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If you enjoy the softness and beauty of the rugs but do not like to cover the entire floor, an area rug can be a good solution for designing your decoration. The only difference between the area rug and other rugs is its dimensions and the fact that it is usually used for modern and contemporary decorations.

Area Rug Review, Select, and Shopping Guide

For example, you have used parquet or similar flooring on your floor and do not like the rug to cover the legs of sofas and the edge of the wall, so the most suitable option for you is an area rug.

Classic area rugs are offered in different sizes, of which the sizes 6'x9', 8'x10', and 9'x12' rugs are the most popular. In terms of appearance, these types of Oriental rugs are usually rectangular and sometimes circular. The choice of rug shape depends entirely on your taste and the decoration of your house.

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Advantages of Area Rugs 

Based on what was mentioned above, you understood what an area rug is and used in different decorations. Now, you can get acquainted with the benefits of area rugs for the interior design of your home. This kind of rug has many advantages; here are 5 of the most popular ones:

  1. Beautifying and revitalizing the environment: There are many reasons why using an area rug in the living room is a good idea. Area rugs can provide comfort, warmth, and original art (color, motif, texture, etc.) in your home. This type of rug can act as a cultural-artistic work to cover the floor and create a frame to arrange the furniture according to and define the spaces.

  2. Protecting the floor from damage: Sharp or heavy objects like pet paws can scratch the floor of your room and cause unpleasant damage. Using an area rug can prevent these damages. Of course, using these rugs, in addition to protection, gives beauty to your room.

  3. Creating silence and tranquility in the home space: Besides beauty, rugs have the advantage of reducing noise because they prevent the noise of walking and running, especially with shoes. This is important for high-rise apartment units with children or pets. Relaxation and silence are always enjoyable. Using area rugs sometimes even helps you sleep comfortably or relax while studying.

  4. Keeping the space warm: If you live in a cold city, the cost of keeping the home environment warm is very high, especially in winter. Use the area rug to save money and keep your house warm affordably.

  5. Easy to move: Sometimes, you must spend lots of effort to move a rug used all over the floor when it needs to be washed. However, area rugs can be easily folded or moved. Their low weight, portability, and great variety in color, motif, and texture have made them usable and suitable for any place in any size and shape.

While there are many options for area rugs, there are some crucial things to remember when buying and using stain-resistant rugs. Here are some general rules to consider before buying a rug.

Area Rug Dimensions

Keep the following points in mind when installing an area rug in your living or family room: The most common mistake when buying an area rug is to buy a too-small one. An area rug should be placed in front of the furniture base (legs), and there should be no space between the sofa and the rug. Before buying an area rug and bringing it home, you should consider your furniture placement and the room size.

  • If you have a huge room, separate the areas with tables and chairs from the empty spaces of the room and use a different rug for each. Not all rugs need to be the same, but they should be similar in color or motif.
  • It is often better to use classic rugs with dimensions of 3 to 6 m2 for medium-sized rooms. You should also pay attention to the space between the edge of the rug and the wall. This distance should not be too long or too short, and make sure that the distance between the rug and the wall is the same on all four sides.

Here at Cyruscrafts, we offer you various dimensions, such as:


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Types of Area Rugs

Woven from the threads of history, culture, and artistry, area rugs lend a charming allure to any space they grace. They come in an exquisite array of types, each with unique charm and appeal. Here is a delightful exploration of the different types of area rugs:

Antique Area Rugs

Antique area rugs, aged at least 80 years, are a testament to enduring beauty and historical significance. They often dazzle with intricate patterns, embodying a sense of sophistication and class transcending time.

Vintage Area Rugs

Vintage rugs, hailing from the nostalgic mid-20th century, hold a charm reminiscent of a bygone era. They present an array of artistic styles capable of imparting a distinctive touch to any corner of your home.

Modern Area Rugs

Modern area rugs are inspired by contemporary art styles and trends and showcase audacious designs, vibrant colors, and geometric patterns. They are the perfect canvas to express creativity and personality, transforming any room into a vibrant, visual narrative.

Oriental Area Rugs

Oriental area rugs are handcrafted marvels, painstakingly knotted using wool, silk, or cotton fibers. Renowned for their intricate patterns, rich colors, and extraordinary craftsmanship, these rugs are the product of considerable time and effort, making them truly precious.

Wool Area Rugs

Wool rugs, the most prevalent type of area rugs, are celebrated for their softness and natural resistance to stains. They offer unparalleled versatility with many styles, patterns, and textures, making them a fitting adornment for any room.

Silk Area Rugs

Silk rugs, the epitome of luxury and elegance, are woven from lustrous silk fibers, rendering a soft and sumptuous texture. Often showcasing intricate designs, these rugs are a luxurious testament to luxury, poised to elevate any space.

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Kilim Area Rugs

Kilims, the exquisite flat-woven rugs, weave their origins from the heart of diverse regions such as vibrant Turkey, mystic Iran, and the enchanting parts of Central Asia. These splendid tapestry marvels are traditionally hand-crafted using a meticulous and time-honored technique, resulting in a flat, reversible, and intriguing design.

Kilim is renowned for its vibrant hues and mesmerizing geometric patterns, often adorned with captivating motifs such as shimmering diamonds, striking stripes, or intricate medallions. These rugs are typically woven from wool, imparting them with an enviable durability and a texture as soft as the whispering wind. Kilim rugs are versatile masterpieces, effortlessly adapting to modern and traditional settings.

Gabbeh AreaRugs

Gabbeh rugs, with their origins deeply rooted in the rich soil of Iran, are distinguished for their thick, plush pile and simple yet abstract designs. The word "Gabbeh" translates to "unclipped" or "natural" in the enchanting Persian language, alluding to the long, untouched pile of these rugs. Gabbeh rugs are painstakingly hand-knotted using superior-quality wool, rendering them a soft, cozy haven underfoot. The designs of Gabbeh rugs are typically minimalistic, featuring bold, earthy tones and enigmatic geometric or tribal patterns. These rugs offer warmth and rustic charm, breathing life into any space.

Each uniquely magnificent area rug holds its unique qualities and has the power to enhance the overall aesthetic and ambiance of a room. When choosing the perfect area rug for your space, consider your style, decor, and the ambiance you desire to create.

Different Colors and Motifs of Area Rugs 

We can imagine that an area rug is a kind of artwork for the floor and a great way to enliven a room. Do not be afraid to choose rugs with colors and motifs. Persian rugs with beautiful and prominent motifs can be eye-catching but do not place the furniture on the rug when arranging it, as the motifs may be covered entirely. Be sure to consider the location of the furniture before buying. We also offer you different colors, such as:

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Area rugs Maintenance

Different area rugs have different maintenance tips and washing methods. We offer unique solutions for each product to help maintain their look the best and enjoy a long shelf life. Before buying your rug, pay attention to where you want to use it and what items it needs for maintenance.

  •  In general, medium to high-density rugs should be cleaned once a year to remove dust, hair, and allergens. (A vacuum cleaner is not enough). Rugs with low mass and flat waves should be removed periodically from the house and be shaken.
  • Before cleaning the area rug, check the instructions, especially if it's a silk rug.
  • You cannot wash rugs made from jute and sisal fibers. Therefore, excessive dirt on it, such as pouring syrup, tea, etc., can permanently damage the rug. Of course, area rugs woven with natural fibers do not show as much dirt and minor stains as other rugs.

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Price of Area Rugs 

Stain-resistant Area rugs can be made of wool, silk, fluff, acrylic, polyester, etc. Their dimensions put them in the area rug category. We know that the price of a rug depends on factors such as production method (handmade rugs or machine-made rugs), its material, density, size, and so on. So these rugs can include an extensive range of prices, which depends on the above factors.

At CyrusCrafts rug store, you can buy impressive area rugs at the best price and fast shipping to Canada and the United States. Their price can start from $50 and go up to $9000. Now that you have read the contents of this article, you have realized the uses and benefits of using an area rug, so you are ready to buy a good one and know what to consider.

CyrusCrafts rug store collection, with specialized activity in preparing, selling, and exporting the best samples of area rugs to Canada and the United States, provides high-quality and unique products to experience a wonderful and amazing feeling in decorating your home or workplace.

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