One's beauty is enhanced by accessories. The object also has symbolic value, such as wealth, power, and status. A lot of people see jewelry as a form of art and a way to express themselves. Additionally, there are some cultures and traditions which use jewelry from the very beginning.
Persian rings, bracelets, and necklaces, for example, can be sorted as one of the oldest in history.


Earrings are jewelry pieces that are worn to ornament the ears. Piercing the earlobe is a common method for wearing earrings, but they can also be placed anywhere along the ear. In the case of cartilage piercings, the piercing is placed on the top section of the external ear. Each ear can be pierced with more than two earrings at the same time.

Different Types of Earrings

Women’s or ladies' bracelets have an unbelievable variety of styles, colors, and designs. But there are 5 different types/styles of Persian bracelets and anklets for women that are being trended massively recently, but it has to be mentioned that the most popular ones are very probably bangle bracelets, chain bracelets, and gold bracelets (all kinds). Although all the other styles are still fashionable!

  • Stud Earrings: Nugget earrings or stud earrings are those with a single leverback that has a small size that sits snugly on the lobe without drooping downward, looping backward, or climbing upward. In addition to being comfortable to wear, studs often have a simple design that looks great with any outfit. Among the most popular styles of earrings are diamond studs.
  • Chain Earrings: Links of metal chains make up chain earrings, which slide through the ear and are super-comfortable to wear, as the chain is no thicker than a regular ear post, so is considered like wearing sleeper earrings.
  • Dangle Earrings: The dangle earring also hangs below the earlobe, much like the drop earring or clip-on earring. Dangle earrings often have more intricate designs and are more dynamic than drop earrings.
  • Big Earrings/Tiny Earrings: Big earrings are like every other earring in design but different in size, they can give you a stunning look due to their big size. Everyone can see them on you. Tiny earrings on the other hand may not exhibit as much but the cute petite size of them can give you a completely different look, they make your ears shine ten times more.
  • Hoop Earrings: The earrings are usually round, but can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including triangles, squares, and ovals. Most hoop earrings are round, but can also be square, oval, or triangle-shaped.
  • Initial Earrings: These are letter-based earrings, you can choose what word you want to be shown on your ear, or you can go with a combination of words. One usually picks the first letter of their loved one hence Initial earrings represent love...


Different Types of Earring Metals

The most popular precious materials used in earrings are gold earrings, silver earrings, platinum earrings, palladium earrings, stainless steel earrings, and titanium earrings. Although gold and silver are the habitual metals in Persian earrings. But handmade gold earrings are something else, not because of the use of gold on them but because they are made with hands, this process can take months to finish.
Here are four of the most popular metals for Persian earrings and jewelry sets which include, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

  • Gold Earrings: If you have sensitive ears, gold is the best metal for your earrings. However, if you are planning to buy gold earrings or white gold earrings, make sure they are 14k gold or above and avoid nickel contamination. And if you are looking for a more comfortable earring, try gold sleeper earrings.
  • Silver Earrings: Earrings with silver settings are considered trendy around the world. Some compare silver to gold. But silver is different from gold. Why? because it is pure. Earrings made of silver are also good for sensitive ears. Silver oxidized earrings have the exact same effect the only difference is the dark color to it that is due to the oxidation process. 
  • Titanium Earrings: A titanium earring made by a medical implant manufacturer uses the same implant grade titanium that it uses on their medical implants is ideal for people with nickel sensitivity. Titanium earrings are extremely lightweight and ideal for people with nickel allergies.
  • Platinum Earrings: As platinum is extremely inert (non-reactive), it makes piercings a good choice. However, platinum earrings made from platinum can be extremely expensive, making it not an affordable option for every individual.

gold nugget earrings

Price of Earrings

There are three main reasons why one earring is more expensive than another.

1 - Metal quality and quantity used.

2 - Stone quality and quantity.

3 - Time the artist has spent on them.

As a result, some earrings are as cheap as $10, while others cost more than $100,000.

Different Types of Earring Stones

Agate stone, turquoise stone, jade stone, pearl stone, garnet stone, and azure stone are the most common stones in Persian earrings. Behold 4 of the most common stones used in Persian earrings...

  • Turquoise Earrings: There is a wide range of turquoise colors and patterns, including light blue, light green, and light brown. Turquoise is still one of the most popular gemstone choices for earrings, due to its sophisticated appearance and soft color.
  • Jade Earrings: There are many meanings associated with jade as a stone of wealth and nobility as well as protection for living and deceased generations. Jade has been and will always be known as the "Holy Gem" and the "Jewel of Heaven." A stone of the heart, Jade has been associated with nobility and wealth.
  • Pearl Earrings: These stylish earrings are often combined with other gemstones and vibrant colors, and are an excellent choice with traditional clothing. Pearls are glistening objects made from calcium carbonate, produced within the soft tissue of mollusks.
  • Emerald Earrings: Some believe that emerald wearers can look into the future! but other than that emerald earring has a green color to them that can give one a great lockjaw of a look. 
  • White Stone Earrings: Every white color placed on an earring can be considered as white stone earrings such as white diamonds, white scolecite, white howlite, white opal, etc.


Last Words of CyrusCrafts' Earrings

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