Marquetry is the art of creating an object by positioning pieces of wood together. It is a decorative technique for assembling wood components. In Iran, they call it "Wood Moarraq." Here is a brief introduction to Marquetry, its price, its usage, how to clean it, and a comparison between Marquetry and Inlay, Parquetry, and woodcarving.

What Is Marquetry?

Marquetry is a classic woodwork method in which the artisan designs exquisite decorative patterns and layouts with light wood veneers and segments. Arabesques are one of the most common motifs used in Persian Marquetry.

  1. Creating Marquetry involves:
  2. Choosing suitable timbers
  3. Drawing the plan on the surface
  4. Carving all wooden pieces into desired shapes
  5. Assembling and fixing all elements in the correct order
  6. Smoothing and painting the outcome's surface.

Sometimes, they mistake Marquetry for other wooden decorative techniques like woodcarving, inlaying, inlaid mother of pearl, or Parquetry.


Marquetry Usages

Marquetry has had usages since ancient times. The most frequent usages of Marquetry are:

  • Beautifying a home's doors, windows, cabinets, bookshelves, wall panels, and other parts
  • Wall hanging art, such as decorative tablou, frames, etc
  • Dishes such as decorative plates and bowls
  • Boxes for gifts and jewelry
  • Decorating furniture, such as dining tables, coffee tables, etc
  • Making boardgames like Chess Backgammon Sets

What is Marquetry

Marquetry Price

The price of a Marquetry design depends on its size, raw materials costs, the techniques the artist has done on it, and where you buy handicrafts from. However, the Marquetry price can range from $80 to $10,000. Nevertheless, CyrusCrafts offers all its Persian handmade Marquetry and other handicrafts at the best fair prices of $60 to $1800.

Marquetry furniture

How to Clean Marquetry?

Cleaning Marquetry is as easy as cleaning a piece of wood. You don't need anything but rubbing a wet cloth smoothly on its externals. Remember not to use chemical detergents to clean Marquetry. They may hurt wood veneers or the surface's painting.

Marquetry price

What Is the Difference Between Inlay and Marquetry?

Most inexperienced people mistake Ilay for Marquetry. Briefly, the most remarkable difference between inlay and marquetry is that marquetry includes segments of designed wood on a fundamental level. In contrast, an Inlay involves numerous tiny woodcuts that make a whole together. If you are interested in Inlay masterpieces, click to buy Inlay at the best price.

What is the difference between inlay and marquetry?

There is another inlaying form known as the inlaid mother of pearl. The mother of pearl inlaying uses shells in combination with wood.

mother of pearl inlay vs marquetry

Marquetry VS. Parquetry

Like Marquetry, Parquetry is constructing wood components together to make a whole. But the difference between Marquetry and Parquetey is that Parquetry's usage is for flooring. Consequently, the elements of Parquetry are generally more significant than the segments of Marquetry.

Marquetry vs Parquetry

Here, you read every detail about Marquetry, such as its usage, price range, cleaning tips, and differences from some other similar woodworks. Now, you can choose your favorite one wisely if you want to buy Marquetry artwork. The only thing you should do to order from this website's products is fill out their order forms.
The CyrusCrafts website has various types of handicrafts, such as Marquetry, Inlay, woodcarving, handwoven rugs and carpets, handmade Furniture, clothes, accessories, decorative items, and organic tidbits. You can order each product at the best price from any spot in the world, and we will deliver it to your door quickly.

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