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Tabriz rugs are one of the various types of Persian rugs. This is the reason why the patterns on Tabriz's rugs are similar to those on Persian Rugs. The process of Tabriz rugs and other conventional rugs is passed from one generation to another. Keep reading to learn everything you need about Tabriz rugs.

Tabriz Rug Review, Select, and Buying Guide

Tabriz rugs are well known for their exquisite crafting techniques and design. The Tabriz has gained international fame and has been chosen as the "World City of Rug Weaving".

When buying a Tabriz carpet there are many factors to consider, but some of them are personal like the color and the pattern, although, there are some that are common in quality terms and must be carefully examined, as well as the knot density, price, and the size of the rug for example, a 6x9 rugs price differs from a 5x8 rug and a 4x6 rug.

All Tabriz rugs are handmade with high-quality materials such as wool, and silk. So choosing the right material which will be discussed in the following can affect the longevity and endurance of the rug.

Due to the necessity of checking and studying Tabriz rugs before purchase, we suggest that you read this guide in full.

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The History of Tabriz Rugs

Iranian Tabriz rug is one of the most famous Iranian rugs and it is woven in the surrounding villages and towns of Tabriz. The name of Tabriz is tied to the name of hand-woven rugs, and this art is considered one of the most important handicrafts of this city and perhaps the entire country.

The history of rug/carpet weaving in Tabriz takes place centuries ago and this city is known as one of the oldest and most famous centers of rug weaving in the world. In the beginning, Tabriz rugs were woven in the form of rural designs and with low ridges.

But over time, the art and skill of rug weavers increased as well as the number of rows. This level of taste, skill, and elegance turned rug weaving into court art in Tabriz. The raw materials used in Tabriz area rug weaving are usually made of wool or silk, which makes high-quality carpets available to the consumer. Tabriz carpet is very diverse in design and texture.

Currently, more than 200,000 rug weavers in Tabriz make a living by weaving rugs, and this city owns more than 30% of Iran's hand-woven carpet industry!

Tabriz Carpet Knot Density (Raj)

Tabriz Rugs' knot density or raj is calculated by multiplying the vertical knot count by the horizontal knot count within a given area measurement, which is either square inches or square decimeters:

  • 40 Raj: Around 300,000 knots per m2 (27,871 knots per square foot).
  • 50 Raj: Around 500,000 knots per m2 (46,452 knots per square foot).
  • 60 Raj: Around 750,000 knots per m2 (69,677 knots per square foot).
  • 70 Raj: Around 1,000,000 knots per m2 (92,093 knots per square foot).
  • 80 Raj: Around 1,300,000 knots per m2 (120,774 knots per square foot).

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Types of Tabriz Rugs in Terms of Design

Tabriz rug is one of the best rugs in the market, which has a very high sales rate. These models of rugs/carpets have a lot of variety and are launched in different designs. Each type of Iranian Tabriz rug has its characteristics:

Salari Design Tabriz Rug

Salari Design is known as one of the best rugs in Tabriz. These area rugs and runner rugs have many layers and are full of floral motifs. Which makes the rug extremely beautiful and elegant.

Tabriz Rugs with Salari design were invented by Ostad Salari and they are of high quality. Therefore, if you are planning to buy the best Tabriz rug design, the salari Tabriz rug will be a good option for you.

Heriz Design Tabriz Rug

Heriz city is one of the oldest cities in Tabriz, whose people are engaged in rug weaving. Heriz rugs are of high quality and are known as authentic Iranian Tabriz rugs.

These rugs have regular and geometric lines and have a very special elegance. Heriz rugs have a low height and are woven using three colors pink, cream, and black. According to these interpretations, buying a Heriz design rug can be one of the best options for you.

Fish Design Tabriz Rug

The fish design is one of the oldest designs of Tabriz rugs, which is about 600 years old. These rugs are of high quality and are woven with special beauty.

Fish design rugs are produced using dark and light yellow colors. This feature gives the fish design rugs a special beauty and elegance; therefore, if you are into this design, don’t forget to browse our Tabriz rug collection.

Alya Design Tabriz Rug

Tabriz rugs of Alya design are included in the list of the best hand-woven rugs in Tabriz. This model of handmade rug has a variety of colors, and this makes the Alya design one of the special designs of Tabriz Rugs. Alya design rugs are very famous throughout the entire world.

Nami Design Tabriz Rugs

It is impossible to be one of the fans of Tabriz rugs, and not include Nami design in your shopping list. These vintage rugs have various patterns and colors and are made with great elegance. Nami design rugs are a good option for workplaces, home entrances, and living rooms.

Dome Design Tabriz Rugs

Special colors such as lacquer and blue are used for the texture of the Dome design Tabriz silk rugs. Silk fibers are used elegantly and generously to weave dome rugs. This increases the quality of the dome design and makes it one of the ideal options for those who are into luxury Iranian Tabriz Rugs.

Golestan Design Tabriz Rugs

Golestan design is one of the most popular rugs and carpets in Tabriz. These rugs have many patterns of flowers and plants and historical monuments. This feature makes Golestan design rugs considered a valuable work of art; Therefore, if you are among the people who are interested in buying beautiful and special rugs, we suggest you buy Golestan design rugs to transform your house into a garden.

Khatibi Design Tabriz Rugs

Khatibi design Tabriz rugs have a special beauty and elegance, so they will attract the attention of every buyer. Khatibi rugs have old origins and are always known as ideal options for shopping. Be careful not to be allergic to wool though, because wool and merino wool are used for the texture of Khatibi design Tabriz rugs.

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Reasons Why Tabriz Rugs Are So Popular

Tabriz rugs can be considered one of the most attractive and famous Persian rugs with global appeal. It is rare to find people who have not come across the name of Tabriz rugs.

What distinguishes Tabriz rugs is the wide range of colors used, which not only increases their quality but also gives them extraordinary beauty and makes them one of the best-selling and most popular carpets, both in terms of construction and aesthetics.

Tabriz Rugs Compared to Other Persian Rugs

Persian rugs have been famous not only in Iran but also in the world since ancient times. Rugs are woven in many cities of Iran and they are as famous as the name Persian rug, such as Tabriz Rugs, Kashan Rugs, Isfahan Rugs, Qom Rugs, and Kerman Rugs.

But the best of the best rugs can be found in Tabriz. Tabriz rugs have a variety and beautiful colors. Most of them have high numbers of KPSM and fine texture. Heriz design, Fish design, and Salari design are among the most famous Tabriz rug designs, as we have mentioned earlier.

Compared to other Persian Rugs, Tabriz rugs have characteristics and features, including a high color variety, with that being said, no other example is equal to it. The use of light shade in the weaves of this section has caused depth to be a common feature in Tabriz rugs.

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Tabriz Rugs' Price

The price of Tabriz rugs is influenced by various factors such as:

  • Design: Tabriz rugs are produced with various designs. Exclusive, rare, and complex designs usually sell for a higher price.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the rug, i.e. its size and area, can also be influential. Smaller rugs such as small kilims and gabbeh rugs usually cost less.
  • Quality: The quality and technical details such as the number and type of threads, the type and color of dyeing, the settings and thickness of the pattern, and the variety of textures will have a great impact on the price of Tabriz rugs. As a result, Tabriz rugs with fine artisanship, intricate weaves, and the use of high-quality yarns usually cost more.
  • Materials: The type of materials used in Tabriz rugs can also be effective. Using silk threads or high-quality wool threads, using natural colors and original materials can also increase the price.
  • Market and demand: market and demand factors can also affect the price. Factors such as design popularity, limited production, and high demand can lead to a price increase.

In general, Tabriz rugs are famous for their beautiful designs, high quality, and artistic value, depending on the mentioned factors.

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Tabriz Rugs Retail and Wholesale

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CyrusCrafts' Tabriz Rugs

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