Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry is popular because of its precious and eye-catching gemstones. Artisans have used Iranian turquoise in Persian masterpieces such as turquoise jewelry for thousands of years, just like Native American jewelry.
They used turquoise beads for centuries to embellish royal crowns and precious objects. Its excellent blue-green or blue color inspired Iranian artists to glaze tiles. They used those tiles in Persian mosques and historical monuments like the Sultanieh Dome and the Goharshad Mosque.
Due to its beautiful Persian name (Firoozeh), a girl's name, turquoise jewel, is iconic in Persian culture, art, and even literature.

turquoise jewelry

Today any turquoise pebble is regarded as a top Iran souvenir. Cyruscrafts is proud to bring you handmade jewelry adorned with genuine Neyshabur turquoise.
In the following, you'll see different types of turquoise jewelry, their price, and maintenance tips.

turquoise Navajo jewelry

Types of Turquoise Jewelry

Many types of turquoise jewelry and accessories are devised for your outstanding style. The most prevalent kinds are:

      • Turquoise Bracelets
      • Turquoise Rings
      • Turquoise Earrings
      • Turquoise Necklace
      • Turquoise Pendants
      • Turquoise Belt Buckles
      • And other objects like anklets, wedding rings, birthstones, etc.

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Among them, Iranian and American turquoise jewelry has the finest quality. Persian jewelry creations are extraordinary works of art. Some name turquoise pebbles as turquoise crystal by blunder. Remember that this stone is not a crystal.

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Types of Turquoise Stone

There are different types of natural turquoise stones in some lands, mainly in America, Iran, Mexico, Africa, Tibet, Chile, etc. Native Americans, like Navajo and Zuni, have been crafting turquoise jewelry, such as squash blossom necklaces, for centuries.
One of the most popular kinds of American turquoise stones is sleeping beauty turquoise. Before 2012 when they closed the mine, they were extracting sleeping beauty turquoise from a mountain with this name in Globe, Arizona.


One of the best turquoise stones is the Iranian turquoise gem, Firoozeh or Firoza Stone. The other prominent and high-quality gemstones used in making authentic turquoise jewelry are "Green Turquoise," "White Turquoise," "African Turquoise," etc. The rarest varieties of turquoise are "White, Egyptian, and Lander Blue Spiderweb Turquoise." Still, other sorts, such as "White Buffalo Turquoise," are not genuine turquoise stones.
The primary colors of most natural ilks of turquoise stones are cyan, robin egg blue, blue-green, light azure, and other shades of bright blue. Their vein streaks' colors are predominantly black, brown, orange, golden, and rarely red or crimson.

Firoza stone

Turquoise Jewelry Price

Many factors affect the value and price of a particular piece of turquoise jewelry. The most integral facets are the stone type, the metal parts of jewelry, the artist's outcomes on the stone, etc.

The craftsmanship of the silverwork of the hoop and stud goes according to the artisan's silversmith and then determines the price.

Most Persian turquoise jewelry masterworks are handmade with one-of-a-kind gemstones that vary in size and grade. CyrusCrafts offers the most pleasing Iranian turquoise jewelry masterpieces in the price range of $50 to $300, which are fair, honest, and competitive. Still, some turquoise jewelry chef-d'oeuvre is made of rare gemstones, even up to $2000. Despite CyrusCrafts' yields, those unique one-of-a-kind entities are only affordable for a few people.

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Benefits of Wearing Turquoise Jewelry

The benefits of wearing turquoise jewelry go back mainly to the stone. A necklace, for instance, positions the stone at the center of the throat chakra. In comparison, a turquoise bracelet keeps those low and lovely vibrations thrumming against your pulse. Having the pebble on the skin is the most reasonable way to make its power bloom into being. Those looking for the most benign healing vibes will find that healing gemstones against the skin benefit the most.

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Benefits of Turquoise Stone

Many people believe that turquoise stones have some benefits in therapeutic and energy affairs, such as:

        • Alleviating phobias
        • Relieving stress and depression
        • Boosting mood and attracting good luck
        • Improving eyesight, circulation, and throat health
        • Providing treatment for a wide variety of internal illnesses
        • Chakra stimulation and activation
        • Relaxation
        • Unleashing your inner power
        • Healing headaches and migraines
        • Epilepsy treatment

turquoise stone benefits

Remember that medical scientists do not confirm the stones' healing powers. The subject primarily deals with energy therapists.

How to Take Care of Turquoise Jewelry?

How do you take care of your turquoise jewelry? Are you worried about its lifetime? The effect of copper oxide on phosphorus gravel and fossils underground for thousands of years makes natural turquoise. So it is a delicate gemstone. But fortunately, there are simple tips for turquoise jewelry maintenance. The most important of which are:

how to take care of turquoise

            • Chemical detergents will damage the pebble's finish and may change its color.
            • Avoid using perfume on your neck and wrists after adorning yourself with turquoise jewelry or other gemstones.
            • Skin oils may also negatively affect sterling silver jewelry.
            • Avoid cleaning turquoise with commercial jewelry cleaning products.
            • Apply makeup, sunscreen, and hairspray before putting on a Turquoise jewelry item.
            • It is fabulous to gently wipe the stone with a soft, neat towel, preventing residue from developing after wearing turquoise jewelry. The most promising is to use a rouge cloth or jeweler's cloth.
            • Even though it won't easily be damaged, it is better to store turquoise in a separate box away from other jewelry pieces or gems.

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CyrusCrafts supplies sells, and exports Persian turquoise jewelry and other Iranian souvenirs. We bring excellent upshots to liven up and individualize your fashion class. You can order any of our products from anywhere worldwide, and we will deliver them door-to-door quickly, especially in Canada and the USA. You should only fill out the product order forms and wait for our colleagues to come to your door.


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