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Kerman rug is one of the oldest and most amazing Persian handicrafts that has countless fans all over the world. This beautiful rug is produced in various designs and colors, but the most popular design is the flower and bush design with central bergamot. The color combination of red and blue is used more often in the Kerman rugs and these rugs have their unique features. 

Kerman Rug Review, Select, and Buying Guide

Kerman rug is one of the most diverse and beautiful authentic and beautiful handmade rugs in Iran. The plans used in this city have always been classified into different types. The styles of carpet weaving in this province are also of various types, so if you are thinking about buying a Kerman rug, you will probably need a dedicated guide.

Among the unique variations of this province, modern and traditional designs with beautiful features have been displayed. If you are interested in the features and characteristics of Kerman handwoven rugs and carpets, as well as modern or traditional carpets with an attractive color combination; Kerman rug will be one of the best options for you, so stay tuned as we review Kerman rugs in full.

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The History of Kerman Rugs

The history of rug weaving in Kerman goes back several centuries ago to the Sasanian era. Of course, before rug weaving, it was one of the important centers for the production of shawls, and when shawl fabrics fell from prosperity, they turned to carpet weaving.

Due to the use of natural fibers and eye-catching colors, the Kerman silk rug and also Kashan rugs have high strength and durability, and due to the use of attractive and professional colors and resistance to wear, it is highly regarded. In the production of Kerman rugs.

In the 11th century, Kerman was one of the main centers for the production of high-quality Persian rugs. Designers at this time were at the peak of their art talent and the weaving techniques of Kerman rugs were complicated in such a way that no example of Kerman rugs can be seen in other parts of Iran.

They changed it so that the threads were placed on two different levels, and some of the woolen wefts were placed firmly. Just like Tabriz rugs and Isfahan rugs, several historians have identified the Kerman handmade rug as one the best types of Persian rug, and one of the main reasons for that is the high quality of the wool and silk in these regions.

Kerman Carpet Knot Density (Raj)

To calculate the Raj or knot density in the Kerman rug knot, the total number of seeds in one knot in width and one knot in length must be counted. If there are 35 knots in 7 cm of width and 35 knots in 7 cm of length, this carpet is called 35 pairs or Raj 70, and so on.

Currently, the finest and most finely woven Kerman carpet is 120 pairs or Raj 240. Until a few years ago, most of the low knot density rugs in Kerman were 70 pairs, but now it is woven up to 50 pairs. Of course, this problem is considered a big defect for rugs from the point of view; in addition to the fact that these rugs are woven without knots causing their value to decrease.

Kerman Rugs' Sizes and Colors

Kerman 9x12 rugs provide a spacious option for larger living rooms and dining areas, Kerman 8x10 rugs are perfect for spacious living rooms and dining areas, and Kerman 6x9 rugs are great for medium-sized rooms.

Kerman 5x8 rugs are suitable for smaller living rooms and bedrooms, Kerman 5x7 rugs are the best option for smaller living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, and Kerman 4x7 rugs are the best for unique areas in your home, such as kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms.

Kerman 4x6 Persian Rugs are not less than perfect for smaller areas like nooks, landings, and entryways, and Kerman 3x5 rugs work great for unique areas in the home, such as kitchens, entryways, and nooks.

Some Kerman rugs are available in soft black tones, offering a sophisticated and bold option for interior decor. The collection includes stunning options in shades of grey rugs, providing a modern and versatile choice for interior decor. Our cream rugs and beige rugs come in elegant tones, adding a touch of sophistication and versatility to any room.

Kerman Green rugs and Blue rugs too are great for providing a refreshing and natural color option to complement various interior styles. Lastly, our Kerman pink rugs and red rugs are the best for vibrancy to any space, adding a playful and charming touch to the interior design.

You can browse our Kerman rugs and other Persian rugs' colors here:

Types of Kerman Rugs in Terms of Design

At the beginning and during the Safavid era, the Kerman wool and silk rugs have garden, pictorial, floral, and animal designs. The designs later have been extended to lachak toranj, floral, tree, pictorial, and integrated designs.

  • Lachak Toranj Design: Lachak Toranj design is related to the Safavid period. There is a tangerine (toranj) shape in the center of the rug and that is why it is called lachak toranj. The entire carpet is covered with flowers such as narcissus, hyacinth, lotus, and rose.
  • Floral Design: Another famous design in Kerman rug is floral design. In this design, the shape of the entire tree is not woven, and only the branches and stems that are full of flowers are used.
  • Tree Design: This design was taken from the shape of fruit trees and myths such as cypress, Majnoon willow, and plane tree.
  • Boteh Design: Boteh (Bush) design was formed during the era of shawl weaving. The pattern of this design was more useful for gathering and dispersing pictures.
  • Pictorial Design: In pictorial design, the images of kings, elders, and officials are woven onto the rug.

Kerman Rugs Compared to Other Persian Rugs

Compared to other Persian rugs that are known for their materials and textures, the world fame of Kerman rugs is for the variety of patterns and the use of various colors. Kerman rugs are woven with Persian knots and are usually two or three layers.

Apart from Kerman city, the cities of Raver and Rafsanjan are important rug-weaving centers in Kerman province.

It is interesting to know that Kermani mostly uses flower, leaf, and tree designs; considering that Kerman is a desert city.

kerman carpet with floral design

Kerman Rugs' Price

The price of Kerman rugs is influenced by various factors such as the design and patterns, dimensions, quality of the knots, and the materials used. In general, Kerman rugs whether vintage rugs or modern rugs are famous for their beautiful patterns and colors, which have a visible effect on their price.

Kerman Rugs Retail and Wholesale

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CyrusCrafts' Kerman Rugs

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