Providing a virtual marketplace full of intricate beauty of Iranian handicrafts, lavish rugs, exquisite accessories, interior design furnishings, and delicious foods, CyrusCrafts invites all craft enthusiasts hailing from North America, Europe, and Australia to see our offering. Especially those Iranians who live overseas and need a taste of their childhood to as a reminder of good days to bring back the Persian atmosphere to their homes.

Originally, our collection catered to the market within Iran. However, as our enterprise got larger, the vision of our management expanded too, and the goal of highlighting Iranian artistry to the world took a big step. CyrusCrafts was thus found in 2018 with the CyrusCrafts International Inc., name being officially registered under the Canada Business Corporations Act, in 2023. With the business number of 1475301-1, and the leadership of again Mr. Majid Zavvarian. As today, we have been eventually committed to promoting the export of Iranian handicrafts, rugs, home decorative item, accessories, and foods.

CyrusCrafts Introduction

Our platform serves as a haven for those intrigued by the rich tapestry of Persian cultures, offering them the opportunity to bring a piece of the East into their homes. The adorning creativity ofIranian artistry transports the modern mind from the rush of mechanized life, to a serene, simpler era. This journey into the past soothes the soul, wrapping it in a warm, pleasurable dream.

Today, CyrusCrafts possesses three offices. One in Toronto, Canada, another in Dubai, and the last one in Tehran, Iran, which is the head office.

Our mission is to share the captivating allure of Iranian handicrafts including rugs and other home accessories with the world, offering everyone the chance to embrace these stunning creations.

The Company Values & Mission

At the heart of a successful business lies a beating set of values and a clear mission statement. The cherished values of CyrusCrafts Inc. are showcased with pride, radiating with exceptional quality, unique craftsmanship, and unyielding customer satisfaction. By articulating these values with such clarity, CyrusCrafts tries hard to delivering products and services that are nothing short of extraordinary.

CyrusCrafts mission is to cater a variety of needs, offering its products in both single and bulk sales. The number of items for single transactions is tailored based on the destination country.

CyrusCrafts Workplaces

As one of the most prestigious and renowned establishments in Isfahan, CyrusCrafts boasts a delightful selection of enchanting and captivating handicraft workshops. Additionally, this distinguished enterprise boasts a vast network of talented and skilled rug weavers, whose nimble fingers weave intricate tales of artistry and tradition across a wide array of cities.

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Our Main Branch: DamaTajhiz

DamaTajhiz, as the main branch of this tree, which was stablished in 2004 under the leadership of Majid Zavvarian, was the sparkle of CyrusCrafts creation. DamaTajhiz is one of the main sources of HVAC suppliers in Iran and the entire Middle East with a vast number of gained certifications since the first year of starting the business.

The Team Behind CyrusCrafts

By shining a spotlight on our team, CyrusCrafts not only bolster its brand's authenticity but also embraces its family. Our market development team is serious in their dedication to providing our products in Canada, the U.S, Europe, Middle East and Australia. Our team is also committed to deliver comprehensive information on our products.

Team behind Cyruscrafts

our team

We are deeply appreciative of your trust in CyrusCrafts as your preferred destination for Iranian handicrafts. Remember to stay connected with our creative journey by following us on Instagram and other social media platforms linked below.

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