Blue Rugs

Versatile and calming, blue Persian rugs can be used in any room and complement many color schemes and styles. The following guide contains information about the best kinds of blue rugs, navy blue rugs, dark blue rugs, and turquoise rugs, how to choose and style them.

Blue Persian Rug Review, Select, and Shopping Tips

Color wields a potent spell over our emotions, subtly shifting our moods with its silent symphony; among all the countless colors, blue stands as a serene sentinel, promising a refuge of charm.

More specifically, blue Persian rugs serve as an enchanting catalyst, sparking a transformation towards any room. Whether the profound depths of navy, baby blue, or a shade that dances between, incorporating blue Persian rugs can be a transformative touch to your home décor.

Blue Persian Rugs

Blue Shades and the Ambient Influence

Blue is a chameleon in the world of color, offering a spectrum of shades, each bearing a unique feel. Lighter blues, like sky blue or ocean blue, evokes a sensation of ethereal airiness.

These hues are the perfect antidote for smaller spaces or rooms that need a touch of natural light. Additionally, the elegance of darker blues, such as the navy or indigo, infuse a room with a depth and richness that wraps one in a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

How Persian Blue Rugs Highlight Your Room's Decor

By reinforcing a color scheme, establishing a style, and elevating the mood, a navy blue rug can enhance your room's décor. If you want to tie the room together, look for imagery, shapes, or motifs in the rug's pattern that you can incorporate into other decors.

Blue Persian area rugs come in various sizes, shapes, pile heights, and materials. Each of these factors warrants a great deal of thought, but the material, in particular, is essential since each has its texture, appearance, durability, and ease of cleaning. When buying a Persian blue rug, consider popular options like Jute, cotton, wool, and silk to see if they meet your needs.

Type of Persian Blue Rug in Decoration

As mentioned, blue handmade rugs can fit in almost any decoration, whether it's a vintage rug or modern, or abstract. Also, blue silk rugs can be used in any house space because their applications are extensive, and for the use of silk fibers, they are extremely durable. In the following, we will briefly introduce and explain the best type of blue rug you can get based on the location and all those spaces in the house where the blue handmade rugs shine at their brightest.

Persian Blue Rugs

Persian Blue Runner Rugs

You can use a runner rug to make the hallway or staircase look longer. In addition to being stylish and modern, a navy blue runner rug is very suitable for use in high-traffic areas such as the hallways because it shows less dirt, and there is no need for a periodic wash.

But you can't ignore the light blue Persian runner rug for the stairs and hallways. The light blue Persian runner rug makes narrow spaces appear more expansive.

Persian Blue Outdoor Rugs

Blue outdoor rugs are a great way to create a stylish outdoor space on your deck, patio, or porch. Consider similar indoor spaces when planning your layout. Persian blue outdoor rugs create a relaxing atmosphere for autumn and spring evenings as well as adding a positive energy.

Persian Blue Rugs for the Living Room

You'll likely use a large blue handmade rug to ground your main seating area in the living room. You can put it in front of the seats, under their front legs, or the chairs. Alternatively, a smaller Persian blue rug, such as a kilim or Gabbeh, can accent a separate sitting area for reading or coffee.

Persian Blue Rugs for the Kitchen

Transitioning to the kitchen area, the blue Persian rug can introduce elegance and refinement. Select a rug adorned with intricate patterns or compelling textures to pique visual interest and render the kitchen more relaxing. Blue Persian handmade rugs do not merely serve as a floor covering; they are piece of arts that can transform your kitchen into a more inviting and harmonious haven.

Persian Blue rugs for the Bedroom

Opt for colors that are easy to clean, especially if you have pets or children. All shade of blue like sky blue, navy blue, ocean blue, etc are good choices. Blue Persian rugs are also a very durable and super soft option for bedroom due to their materials.

Blue Area Rugs

Blue Persian Rugs' Best Materials

Getting close to the world of blue Persian rug materials, it is vital to remember that the fabric you choose can greatly influence the rug's durability and maintenance. Natural fibers such as wool, silk, or cotton stand proud as resilient warriors against wear and tear, making them a perfect fit for high-traffic areas.

These materials are built to last and are a breeze to clean and maintain, requiring only regular vacuuming and spot-cleaning as and when needed. Synthetic materials like polyester or nylon, which are used to make machine-made rugs, on the other hand, have gained popularity for their affordability and stain-resistant attributes. However, they may not stand the test of time as gracefully as their natural counterparts.

Choosing the Right Size and Shape Blue Persian Rug

When selecting a blue Persian rug to adorn your personal space, the size and shape of the rug should be your foremost considerations. Picture a cozy 4x7 rug nestled into the intimate spaces of your home, such as entryways or hallways.

A medium sized 5x7 rug on the othe rhand, emerges as a splendid choice for more spacious living or dining areas. A 5x8 rug can serve as an anchor for those blessed with grand spaces, drawing eyes and conversations towards it. Moreover, the shape of the rug can be a game-changer. While rectangular rugs are the norm, don't shy away from round rugs, as they add a dash of intrigue and soften the sharp edges of a room.

What Colors Go with a Persian Blue Rug?

What color couch is the best when you have a blue Persian rug? The good news is that blue goes with almost everything, so you have many options.
But if blue is not your thing, we have got other handmade persian rugs rugs with this different color combination you can choose from: 

Persian Blue Area Rugs

Why Choose a Light Blue Persian Rug

Interiors with light blue accents are officially in vogue. A beautiful color that's popping up in homes, this color is cool and chic. In addition to country themes, light blue rugs can also be found in chic themes. A blue Tabriz rug for example, fits almost any decoration theme and style.

Many color palettes look good with light blue area rugs. Tans, whites, and darker shades of blue are often combined to achieve a clean, fresh look. Light blue can also be paired with pink, green, silver, and gold. Light blue brings a soothing mood to any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Why Choose a Dark Blue Persian Rug?

Dark blue Persian rugs are an excellent way to incorporate a dark blue into your home since blue is one of today's most popular decorating colors. Colors like dark blue can create a sense of calm, peace, and relaxation in a space.

Dark blue Persian rugs fit in any interior style, from country to industry and everything in between. We suggest a dark blue Isfahan rug, which no one has ever regretted from buying.

Browse for your favorite dark blue area rug from our top designer's selection. There's a rug to suit every taste on our site, no matter what you look for.

Blue Persian Rugs Retail and Wholesale

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CyrusCrafts' Blue Persian Rugs

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