Persian Handicrafts

Today, handmade goods found a decorative usage and are utilized as a great item for designing a unique interior decoration:

Persian handicrafts are unique and few in number. Also creative presence of human beings in handmade products distinguishes them from mass production products.

You can find the best examples of Iranian handicrafts in CyrusCrafts™.

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Persian Rug

Why Iranian carpets?

• Iranian carpet has an artistic value and an exciting world of patterns, colors, and beauty.

• The texture of handmade carpets uses natural and high-quality materials that help your physical health.

Persian carpet has a much longer life compared to other types of flooring.

• Persian rug has a high ability for cleanliness.

• Buying handmade carpets is not a cost that is investing due to the increasing trend in price.

Rug and Carpet Products

persian carpet

The colors are alive
Design your home and office with incredible chandeliers, floor lamp, desk lamp and ETC

persian carpet

Some of these delicious products include honey, saffron, rice, palm dates, pistachio, nuts, caviar, dried fruits, and a variety of cookies, candies, and chocolates.

Art Gallery

Stylish and beautiful decoration helps you feel better during leisure, party and work.

A decorative tableau is a type of wall decoration that is used to adorn and enliven the design of a home or office. Decorative tablou plays a complementary role in interior design and can have a Special impact on the viewer.

Decorative paintings can also convey various concepts and have different styles such as Painting, Pictorial Carpet (a royal option), Miniature (miniator), Abstract, Calligraphy.

Wall Decoration

Handmade Accessories

I use unique accessories because:

1.With the right choice of attractive accessories such as jewelry, scarves, bags, shoes, etc., your style can change dramatically.

2.Your accessories are a sign of your personality and prove your appearance is important to you and subconsciously bring you more charm and respect.

3.Most Iranian accessories are handmade. So they are unique and have a specific effect by constructive creativity.

Stylish and Unique Accessories

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