The first thing others see is what we wear, but the accessories can make and characterize the most beautiful form of appearance; these two complement each other to create a marvelous combination. In a practical and conceptual sense, accessories actually show the standing of each person, create their style, and ultimately tell who they are. Accessories awaken the sense of distinction in people, create a new meaning, and refresh the human soul.

Accessory Review, Select, and Shopping Tips

In general, an accessory is something that adds to clothing to make it more attractive. Wearable, decorative, or portable items are examples of accessories.

Making jewelry, handmade jewelry, and other types of accessories such as bags, hats, watches, and so on has been shared among Iranians since 2500 BC, which have been made with raw materials found in nature such as stone, leather, wood, plant dyes, and so on...

Exceptional and rare examples of original and precious Iranian jewelry can be found in some internationally renowned museums, demonstrating the incredible ability and creativity of Iranian creators and artists in creating jewelry. Jewelry and accessories were worn as part of people's clothing in ancient Iran. Men, for example, wore metal necklaces, and some wore armbands as a sign of heroism, as well as small cloth bags tied around their waists to hold coins and money.

From then on, women adorned their hair with beautiful brooches, accessories, and jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. In addition to jewelry, the collection of accessories now includes a variety of bags, hats, watches, walletsscarves and shawls, glasses, fans, canes, belts, suspenders, ties, ascots, and other items.

accessory types

Accessory Types

Nothing does it easier than accessories when you want to add style, or some personality to even the simplest ensemble. These include, delicacy jewelry, classy bags and perfumes among many other alternatives. This complete manual talks about all kinds of accessories, from rings to watches and so on.

Whether you are a trendy lady or a fashionable man, this article will be of great benefit in revealing extra adornments that could make your look more attractive.

handmade rings - antique rings


For as long as jewelry has existed, handmade rings have been a stylish adornment for every hand. There exists numerous styles of rings including classic diamond solitaires and more intricate, yet beautiful gemstone designs suitable for different events.

The fact that there are various options like silver, gold, and even rose gold makes them ideal for completing an ensemble of choice. Pile on multiple rings in a trendy modern way or go for standout ring to bring out some attitude. You are bound to choose the best ring that meets your taste with so many choices.

antique necklace - handmade necklace


A necklace is a multipurpose piece that can turn any outfit into desired style in a split second.. Necklace designs vary from delicate chains to bold statement pieces made of different materials.

On the other hand, a simple pendant necklace could spice up your casual outfit and a chunky statement handmade neckpiece could elevate any little black dress. Use layered necklaces of varying lengths to create a modern, individual style. There is a necklace for everyone, whether you prefer silver, gold or something unique like meenakari or turquoise.

Handmade earrings - meenakari earrings


You cannot be complete without earrings because they quickly make your face prettier and give an air of sophistication to any outfit. One can opt for anything from studs to hoops and chandelier earrings that keep inexhaustible stock of these designs available. Choose either diamonds or pearls studs for a classical and stylish looks.

If you want something that catches attention more, go for statement earrings embellished with vivid stones and ornate craftsmanship. Earrings are ideal for displaying your individual taste as they come in numerous designs and can be made of different materials.

Antique bracelets - bracelet for women - bracelet for men - handmade bracelet


A bracelet is an effective accessory which can go solo or be layered together with other bracelets to make it trendy and individualistic. There are delicate bangles right to chunky cuffs that an individual can choose from. Go for a simple gold/silver bracelet if you’re looking at it as classic and sophisticated.

Instead go for a beaded or gemstone bracelet which is quite rare. Alternatively, one can consider combining varied styles and materials for a more fashionable look. Bracelets can be used for dressing up during a special event or just for adding some charm to your usual attire.

meenakari jewelry - minakari jewelry

Meenakari Jewelries

Meenakari jewelries were established as a tradition in Rajasthan, India. Such vibrancy of colours and complexity that are typical for meenakari jewellery make it very attractive for people who would like some Indian flavour in their clothes. These can be the small pair of meenakari earrings, an elegant ring, or a bold statement with the necklace. Meenakari jewelry is the true artwork composed of delicate enamel work and fine craftsmanship.

turquoise jewelry - turquoise inlay jewelry

Turquoise Jewelries

Centuries ago, turquoise jewelry have been valued for aesthetics as well as spirit. Turquoise is beautiful as it has blue-green colour which makes it a perfect accessory as well as to add a bit of boho. From necklaces made of delicately colored turquoise, to eye-popping bold turquoise rings. Turquoise jewelry works well as an everyday gem or a one-for-all item for a special occasion.

Unique Jewelry

According to research, copper was the first metal discovered by humans and made various objects, including jewelry. Following that, other metals, such as gold and silver, more commonly used today, were used to create jewelry. 

In ancient times, a jeweler used a hard and sharp tool on metal to engrave patterns and designs known as "toreutics," but today, modern tools and advances have been made.

Copper Jewelry Maintenance

You should keep your copper jewelry and accessories clean and dry if you want them to last a long time. Apply perfume, cologne, or cream before wearing copper jewelry to prevent these chemicals from directly contacting your accessory.

You should not wear them while swimming or bathing. Copper accessories are helpful in addition to being beautiful. Copper plays a vital role in thyroid gland function and has antioxidant properties that aid in cardiovascular health. Another advantage of copper is that it lowers bad cholesterol!

scarves and shawls - unique scarves - shawl for women


A scarf is one of those accessories which, if properly used, could add some stylishness and warmth to your look for various occasions. There are options ranging from lightweight silk scarves, pashmina shawls and cashmere wraps that you can select from. Add excitement to your otherwise dull outfit by choosing either a colored scarf, or one bearing an attractive pattern.

Try out various scarf tying techniques for trendy uniqueness. A scarf can be worn around the neck, on the head, or even made into a belt: with an endless selection of ways to inject style into your outfit.

Women's Shawls and scarves

Scarves and shawls are also widely used accessories; they can be used as beautiful accessories anywhere because various ways of tying and matching them contribute to the beauty of your style.

People's interest in looking more beautiful, using unique accessories, and selecting stylish and attractive clothes has been observed for a long time. It is of great importance, to the extent that special today ceremonies, shows, and anniversaries are held about various types of clothes and accessories.

Shawls and scarves have their appearance and shape in each culture and society, and for some groups, wearing them expresses a different meaning and concept. Some people use it in church or at funerals, others as kerchiefs.

Stylish Hat

Hats are also one of the most commonly used accessories, not only for their beauty and attractiveness in style but also for showing the job, as a meaning of protection, social class, and etcetera are used in various ceremonies.

Warm hats made of wool, leather, or fur can be worn on cold winter days, while caps are worn on sunny spring and summer days.

Hats were worn as accessories and for the beauty of the style come in a variety of styles, including fedora hats, caps, French hats, berets, straw hats, Chapeau hats, Persian Felt hats, and so on.

Several thousand years ago, Persian kings wore hats adorned with precious stones and jewelry as crowns. In addition, royal girls and women wore long scarves (similar to the nets worn on the bride's head today) with a small Basak hat placed on top to hold the scarf.

handmade bags - leather bags - bags for men- bags for women - unique purse

Handmade Bags

Bags made by hand is a fashion item that adds taste to every dress. There is a handmade bag for everyone’s preferred style from artistically made leather purses to delicately done straw pouches. Such unique items usually display the ingenuity and skillfulness of great artists around the globe. Handmade bags add individuality and charm wherever you choose to use them whether it’s a statement clutch for a special occasion or just your everyday bag.

Vintage Bags & Unique Purses 

Since ancient times, the bag has been one of the essential accessories that we have had in various shapes and sizes; we use it daily and store many of our necessary and valuable items. 
Initially, the bags resembled boxes and were made of thick fabrics. They are used for stacking money and were opened and closed by a strap.

This intriguing and helpful accessory is now available in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. Women's bags, men's bags, backpacks, passport bags, wallets, briefcases, handbags, and so on are just a few examples of this accessory's various models. Bags are no longer a simple box, and sewing them requires numerous steps and details. Today's bags have multiple pockets and sections, zippers, handles or straps, buttons, and so on. 

Cyruscrafts accessories are mostly made of synthetic leather. Still, it can also be made of natural leather, and some traditional and handmade models are made of fabrics like felt, linen, tarpaulin, and handmade fabrics with kilim designs.

handmade wallets - befold wallet for men

Handmade Wallets

Wallet should, however, be more than a mere accessory since it must reflect your style. Leather wallets ranging from elegant, chic to bolder and more colorful ones are designed for everyone. Be sure to look at size and card slots, coin compartment, ID window you will be comfortable with.

The kind of handmade wallet you prefer may be either a stylish and slim cardholder or a zip-around wallet with plenty of space. Quality is everything. Such investments will not only keep your possessions organised but also create an impression.

women's clothing

Women's Clothing & Shoes

A good wardrobe ensures that every woman can walk out in her best dress. This ranges from casual t-shirt and jeans to dressy outfits comprising of elegant dress and custom-made suits. While selecting women’s clothing pay attention to your body shape, style and occasion.

Whatever kind of timeless, classic or trendy and modern outfit, buying good quality apparel will see to it that you remain elegant and comfortable even when you are doing nothing.

One cannot forget about shoes, which are vital in fashion but can ruin the best look. There are various kinds of shoes for women that include heels, fashion sandals and then there is comfort range of sneakers and boots.

They should match with the outfit, fit, and be fashionable.k: You might decide on elegant pump shoes in black or even your favourite sneakers in white but the good shoes will complement your style and offer both stable and soft base at all time.

men's clothing - men's shoes

Men's Clothing & Shoes

Men’s clothing caters for all styles, occasions and preferences. The man’s wardrobe from tailored suits and dress shirts to casual t-shirts and jeans. Men’s clothing should be selected on considerations of the person’s style, figure and the situation.

You can either go for the traditional or formal look or simply opt for something more relaxed and less complicated – either way; buying quality clothes ensures that you look good all the time.

The choice of the right type of shoes for men can greatly elevate the whole look. Men’s footwear is available in styles such as polished dress shoes, casual loafers and sneakers among others. You should think of comfort, style, and even occasion while buying a pair of shoes. Be it traditional leather oxford or modern canvas trainer, you must purchase your shoes that are worth wearing and never leave your leg naked.

Perfumes and fragrances

Perfumes & Fragrances

Smell is also an accessory that may show you off in a more convincing way. From fresh and floral, to warm and spicy, we have a fragrance for every taste and character. When choosing a new scent, factor in duration, intensity, and place of origin alongside these factors.

If you want to buy a good perfume for yourself you can pick either a soft but stimulating scent suitable for every day use, or powerful and sensuous one only for a special occasion.

antique watches


The watch is both functional and fashionable. There are watches for all tastes, ranging from elegant and classic styles to modern fashion trends Ensure the materials that will be used are durable enough and consider the movement of the watches as well as its distinctive features or functions. Buying a nice watch is a great investment. It will always ensure that you are on time besides complementing your fashion statement.

CyrusCrafts has collected a massive collection of traditional and modern accessories available to enthusiasts around the world. If you are interested in the geometric elements combined with art and turning them into unique accessories, you can browse and order incredible and unique ones at Cyrus Crafts.

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