men make your style unique and stylish which are some of the most important factor for men’s shoes.
  • Fabrics: Fabrics such as linen, polyester, wool, silk, rayon, etc., are used to make shoes, each of which has different capabilities depending on the material. Fabric shoes can be used in various designs for any style due to the great variety of colors.
  • Rubber: They use rubber to make sports shoes such as tennis shoes and running shoes. Rubber is one of the most widely used materials for making shoes due to its reasonable price and strong material.
  • PU: Due to the strength and durability of this material, it is mainly used for shoe soles, but in the production of hiking and mountaineering shoes that require rugged and waterproof material, PU is more used.

Important Tips When Buying Men’s Shoes

Sometimes the beauty of a shoe fascinates us so much that we overlook other things. But remember that when buying shoes, you should prioritize and examine different aspects of a shoe based on your circumstances.

  • Lifestyle: Choose shoes based on your daily lifestyle; that is, if you are accustomed to walking a little to work every day, or if your feet are in the shoes for a long time, you should make an intelligent choice for the material of the shoes. Always prioritize foot health.
  • Foot model: Everyone's foot shape is different. Natural leather shoes for men are compatible with the foot's shape and are one of your best choices.
  • Shoes' Materials: Choose the material based on the type of use; for example, walking shoes differ from tennis club shoes. So know the types of shoes and their features to have the best choice.
  • Color & Design: Choose the design and color of the shoes according to the formal or casual style, and in general, minimal designs, hand-embroidered shoes, and unique designs give a more beautiful look to your style.

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Advantages of Iranian Handmade Shoes

There are many options out there when it comes to shoes, and you have various choices. But consider Iranian handmade shoes with quality materials and special designs a good option to make your style unique.

  1. Natural materials: Handmade shoes are made of natural leather, fibers, or silk threads; the advantage of these materials is flexibility, air conditioning, anti-allergy properties, and their compatibility with the skin.
  2. Unique design and sewing: Handmade shoes for men have a unique design and sewing so that no two handmade shoes are the same, and this makes your style unique.
  3. Durability and resistance: Due to the use of natural materials and longer production stages than factory shoes, they have a longer life and more resistance. So despite the higher price, they are also economical.

Quality Shoes with a Reasonable Price

In this article, we have provided the necessary information about shoes and the principles of choosing the best shoes for men. In addition to all the parameters provided, a fair price for a quality shoe will also affect your choice. We suggest you see and check CyrusCrafts shoe collection with Iranian color and smell, made of high-quality materials.

In addition to quality and unique design, these models are more affordable than the world's leading shoe brands, such as Adidas, Nike, and Gucci. We have safe and fast delivery to Canada, America, and Europe. Have a unique style.

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