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Silk rug weaving is one of the thousands of art forms in Iran. Those who admire Persian silk rugs don't see them as simple floor coverings. They value these artworks immensely and understand the creativity and passion that goes into making them because they know a rich culture and a long history behind them.

Silk Rug Review, Select, and Buying Guide

The rug is perceived as originally a Persian product. Oriental rugs are recognized for their charming designs in Iran and other countries. Most non-Persian rugs bear geometric patterns, whereas Persian silk rugs are mostly known for their flower gardens or miniature-style scenes.

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While rug weaving is widely practiced in many Iranian cities, a few names stand out as producers of the finest rugs in the country. For instance, Tabriz silk rugs, Qom silk rugs, and Kashan silk rugs are exceptionally famous. They are even exported to other countries, especially Canada and the USA. In many countries, handmade silk rugs are trendy. In the following, you will learn more about handmade silk rugs.

How Are Silk Rugs Made?

Silk rugs are not much different from other rugs in production methods. The yarns and primary materials used in their making and designs mostly set them apart.

Rug weavers also weave handmade silk rugs on the looms with the same weaving methods as other handmade rugs.

Types of Silk Rugs

Today, silk rugs come in two types: natural and artificial. Both types have a glossy look and eye-catching colors and are generally so similar that only experienced professionals can tell them apart. 

Also, in terms of weaving techniques, silk rugs can be divided into handmade and machine-woven silk rugs. These two types of rugs and rugs are different from each other in terms of price, quality, material, and artistic value.

Handmade Silk Rugs

Silk threads are very thin and delicate but incredibly durable. Weaving handmade Persian silk rugs is very difficult, time-consuming, and requires a lot of skill due to the thin threads of silk thread. Therefore, handmade silk runner rugs are valuable, expensive, artistic, and considered a long-term investment.

Silk yarns are immensely soft and, surprisingly, very durable. Handmade silk rugs are multicolor rugs. The arrangement of diverse and charming colors of a silk carpet and the tones created by sunlight bring out the true beauty of silk yarns and give interior designs a unique quality.

Machine-Made Silk Rugs

As we said, silk rugs are divided into two types: hand-woven and machine-woven. The need to create machine-woven silk rugs was created due to the high price of hand-woven types. These machine-made rugs are generally made of polyester, polygenic yarns, and artificial silk or viscose. They look similar to handmade Persian silk rugs but are much cheaper. Also, their artistic and material value is not high.

Advantages of Using a Silk Rug

Besides their beauty, silk rugs have many other advantages, including being pill-resistant and allergy-friendly. For various reasons, some vintage rugs form pills to which some people, especially children and those with respiratory diseases, are allergic. Silk rugs, by contrast, never have a pilling problem and are thus always allergen-free.

Also, in addition to being used as a floor covering, you can use your expensive silk rug as a beautiful wall rug to ensure it does not get damaged under your feet.

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Price of Handmade Silk Rugs

The most expensive and luxurious Persian rugs are handmade Persian silk rugs. Due to the use of pure and natural silk in their texture and the difficulty and time-consuming process of weaving silk rugs caused by the thinness of the silk threads, These rugs are costly compared to wool types.

Of course, the elegance of the silk threads and the precision in the texture of the silk rug give them a unique and luxurious look.

At CyrusCrafts Antique store, you can buy luxury silk rugs at the best prices. The silk rug's price depends on the quality, knot density, design, ETC. It can approximately vary from $500 to $47000.

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How Durable Is a Silk Rug?

Silk rugs can be durable for many years. For many families, handmade Persian silk rugs are considered a wealth and a lasting family heirloom that has been left over generations. However, their durability depends on several factors, including the quality of the silk, the construction technique used, and the maintenance and care provided.

Silk Rug Care and Maintenance

Silk rugs are thin, so don't wash them too frequently because it can make them wear out and fade in color quickly. Accordingly, you shouldn't use silk rugs in your children's rooms, kitchen, and doorway, where they're more likely to get dirty.

Another thing to watch out for is high temperatures. In addition to silk, polyester yarns are also used in machine-woven silk rugs, which is why the rugs get deformed on contact with hot objects, such as pots, clothes irons, and kettles. Make sure not to place chairs, beds, or other heavy objects on silk rugs.

What Does a Silk Oriental Rug Feel Like?

Silk oriental rug is very soft, so you feel good when you touch them; when you walk on the hand-knotted silk rugs, peace and softness will be injected throughout your soul.

Handmade Rugs Based on the Amount of Silk in Them

If you don't know much about silk rugs, you might think all silk rugs are made the same way, only with different designs and colors, but you couldn't be more wrong! Silk rugs come in three types. 

The first type is the "all-silk rugs," which refers to rugs whose every part is silk. Another group of silk rugs uses silk yarns only for specific parts of their design, such as birds or flowers. This selective use of silk makes some design elements stand out and, in general, adds to the rug's charm. These are known as "Silk Accent Rugs".

The third type is called the "Silk Warp Rug". Rugs of this type are harder to identify as silk because only their warp is made of silk. The other classes, however, often use yarns of different materials for the backing. There is another difference between silk weaves. Some of them are thicker, more dense, and have more complex designs called silk rugs.

But others are thinner, have a lower density, and have simpler designs than rugs, and silk threads are used in their texture, which is called silk kilim and Gabbeh. Of course, not all kilim rugs are necessarily woven with silk.

After learning about the types of silk rugs and how to care for them, you must have already decided to buy one. So, now is the time to check out different products and prices and pick the silk rug that works best for you. Cyruscrafts is here with a collection of the most delicate silk rugs for you to choose from.

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