Womens Clothing

Which category does this word evoke for you? Glamorous party dresses or classic dresses for work and college? Or what kinds of clothing styles are suitable for which people? And is it true that they say clothes show people's character? Stay put because we are going to answer all of those questions.

In the past, only noble women wore designed and unique clothes; but today, the fashion industry is booming with women's clothes.

Every year many women's dresses are produced in different categories, such as evening clothes, short dresses, women's coats, pajamas, formal women's clothes, embroidered coats, Etc., so that

there are so many choices for almost every taste.

Women's Clothing

Most of us believe that clothes show our character, culture, and inside like a mirror. But could a cloth affect our personality? For example, if we always dress like Kate Middleton or even a ballerina, does that mean we have at least one pair of character elements in common, or is it that we only look the same?

Everything about Women's Clothing

Clothes first affect us and then convey the feeling we get from the clothes to others. For example, if you always wear classic outfits in neutral colors, your sense of enthusiasm will disappear or even you will feel tired.

Or if you always wear colorful clothes, you may appear happy in human appearance, but gradually your dignity and calmness will be affected.

Therefore, every woman needs to have a diverse color palette of clothes in classic, casual, minimal, and vintage styles because each dress is usually suitable for one occasion, and a variety of clothes prevents everyday wear. But what points should we consider when choosing clothes with a unique style?

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In Cyruscrafts online shop, they have prepared so many tips for choosing the right style of clothing for women, which will be discussed below.

The appearance of women's clothing

With no further ado, pay attention to yourself! What would you prefer to look like? Based on your size and body shape, you should choose the appearance and design of the dress. What clothes enhance the strengths of your body and cover your weaknesses? And how would you like to feel about your appearance?

After you have answered the above questions, choose a dress that matches your criteria, and don't worry at all because today the fashion world is really big, and there is an incredible variety of women's dresses. So just pay attention to your needs regarding your appearance to choose the best dress.

Women's clothing styles

Everyone has a style, but don't limit yourself to a certain clothing style and choose different styles. Let's review some popular styles of clothes together!

women's classic clothing

The classic style has a special place during different eras and in all countries of the world and has never become obsolete. So it would help if you had classic-style clothes in your closet.

Classic style gives you a sense of dignity, seriousness, and power! The women of the British royal family always wear a classic style to show off their power at official palace events. So for formal events or where you would want to look profound and powerful, use classic clothes.


Women's casual style

Casual means clothes in which you feel comfortable; these clothes are usually oversized, so they don't stick to your body.

Persian style

 Casual clothes are worn in different places depending on the social status of each person; for example, at a friendly party, a crop top with jeans or linen shorts is a stylish style, or for the workplace, baggy pants with a selected shirt are ideal because they are worn for a long time. You are at work during the day, and casual clothes are better.

There are many styles of casual clothes! Which can be used for fun, movie theatre, friendly party, club, shopping, Etc., but you should choose the right casual style clothes according to your body shape, height and the situation you're in. Not all comfortable clothes make your style casual, so be careful in choosing the jewelry and items you wear.

Women's vintage style

Vintage clothes used to be old and second-hand clothes, but today it is a combination of old clothes designed with modern vintage style.

Natural leather bags and shoes, pleated skirts, needle-embroidered jackets, blouses with puffy sleeves, floral fabrics, scarves, Etc., are vintage-style clothes, and usually, warm colors are used for this style.

Vintage clothes are suitable for special events, art universities, art galleries, museums, traditional concerts, etc., and make your style unique, because most of the vintage clothes are hand-stitched and have an artistic style.

The color of women's clothes


Each color has a special meaning and conveys a unique feeling, so use all the color palettes in your wardrobe to have a suitable style in any situation.

For example, classic clothes with neutral and monochrome colors of cream, gray, black, etc., will give you a more dignified style, and vintage clothes in red, yellow, and orange colors will make your style unique.

Moreover, each season has its color; for example, in the summer, when it is hot, use bright color palettes such as yellow, green, blue, purple, red, Etc., because they absorb the least amount of sunlight and heat. But in winter, using dark colors such as brown, navy blue, gray, Etc., is a better choice because they absorb more heat, and will keep you warmer.

Each color has a different effect on your personality and sometimes even has disadvantages. For example, if you always wear black or dark clothes, you will feel depressed over time. Even if you wear red all the time it is said that you will get a little aggressive. Every color conveys negative emotions besides positive emotions such as power, dignity, love, Etc.

Therefore, use a variety of colors in your style; for example, wear a black dress with yellow or cream leather shoes, or match a red dress with a black bag and shoe set.

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Clothes with different colors and designs impact our personality and convey our inner feelings to others. Therefore, the choice of clothes and accessories is very important, because, in addition to the beauty of appearance, it quickly makes you a different character.

Our goal at the Cyruscrafts store is not just to sell off some cloth; here, we present unique clothing and accessories designed by Iranian artists with creative minds so that you can have a beautiful style based on your inner feelings.

Over and above that, see the products in the women's clothing section and choose according to your taste. Also, your comments, criticisms, and suggestions will help us bunch.

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