Perfume deals for men and women are prevalent because scenting and odorizing with fantastic aromas and fragrances are always pleasant. There have been numerous types of scents, attars, bouquets, and incense since ancient times. Nowadays, there are diverse kinds of perfume available in the world market. You can even have your customized aroma.

Eau De Toilette and Eau De Perfume Sale

Eau de toilette and Eau de perfume or Eau de parfum are the top favored odors for sale. Before buying an Eau de Toilet or Eau de perfume, knowing their price ranges and discounts in the international market is best. Many think it is better to use cologne for men and perfume for women, but you don't have to restrict yourself; only go for the aroma you love the most and enjoy the scent.
If you are searching for any type of fragrance, such as cologne for men or women, perfume sampler, eau de toilette, pheromone perfume or cologne, Eau Fraiche, perfume oil, Eau de parfum, etc., here is an online perfume store offering perfume deals with excellent prices and discounts. So, welcome to CyrusCrafts' everyday perfume sales. Don’t neglect the attar because it is as vital as your clothes and accessories.
If you prefer to order perfume online, due to better offers and fair prices of online shops, you can find out the scent with the online perfume store's description about its fragrance smell. The CyrusCrafts Eau de toilette and Eau de perfume sale includes detailed and complete descriptions of how they smell and incense.

Eau de Toilette

Eau De Perfume and Eau De Toilette Price

Talking about the price of Eau de perfume and Eau de toilettes is not as easy as it seems. There is a wide range of colognes and perfumes, from Baccarat Rouge and Valentino to Lelabo and Versace cologne; furthermore, some celebrities create their parfum brands like Ariana Grande perfume.
Moreover, some companies produce grade B and C versions of famous fragrances and sell them at lower and cheaper prices for those who can't afford top-quality perfumes. Don't fall into the trap of believing that cheap perfumes are inferior or that you must spend a fortune to get the best quality fragrances by buying expensive perfumes. The truth is price and quality are not always related to perfumes.
Depending on the brand's popularity, quality, perfume bottle volume, and the honestness of the seller, the price varies. Nevertheless, you can find your favorite aroma in 7ml perfume sampler bottles, 50ml, 100ml, etc., from $5 to $5000 in reliable stores in the USA, Canada, or other countries.

Discount Eau De Toilette for Men

CyrusCrafts online perfume store offers the world fragrances with the highest quality at the best prices with everyday discounts. Discount Eau de toilette for men includes all of our products that we suggest, with the fairest price for original men's colognes and perfumes.

Discount Eau De Perfume for Women

We also permanently offer discount Eau de perfume for women. All CyrusCrafts' aromatic products are original with the highest quality. We suggest the world, Eau de perfumes, and Eadue toilettes for women and men at $130 to $180 in 100ml bottles.

Unique Perfumes by Iranian Celebrities

Like celebrities from other countries, some Iranian artists produce unique perfumes, such as Eau de toilettes and Eau de parfum. CyrusCrafts, the collector of the best ones, has collected the most popular perfumes by Iranian celebrities in its fragrance collection. Here you are with the "Ten Forever" by Ali Daei, the "Tehran" by Leila Hatami, the "Love Forever" by Hedieh Tehrani, the "Lady Rain Celton" by Bahareh Rahnama, and two perfume collections by two artists, Mehran Modiri and Navid Mohammadzadeh.

Cologne for Men

Ali Daei Ten Forever Perfume Collection

Ali Daei is the most famous Iranian football player ever and was the world's top international goalscorer until 2021 before Cristiano Ronaldo. Ali Daei Ten Forever perfume collection includes six 100ml perfumes for women and men. Forever Ten eau de parfum products come in fantastic, handy perfume bottles.

Leila Hatami Tehran Perfume for Women and Men

Leila Hatami, an Iranian actress and the receiver of the Silver Bear for Best Actress in 2011, was awarded the Legion of Honour in 2012 by the French government. She is among the most favored Persian actresses in the world. Leila Hatami has created the Tehran perfume in two scents for her and him, made by the Pure Femme company in France.

Love Forever Perfume by Hedieh Tehrani

Hedieh Tehrani, another popular and famous Iranian actress, has created a perfume for women with a fantastic bottle and unforgettable scent. The Lomani Paris company, a 100ml perfume with a calm and sweet fragrance, makes the Lomani by Hedieh Tehrani.

Perfume Sale

Navid Mohammadzadeh Perfume Collection

Navid Mohammadzadeh, the young, famous Iranian actor, was awarded the Orizzonti Award for Best Actor at the 74th Venice International Film Festival in 2017. He has designed a collection of four types of perfume and cologne for men and women that CyrusCrafts offers at the best price.

Mehran Modiri Collection of Perfumes

Mehran Modiri, the Iranian director, producer, actor, and singer, has a 95% on-air viewership. He has a collection of eleven Eau de toilette and Eau de perfumes in eclectic 100ml perfume bottles, and we have collected the best ones for you on our website.

Lady Rain Celton Perfume by Bahareh Rahnam

The Lady Rain Celton by Bahareh Rahnama, the pretty Iranian actress, is a perfume for women in six different fragrances. The UK perfume company Clive Christian produces Bahareh's Lady Rain Celton perfumes.

Perfume Deals

Buying a perfume such as an Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum, Eau Fraiche, perfume oil, or Eau de cologne for men or women could be easy if you know what kind of fragrances you like between the woody, floral, fruity, green, oriental, spicy, gourmand, citrus, and oceanic scents. After finding your taste, you should find reliable perfume stores that sell original and top-quality perfumes at the best prices.
Here, we help you by collecting luxury perfumes at the fairest and best prices with shipping to all countries. Wherever you live, you can choose and order your favorite products on this website by filling out its order form. Then we will deliver your orders quickly. CyrusCrafts offers products other than attars, such as Persian rugs, handicrafts, etc. So surf our website and enjoy unique handmade and organic creations.

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