Natural leather is obtained from animal skin products and non-vegetable and vegetal materials through a series of physical and chemical processes. Genuine leather, like nubuck or vegan leather, is relatively resistant to many bacteria, physical factors, and weather conditions. A significant feature of natural leather is the passage of some airflow. In contrast, synthetic leathers, like PU leather, prevent air penetration.

If you use a synthetic or genuine leather product and don't take care of it, you can't count on its polish and beauty forever. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to take care of leather. It is possible to use leathercraft for many years if it is made of high-quality genuine leather and if you know how to protect it.


How to keep leather products

Here are inscriptions to care for some of the mainly used leather products.

Leather sofa care method

To take care of leather furniture, please pay attention to the following points:
1. Never place the leather sofa at a distance less than 20 or 30 cm from the heater.
2. Never expose the leather sofa to direct sunlight.
3. Dust the leather sofa regularly using a cloth or a soft brush and clean areas such as the seat, the sofa handle and the back with a damp cloth if needed. At least once a month, dust the leather sofa with a vacuum cleaner.
5. Never use thinners, organic solvents, bleaching chemicals, or shoe cleaners to clean leather sofas. Because it damages the color and the layer fixed on it.
6. Before using any cleaner, be sure to try it first on the parts of the sofa that are not usually visible so that the visible parts are not damaged.


How to preserve leather bags, shoes, and boots

One of the main points of maintaining leather shoes, which is very important but is less noticed, is that when wearing them, especially boots and ankle boots, fasten their laces so that they do not fall out of shape and Take the shape of your foot. You can put a cardboard cylinder inside to prevent the leather shoes or bags from breaking.
1. Dust the bags and shoes with a soft and dry cloth.
2. Dry them with a soft and dry cloth.
3. You can polish the leather bags and shoes with olive oil, water and castor oil.
4. When wearing the boots, fasten their laces to take the shape of your feet and remain softer for reuse.


Maintenance of leather clothes

Do not wash leather clothes with detergents other than soap and expose them to airflow to dry and not under direct sunlight. Also, don't put plastic covers on leather clothes in the wardrobe. If you want to use a clothing cover, use breathable fabric covers. Leather clothes do not need iron, so do not put the heat of the iron even near them.


How to remove stains from off leather

Dry cleaning is always recommended as the first step. Cleaning products such as foam are used when there is a lot of dirt or pollution. Bags and shoes must first be cleaned and then waterproofed. There are two types of leather cleaning: dry cleaning and liquid cleaning. First, they should be cleaned with a dry method, with a towel and brushes; if they are not thoroughly cleaned, use a towel or a sponge and use liquid soap products. This action ensures that no contamination can penetrate the surface from the beginning, so cleaning is done with the highest quality.
1. We can clean the pus and grease created on the sofa with the same prepared solution (water, shampoo, vinegar) using a soft, damp cloth.
2. A pencil eraser can remove uncleanable stains with a damp cloth.
3. To remove grease stains, clean the grease with a dry cloth and then wipe the area with a damp cloth. If needed, you can also use a cloth dipped in the mentioned cleaning solution.
4. You can use a cloth dipped in the same solution to remove fungus or mold stains.
5. To remove protein stains (blood and urea), only use a cloth dipped in (vinegar, water and baby shampoo solution) and after drying the cleaned area with a soft cloth, away from sunlight and heat, dry naturally. 


It was a brief essay about the maintenance of leathercrafts. If you have any other ideas, please share them as a comment. Don't miss CyrusCrafts online shop's leather products. You can order any of our goods at the best price by filling out the order form and then getting them delivered in front of your home in Canada and the USA quickly.

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