At CyrusCrafts antique store, we know different customers have different needs. That's why we sell our products both individually and in quantities. Whether you need just one to use yourself or if your business needs stocking up, we've got everything covered.

We have every kind of item you could want, from saffron and other delicious Persian food ingredients to premium Persian rugs and decorative handicrafts. CyrusCrafts also offers a varied selection of accessories. Stylish shoes, fashionable clothing, cool bags, and elegant wallets, all are ready to be shipped to Canada, the USA, and the Middle East.

Retail Shopping Through Checkout

If you're interested in buying in retail and enjoy the unique and magnificent CyrusCrafts products, we have a streamlined procedure designed for you.

For retailers, placing an order is as simple: fill up your cart and proceed to check out. Now, you will need to fill out the purchase form by following these steps:

Step 1: Personal Information

If you don’t have an account create one and fill the required information, otherwise login.
In this step you can also signup for our newsletter and offers or not. After that read our terms of service then tap the “Continue” button.

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Step 2: Address Information

Fill you delivery address info and tap the “Continue” button.

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Step 3: Shipping Method

Choose your shipping method, add a comment for your order, and tap the “Continue” button.

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Step 4: Payment Method

Choose your payment method and tap the “Place Order” button.


After your order is placed, our team will try to verify whether the product is available and can be shipped to your location. We'll send you the purchase link by SMS or email after receiving confirmation from our support team. You can either follow the link and pay online through trusted gateways or via your wallet after adding the required funds.

A few simple steps are all you need to have your order right at your doorsteps, whether it's in the Middle East, Europe, Canada, or the USA.

Retail Shopping Using the WhatsApp Button

To make the retail buying experience even more convenient, CyrusCrafts provides a WhatsApp button for easy communication.

Simply click the WhatsApp button on the desired product page, and you will be connected to our customer support team.

This feature allows you to ask any questions you may have about the product, discuss availability and pricing, and place your order seamlessly.

Alternatively, you can also mention the product ID while contacting us through WhatsApp. With this hassle-free option, purchasing your favorite products from CyrusCrafts antique store is just a click away.

buy through Whatsapp

Wholesale Shopping

For wholesale purchases and prices, the convenience of buying in bulk is that you can connect with our dedicated Wholesale Specialists using our direct WhatsApp connection. If you click on the WhatsApp button, then it will take only a few keystrokes to touch base with our experienced team of wholesale pros.

They'll take you through all the necessary information, including the entire process,discounts, and the prices assigned to bulk buyers; they will be your personal assistants, guiding you to make the best choice for business. Given their special ingredients and handy service, buying in bulk from CyrusCrafts makes a perfect fit.

Wholesale Opportunities

Our wholesale programs are just what you need if you're an entrepreneur or even considering a new business. Our products are sourced from trusted suppliers and undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure that you receive nothing but the best.

Buying from CyrusCraft antique store has never been more convenient. No matter whether you buy wholesale or retail, our systematized procedures result in all transactions running smoothly.

All are offered just at a touch; nothing is withheld nor taken away from what we provide, and it's done wholeheartedly, as CyrusCrafts is a whole new buying experience for bulk and retail purchases.

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