Cyrus Cylinder

In 1879, when assyriologist Hormuzed Rassam was excavating in Babylon, the human rights cylinder, written in cuneiform letters by the Persian king Great Cyrus, was discovered. Known as the Cyrus Cylinder or Cyrus Scroll, this clay barrel-shaped artifact is the first script of human rights dating back to the sixth century BC.

What is the Cyrus Cylinder?

In 539 BC, Cyrus the Great, the king of the Persian Empire, conquered Babylon without fighting, then set the enslaved people free and let the deported Jews return home. Then, to bring justice to all the Babylonian people, he wrote the first human rights script on a clay tablet, now known as the Cyrus Cylinder. It is cylindrical, though some people know it as the Cyrus Scroll.
Due to the long centuries that have passed, the Cyrus Cylinder was broken into pieces when they discovered it in Iraq. It is now preserved in the British Museum. Nowadays, some artisans and companies make replicas of the human rights Cyrus Cylinder in different sizes for whoever cares about history and human rights.

Cyrus Cylinder

Cyrus Cylinder and Human Rights

What are the main points in Cyrus Cylinder's human rights? Cyrus the Great has clearly mentioned that all human beings should have freedom in life with racial equality, are free to worship each God they believe in, and have each religion they choose.
Have you ever heard about King Cyrus in the Bible? In Isaiah 45 and 47, the Bible talks about Cyrus and his Human Rights written in the cylindrical scroll because he and what he has done for Babolonyans and the whole world in sequence are incredibly respectful. And the Bible thinks that all people should know about them.

Cyrus Cylinder Human Rights

Cyrus Cylinder Replica for Sale

Many worldwide are interested in the importance of human rights and want to know when it was formed for the first time. The oldest found artifact object related to this topic is the Cyrus Cylinder. So, CyrusCrafts, the expert in Persian souvenirs and mementos of the great ancient Persia, presents Cyrus Cylinder replicas for sale to the world.
If you want to buy a Cyrus Cylinder exact miniature model with the highest quality in different scales, choose one of the following products. It is not a simple decorative item; having a Cyrus Cylinder replica in decoration, as a desk ornament, for example, you can show your care for mortal culture and history and human rights. If you are a lawyer or judge, or your job is somehow related to law, don't hesitate to buy a replica of the Cyrus Human Rights Cylinder scale model. Moreover, if one of your friends or loved ones has a job in these majors, a handmade Cyrus Cylinder would be an excellent gift for them.

Cyrus Scroll

Cyrus Scroll Cylinder Models and Replicas Price

Few producers and suppliers sell miniature scales of Cyrus Cylinders because it is essential to remodel every cuneiform script detail correctly. However, the price of models and replicas of Cyrus Scroll Cylinder depends on their size, scale, material, and quality. You can find Cyrus Cylinder replicas from $60 to $4500 in the world market. CyrusCrafts, the presenter of the highest quality Asian handicrafts and souvenirs, offers the exact models of Cyrus Cylinder replicas for $150 to $1000, depending on their scale, raw material, and weight.

Cyrus the Cylinder

It was all details about King Cyrus Human Rights Cylinder in brief. If you want to know more about Persian civilization, you can find many books and sources easily by surfing the Internet. Moreover, our website has many blog posts about Persia and Persian culture and history. Furthermore, " A Gift from Cyrus," an English book about the Cyrus Cylinder, tells Persia's contemporary history through a romantic lens.
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