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6 Easy Ways to Distinguish Faux from Genuine Leather Sofa

It is not easy for most people to tell if a leather couch is genuine and natural or fake and faux. Still, there are easy ways to distinguish and identify genuine leather from leatherette and artificial leather sofas. Genuine and faux leathers have markers that show their truth, and in this post, we want to introduce these indicators.

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Interior Design
Mahsa S. Yeganeh

Lavashak: Persian Fruit Leather Recipe and Taste

Lavashak, or Persian fruit leather, is a popular snack among Iranians. By cooking fruits, you get a thick puree, the puree is then dried in thin layers and cut into different shapes.

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How to Take Care of Leather

There are various types of leather, most of which have a significant price. So it would be essential to take care of our leathercrafts and make them last more. Furthermore, cleaning the leather is so tricky that making a mistake may destroy it.

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Mahsa S. Yeganeh

Leathercrafts for a Unique Style

Leather is a world of fascinating clothes, accessories, upholsteries, handicrafts, decorative items, etc. There are noncountable types of leather in the world; still, generally, they are divided into two main groups natural leathers and synthetic ones. In this article, we want to discuss leathercrafts of both natural and faux groups.

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Mahsa S. Yeganeh
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