Persian Handicrafts

Handicrafts embody the first cultural symbol in early human societies.

Archeological excavations of ancient civilizations, such as Shahr-e Sukhteh ([The] Burnt City) in Iran, the Mayan civilization in South America, ancient Egyptian and many Paleolithic civilizations, show that the first signs of civilization and culture emerged in pottery, which, in addition to everyday use, was decorated with patterns and motifs...

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Miniature Painting or Miniator is a small handmade oil painting on paper, whether a book illustration or more importantly on a piece of camel bone. The bright and pure colouring of the Persian miniature is one of its most striking features. The workshop tradition and division of labour within both an individual miniature and a book, as described above, distinguish the attribution of paintings. Because of the nature of the works, literary and historical references to artists, even if they are relied upon...

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Handmade Accessories

From distant past to present, people of different lands, such as Iran, Egypt, India and China, have been widely using accessories. Archeological excavations have even shown that self-makeup using accessories has been of great importance to Iranians. This proves that beauty and elegance have a long history among the people of the Orient.

People of the past learned everything from the Mother Nature, which was truly a powerful model. They were excited by the beauty of nature and tried to emulate it.

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