Cyrus Damatajhiz is an International Holding started its work in 2004 with the installation equipment. This collection first targeted the construction equipment market in Iran. With the development of the collection, managers put the ability to send the equipment of Iranian facilities to other countries in their agenda. In 2018, cyruscrafts Group was launched under the management of Mr.Majid Zavvarian with the aim of exporting Iranian handicrafts and foods.
Cyrus Damatajhiz

CyrusCrafts online store was launched in 2018.

By providing online shopping for a wide range of Iranian handicrafts, carpets, and kilims, accessories, delicious foods with Iranian flavors, etc. CyrusCrafts seeks to present valuable services to craft lovers in North America, Europe, and Australia.

It is a place for those interested in authentic oriental cultures, making it possible for them to pick elements from oriental lands and enjoy watching and using them at home.

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The creativity and subtlety of Iranian art throughout its long history can take the audience's minds amidst the tumult of the modern mechanized life back to the past years and tranquilize them in an enjoyable dream. With many years of experience in CyrusCrafts, we provide enthusiasts in oriental and Iranian culture and civilization with a complete collection of the above-mentioned products. We are intended to present Iranian handicrafts to people around the world so that they can enjoy these attractive products. 

Thank you for choosing CyrusCrafts and shopping for your favorite handicrafts.

To view images of the latest products and videos of the production process of diverse handicrafts, Iranian carpets, related products, and more, please follow our Instagram page  

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The market development team is committed to providing enthusiasts in Canada, the U.S, Europe, and Australia with the enjoyable experience of online shopping for a variety of oriental handicrafts while presenting information-rich data on these products and their real images.

Mr.Majid Zavvarian, Ms.Marzieh Kojouri, Mr.Sasan Hekmat, Ms.Mahsa Alinavaz, MR.Amir Bina, Ms.Yasaman Shafiei, Ms.Mahsa Yegane, Ms.fateme mousavi, Ms.zahra yousefi, Miss.Mina Safari, Mr.Saeed Mahloojian,

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