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Isfahan rugs in this case Nain rugs are perhaps one of the best and most valuable rugs in the world. The most popular design is a central medallion surrounded by vines or flowers, usually red, blue, or indigo on an ivory background.

Isfahan Rug Review, Select, and Buying Guide

If you intend to buy Isfahan or Nain rugs and carpets, one of the most important points is to determine the quality of the rug, as well as the knot density, price, and size of the rug.

In this part of the article, we have provided a complete guide for you to buy the original Isfahan rugs. You can determine whether the carpet you are looking for is original or not by paying attention and checking the following factors.

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The History of Isfahan Rugs

Isfahan rug’s history goes back to the beginning of the 16th century during the Safavid era. The Safavid era can be considered the golden age of the Persian rug because Shah Abbas was a true supporter of Iranian art and artists in the 16th century.

As a result, Isfahan became more important when Shah Abbas moved the capital of Iran from Qazvin to Isfahan. Today, Isfahan is the second largest city in Iran and one of the most important industrial centers.

Nain Rug: The Most Popular Isfahan Rug

Nain rugs are known as one of the best types of rugs in the world, and for this reason, knowing the features and characteristics of Nain rugs is very important for rug enthusiasts and buyers all over the world.

The effectiveness of Nain modern and vintage rug designs is one of the most important features of Nain handmade rugs, despite the independence in coloring and design.

Lachak Toranj design can be seen in many Persian rugs such as Tabriz rugs, Kashan rugs, and Qom rugs. But the wide use of Lachak Toranj design with the combination of minimalistic motifs in Nain rugs is so great that they are often known as Nain Lachak Toranj rugs.

Also, among other designs used in Nain rugs, we can refer to Shah Abbasi's Afshan design, flower pot design, bushes, hunting ground, etc.

Nain Rugs Characteristics

The dyeing of Nain's rug is usually done with natural dyes due to the abundance of plant and natural dyes in the region.

Nain rugs are woven on vertical looms with Persian knot and cotton taropod. Among the other characteristics of Nain handmade rugs, we can refer to the unique local motifs.

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Types of Nain Rugs in Terms of Design

Nain carpet can be divided into different categories in terms of design. The main design of Nain carpets is the design of Shah Abbasi and Lachak Toranj, and overall patterns are mixed with traditional designs.

Among other traditional motifs that can be seen in this type of rug, we can mention dome design, haj khanami design, tree design, Altar design, Afshan design, and Inscription design.

Nain modern and vintage rugs may vary a lot in terms of design and pattern such as the texture of the side, circle, hexagon, and octagon on the rug.

Reasons Why Nain Rugs Are So Popular

Nain rugs are of high quality and have a wide variety of designs and colors. Benefiting from this feature makes Nain rugs very valuable and considered among the ideal options for purchase. 

To be able to identify the Nain rugs, it is necessary to be familiar with their characteristics. These rugs have different characteristics from other Persian rugs. For this reason, you can easily identify Nain rugs. In general, the characteristics of Nain rugs are:

  • Nain rugs have Persian knots and two wefts, which are woven with great care.
  • The texture quality of Nain rugs is in their flawless condition. For this reason, it is very rare to see problems such as crookedness, head, two-handedness, and multi-color.
  • Cotton, wool, and silk are used to weave Nain rugs. Therefore, Nain wool and silk rugs have great strength and long life.
  • Nain rugs have short piles and bright colors are used for their texture.

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Before You Buy a Nain Rug

Up to this point, we talked about many positive features and characteristics of Nain rugs but was that enough? Let us talk about the things you need to know before buying a Nain rug…

Many producers of Nain rugs, since the wages of professional weavers in this city are somewhat higher than in other regions of Iran. 

Since the weather and climatic conditions of Nain are special, the texture of the hand-woven carpets of this city in other parts of Iran and with different raw materials has caused the quality of Nain rugs to decrease and also the supply exceeds the demand.

Today, it can be hard to find an original Nain rug, and that is why you should be careful if you have decided to buy one. At CyrusCrafts, we provide our customers with legit and original products, and that includes Nain rugs too. So feel free to grab whichever Nain rug you want because we guarantee their originality just to give you the satisfaction and peace of mind you need.

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Isfahan Rugs Compared to Other Persian Rugs

Almost no rug is as popular and well-known as the Persian rug. Due to their attractive designs and high quality, the Isfahan rugs stand out among other Persian rugs.

A city that is very famous in terms of architecture, its rugs are also outstanding. The design of Isfahan rugs is inspired by the city and its specific architecture. Few cities like Isfahan have such a high concentration of experienced weavers, rug factories, and workshops.

Isfahan Rugs' Price

The price of Isfahan rugs is one of the important factors when buying one. Various factors affect the price of the rug; Such as materials, size, knot density (raj), and the use of expensive premium fibers like silk, which affects the price.

For example; a Persian 8x10 area rug differs from a 5x8 area rug and a 4x6 area rug in terms of price.

Isfahan rugs retail and wholesale

Isfahan Rugs Retail and Wholesale

Become a member of CyrusCrafts and receive updates and assistance with finding Isfahan area rugs online whether it is retail or wholesale. You can refer to the desired product page to see its price tag, but for wholesale prices make sure to contact us due to the possible price changes of the market.

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CyrusCrafts' Isfahan Rugs

CyrusCrafts' Isfahan rugs are rare and sometimes unique, and cannot be found anywhere else in the mark. We have gathered the most unique Isfahan especially Nain rugs of various styles and patterns to ensure you will find what suits your taste and needs the most.

Our customer service will always be happy to assist you and guide you through this journey to make sure you gain a pleasant experience, as a small sign of gratitude for trusting us.

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