Persian Miniature

The word "Miniature" is a French word that means "small and delicate nature," and it entered Persian in the last century. Regardless, centuries before and after, Iranian artists frequently used "illumination" to describe and introduce their art. Persian Miniature art encompasses any fine art in any form or shape, sometimes as Persian miniature paintings and sometimes as Persian miniature pottery.

Persian Miniature Paintings Different Types

The Persian miniature painting is more comprehensive than a single or a few painting techniques. Miniatures can be expanded indefinitely based on personal preference. Many people mistake Persian miniature paintings for Islamic art, but they are different, and the miniature has a longer history than Islam.

miniature wall art

However, color-dependent Persian miniature advanced techniques can be divided into three categories:

Colorless Persian Miniature

With this technique, Persian artists started painting on light pages with black or other dark colors. Among Iranian artists, this method has a long history. Nowadays, this method is popular on desk ornaments like decorative vases.

Sefid-Ghalam Persian Miniature

Sefid-Ghalam Persian Miniature technique is the opposite of the colorless approach in painting tips, as it is thin paint set on a black or dark canvas with a white or light pencil. In this technique, the golden color is also used briefly.

Colored Persian Miniature

The golden color is distinctly used in this technique. Colored miniatures first gained popularity in Iran around 400 years ago, during the Safavid period, and with the works of Master Reza Abbasi. The use of color in these paintings creates a stunning and magnificent effect. Physical and mental colors are the two types of colors that are commonly used in colored miniatures. Mental colors are less concentrated and thus appear paler. These hues are used to convey inner feelings as well as mystical and esoteric themes. On the other hand, the second type, or physical colors, have a high concentration and are used to depict delicate motifs rather than subtle human emotions.

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Common Themes in Persian Miniature Painting

Nature, domestic and wild animals, birds and Simorgh as a mystical symbol, dragons and angels, dervishes, demons, angels, beautiful and aristocratic women, rural life, farms, pastures and plains, disciple and master, historical events, and so on are common themes in Persian miniatures.
The use of poems of famous Iranian poets in the margins of Persian miniature paintings was widespread and contributed to the work's increasing value.

Tips for buying a Persian Miniature Painting Online

The color of a miniature painting is an important point when purchasing one. To create a beautiful space with colored miniatures, paying attention to the color match between the home decoration and the Persian miniature painting is critical.
Another critical point is the type of work. Persian miniature artists create their works on canvas, paper, crosses, wood, and other materials. You can choose the material for your miniature painting based on your preferences and needs.
When selecting a miniature painting, it is critical to consider the size of the frame and the painting. When purchasing large miniature paintings, it is necessary to consider a giant wall on which to hang them. Large wall art and paintings on small walls do not have the desired aesthetic effect.
Another consideration when purchasing Persian miniatures is the authenticity of the Persian miniature paintings. Authentic paintings typically have a lot of detail in the margins, whereas miniature printed and computer images lack these margins and elegance.

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Persian Miniature on Decorative Handicrafts

In addition to Persian miniature paintings and pictures, other paintings are used as decorative goods with Persian miniature designs and in small and delicate dimensions, such as Persian miniature serving dishes. Because of the edge highlighting elegance and art used in them, these dishes are usually small and command a high price. It means that the coats of paint are worth a high price.
These decorative objects in home design add a unique and magnificent touch to your space. Copper, porcelain, clay, and glass are the most famous Persian miniature dishes. On the other hand, mini copper dishes are typically more expensive than others. In addition to their beauty and elegance, Persian miniature copper dishes have a long life, which adds to their value. Indeed, the amount and quality of copper used in these dishes affect the coats of paint and value.

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