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Wall lights are among the chief elements used in room lighting and decoration, though they’re sometimes overlooked. The role of lighting in enhancing décors is now widely recognized, leading to better employment of light fixtures. In lighting indoor spaces, natural light isn’t enough, and other light sources are needed to improve visibility. Lighting a room is done using a variety of fixtures, among which are wall lights. They have a long history, and it’s long been a common home lighting method to use both chandeliers and wall lights.

decorative wall light

Wall lights have evolved and diversified over time, as technology advanced. Passionate Iranian industrial designers produce creative wall lights that are not only striking in appearance but also perfectly fulfill your every lighting need. According to experts, a single light source can’t adequately light a room, therefore additional sources in the form of wall lights are needed for satisfactory lighting.

The function of wall lights

Wall lights are used for indoor spaces in homes and places of business. Their job is to partially light a wall or living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and others. Wall lights can also function as bedside lamps.

Another function of wall lights is complementing the lighting in spaces where there’s not enough room for table lamps.

wall light and sofa

Different types of wall lights

Wall lights are diverse in design and material but can be grouped under these categories:

Branched wall light

Branched wall lights have one or multiple branches or arms, and come in both classic and modern styles.

Branchless wall light

Most branchless wall lights have a traditional or classic design.

Flat wall lights or sconces

Predominantly modern in design, Flat wall lights or sconces lights are level with the wall they’re mounted on and lack branches.

The glass used for wall lights is often shatterproof. Wall lights come in wooden, plastic, or metal frames, which allows you to choose one that best fits the décor of the room you intend it for.

The light direction in wall lights

It’s essential to consider the light direction of wall lights when lighting and interior designing a place.

Wall lights come in four light directions:

Upward and diffused wall light

Wall lights with an upward and diffused light direction are used to partially light ceilings with soft light.

Upward and downward wall light

These multidirectional wall lights are mainly used to light and decorate walls that would have no decoration otherwise. They’re also useful when you want to make a high ceiling appear lower.

Downward and direct wall light

Wall lights of this type are used for highlighting wall-mounted artworks or lighting a spot on a wall that has a special pattern. They can also be installed above beds and desks.

Upward and direct wall light

These wall lights are used to highlight wall-mounted pictures and artworks.

Designed and manufactured in Iran using the most advanced technologies, our wall lights are up to international standards and can suit any taste. Quality is a top priority in our production to ensure that they can be cost-effective while also being attractive and able to provide perfect lighting.

Cyruscrafts specializes in the supply, sale, and export of wall lights and sconces. We bring you high-class, one-of-a-kind products that will liven up and individualize your home or workplace.

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