Wall Art

Wall art refers to framed wall-hanging pieces. There is a wide variety of wall art, such as canvases, framed images, and other artistic enhancements. It could mean fixing the wall using paintwork, wallpaper, murals, graffiti, or framing. 

Wall Art Types

What type of wall art is the most popular? Canvas paintings have been favored for centuries. There are numerous kinds of painting techniques that you can hang on a wall according to the place's interior design. Beautiful, simple wall paintings are the most trendy for homes, workplaces, etc. Minimal paintings, framed rugs, calligraphy masterpieces, photographs, etc., are prevalent today, especially in the USA and Canada. Here is an online art gallery where CyrusCrafts antique store provides unique masterpieces of Persian wall art, such as paintings, calligraphy, and wall rugs, at the best prices.

Wall art has been used as a way of completing and finishing other interior designs that have led to the improved look of the home’s décor. It makes it more of a home rather than a house, creates an emphasis, and sets mood about the entire interior arrangement. The right type of wall art can make even your living room become an exciting paradise to be. This article discusses different forms of wall ornaments that can upscale your house decoration.

wall art types

Pictorial Rug

One of the most amazing and eye-catching examples of wall art is the pictorial carpet. They will certainly introduce an element of style, sophistication and class into every room that they find themselves in due to their intricate detailed designs and vivid colors.

They do have pictural motives showing scenography, the old times or simply symms on them. Moreover, this piece of art tells a story; it decorates the wall with memories from a far off, unknown or ancient environment. Make an incredible anchor with eye-catching, floor-up wall art for living room or hallway.

pictorial rug - pictorial carpet - wall art


For centuries, painting has been considered an iconic wall art. Painting allows you to choose among various artistic techniques, from abstract masterpieces to realistic portraits.

Select paintings that strike a chord in your heart; it could be an expressive work of art or a beautiful landscape depiction. A good painting can give life to a room through its aesthetic value. When choosing a particular painting, you ought to consider its size, the color scheme and the overall theme so that it correlates with your decorative style in entirety.

painting - antique painting - wall art

Persian Miniature

Persian miniature is good for a touch of elegant style on your walls. The subtlety of these complexly painted images lies in their refined stroke work and lush colors showing either stories from Persian legends or everyday activities. Any room is improved by one or many Persian miniature hung on the wall. However, their size makes them flexible as they can be placed in a smaller setting or alongside other works on a gallery wall.

Miniature - persian miniature - miniature wall art


For the modernists who like to incorporate variety in their style of interior design, abstract are the best to select. With abstract art, one gets an opportunity to express his or her self and gives a new meaning in your own way. Bold colors, energetic forms, as well as expressive strokes contribute vigor to any room in an abstract painting.

Put up an abstract art on your living room or bedroom to make a sense of liveliness and vivacity in the room. Abstract art is beautiful in that the beholder is forced to react emotionally, even when he can’t explain the feelings or the meaning of the piece.

abstract wall art - abstract art - antique abstract


Calligraphy is a blend of art and aesthetics in writing. Include calligraphy in your wall art and make your rooms look upscale and classy. Calligraphy on its own can be a statement piece whether it’s a one-word phrase or an inspiring quote that can brighten up any corner of your home.

Pick an attractive piece of calligraphy, which is harmonious with the overall interior decoration of your home. It without doubt is impossible not to be mesmerized by the beautiful strokes and wavy lines in calligraphy, to you as well as your invited guests.

calligraphy - persian callihraphy art

Wall Art Price

Artworks have high-priced tolerances. The artisans’ renown, the labor used in their creation, their technique, etc., directly determine the art pieces' cost. For instance, an artist may use several techniques and spend months creating a framed wall rug, which explains that it may cost up to $5,000, such as in the case of producing an oriental carpet.

Wall art masterpieces are here for you at CyrusCrafts online art gallery, with prices starting from only $100 to $5,000. All of our Persian wall art is handmade by the artists’ hands. Simply put, you get a lesser price for minimal canvas paintings while you shell out more in buying wall rugs or calligraphy masterworks.

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How to Choose the Best Wall Art?

The best wall art for you is the one that you choose according to your requirements. They differ whether you want art as wall decor for the living room or want to gift a piece of art as a present to your friend.
Hence, before choosing the most proper wall art, you need to determine the aim of buying it and the budget.

Choosing the Proper Wall Art Inspirations

Here are some samples that inspire you to choose the right wall art according to the purpose of buying a wall art:

      • Wall Art as Gift: Consider your friend's tastes, home decor objects, interior design style, and your allocation for the present.
      • Living Room Wall Art: The decoration style is the most noteworthy thing you should regard for the living room. Pick your favorite masterpiece according to your fancy, living room design, and color theme. Large wall art is the finest wall decor for a living room.
      • Wall Art for Office: The most appropriate wall craft work for the office is the one that represents your job's industries and encourages the employees.
      • Bedroom Wall Art: Beautify your bedroom with delicate pieces of art. You need to feel peace and relax in the bedroom.
      • Theens' Bedroom Wall Decor: Graffiti wallpapers are trendy for a teenager. Let them pick their rooms' wall art, although you believe their selection is unreasonable.

how to choose the best wall art

As you see, many wall art decor ideas and tips exist. Some samples include wood wall art, outdoor wall decor, metal art, kitchen wall decor, wall hanging decor, and any art you complete with your creativity.

This page briefly discussed some of the main kinds of wall art as well as their price range and picking the right wall art for the home environment. Are you an art lover looking for a top-quality and affordable masterpiece? Come over to our Iranian Art Gallery!

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