Leathercrafts have a long-term history in Iran. People have used genuine leather for a long time for various applications. Throughout history, humanity has used leather to make leather shoes and clothes and write on leather sheets. Over time, man has created various handicrafts with leather. Stay with us to know about the leather handicrafts produced today.


Leathercraft types

There are numerous types of leathercrafts, including:

  • Leather clothes: Using genuine leather to make clothes is one of the unchanged crafts from primitive people till now. Leather clothes have high quality and are so prevalent in the fashion industry. Leather dusters, full grain leather jackets, skirts, pants, and so on are fashionable clothes today. CyrusCrafts team has brought you handmade leather clothes in its men's and women's clothing collection.

leather clothes

  • Leather shoes: As natural and synthetic leather have significant durability, many shoe producers use different kinds of this texture to make durable and beautiful shoes. Pu leather- so-called polyurethane leather, nubuck, aniline, cowhide, grain leather and top grain leather, ostrich leather, PVC leather, horse leather, microfiber leather, cow leather, and even recycled leathers are the most popular leathers in the leather shoe industry.

leather shoes for men

  • Leather accessories: Items that complete your style are called accessories. Leather accessories are among popular and fashionable items worldwide. For example, leather accessories include leather harnesses, leather suspenders, belt straps, handmade leather bags, full grain leather wallets or stingray wallets, and even Leather Bracelets and necklaces.

leather bags for women

  • Leather furniture: Leather upholstery fabrics are very useful in the furniture industry; for example, leather sofas are so popular among various sofa fabrics. CyrusCrafts' collection of interior design includes some unique handmade leather sofa sets, which you can visit on the sofa sets collection on this website.

black leather chair

  • Leather journals and covers: leather book cover making has a long history in Iran and has different types: Timaj cover, Saghari cover, Sadafi cover, and Zarkoub cover. Leather sketchbooks are so helpful and beautiful at the same time.


  • Saddle making: Saddlery is the preparation of tanned leather for consumption and production of various functional products called traditional saddlery. A saddle is made of leather, used when riding on the back of quadruped animals such as horses, camels, or donkeys.

leather saddle

  •  Embossed leather or leather stamping: The process of beating and pressing steel engraved pens (stamps) on leather is stamping on leather. This art has been one of the oldest and most attractive fields of handicrafts, which unfortunately have become obsolete over time and now few people practice this art. Regarding working principles and techniques, engraving on leather is very similar to engraving on metal. Still Embossed leathers are so helpful in the wallets and bags industry.

Embossed leathers

Leathercrafts: Your frequent questions

  • What are the types of leather? Or what is leather made from?

Generally, we can put all the leather types into two main categories, natural leather, and leatherette. We drive natural leathers from the animals and plants of nature but make leatherette in the leather factories from chemicals. Natural leather is also known as real or genuine leather. Leatherette or artificial leather is known as faux or synthetic leather.

Genuine leathers are such as nubuck, vegan leather- which is made of plants, cowhide, Nappa leather, suede leather, calfskin or calf leather, full grain leather, aniline leather, lambskin, chamois leather, crocodile skin, cactus leather, ostrich leather, alligator skin, vegetable tanned leather, crocodile leather, goat skin, cow leather, lambskin leather, kangaroo leather, buffalo leather, ostrich skin, snake leather, cork leather, shammy leather, python skin, horse leather, sheepskin leather, semi-aniline leather, mushroom leather, and finally fish leather, stingray leather, or caviar leather. 

Synthetic leathers include PU leather, PVC leather, microfiber leather, polyurethane leather, and so on.


  • What are the four grades of natural leather?

Generally, leathers are classified according to their quality; full grain leather comes first, top grain leather comes second, genuine leather comes third, and bonded leather comes last. Full grain leather has maximum durability and stability because they don't remove its grains in the production of this type. Top grain leather is so delicate because of sanding off natural fibers, but still, the top grain leather is high quality and beautiful. Although genuine leather has third place in leather grading, it is the most popular leather worldwide; as genuine leather is entirely a natural leather, its appearance is so lovable. We make bonded leather in the leather factory and it only contains 10-20 percent of natural leather's remnants; the rest of it is PU leather. CyrusCrafts uses the best leather quality in its women's and men's clothes collection.

four grades of leather

  • How long will leather last?

The maintenance of leather products depends on the type and quality of the leather, your region's climate, and how you care for them. Generally, genuine leather can last for decades or even a hundred years- as many ancient works are found from digs. The minimum lifespan of leathercraft is ten years, but it can still be harmed by humid climate, detergents, harsh soaps, materials with pH in variance with 7 (both acid and base), and other chemicals. In CyrusCrafts's collection of women's and men's shoes, we have used the most durable types of natural leather.

genuine leather wallet

  • How to clean leather?

Fortunately, leather doesn't get detained quickly; you can easily remove most leather stains with a wet cloth. But if the stain is persistent, you may clean it with home remedies such as a 50-50 solution of water with white vinegar or lemon juice, a vinegar and olive oil solution, or a combination of water and dish soap. After all, the easiest way is to use a leather conditioner.


  • Why does leather cost so much?

Making leather from animal skin, plants, or even chemicals is a complicated and challenging process; Moreover, this process needs high knowledge and proficiency. A leather craft may seem expensive initially, but as it has long durability and can work for many years, it is price worthy.

leather bags

  • Is it better to buy genuine leather?

There are four main reasons why it is better to buy genuine leather:

1) Genuine leather is a part of nature and therefore compatible with human skin. You will not suffer from skin allergies if you wear genuine leather shoes or jackets.

2) Real leather texture is not uniform, and air flows through it, so your feet will not sweat or get skin fungus in genuine leather shoes.

3) Natural leather is durable and does not get old after long-term use. You can easily use a genuine leather shoe or bag for years and even give it to your children! Because real leather becomes more beautiful over time.

4) The genuine leather jacket gradually takes the form of your body so that you have a stylish and unique style.

synthetic leathers

  • How do you distinguish genuine leather from synthetic leather?

To help you buy leathercrafts online with confidence, CyrusCrafts will explain how to distinguish real leather from faux leather or artificial leather. We draw your attention to the study of these key and practical points:

  • Unlike synthetic leather, natural leather absorbs water.
  • The edges of genuine leather are rough, but synthetic leather has a very smooth edge.
  • Natural leather has pores, while leatherette does not have any pores.
  • Natural and genuine leather is expensive; synthetic leather can be very cheap.
  • Real leather does not burn quickly, while leatherette leather is flammable and catches fire easily.
  • Genuine leather has natural wrinkles and changes color when folded. But artificial leather does not change.

Obtain original and high-quality leather products by following the tips mentioned above and buying from authentic leather craft online stores.

black leather bag

Dos and don'ts of leathercrafts' maintainance

Have you ever thought about how to preserve leathercrafts? How much of a problem has this been for you? In this section, we mention some tips for the maintenance of leather crafts:

  • Periodically, every 3 to 6 months, use a special conditioner or softener for natural leather.
  • Always clean leathercrafts with a soft cloth or brush.
  • Expose leather crafts to the open air regularly.
  • To clean leathercrafts, do not submerge them in water.
  • As soon as possible, remove the water or moisture on leather crafts.
  • If leathercrafts get wet, do not dry them with a heater, radiator, or hair dryer; The best way to dry leathercrafts is to expose them to the open air.
  • First, try softening, cleaning, and polishing materials for leathercrafts on the hidden parts of the leather, and then use them for all surfaces of the leather crafts.

cowhide cloth and bag

Iran leathercraft cities

Despite centuries of handmade leather products in Iran, the first leather factory was established by the Khosravi Leather Factory in Tabriz 90 years ago (1310 AH solar year). Therefore, the city of Tabriz is considered the origin of leather products in Iran. Currently, more than 300 leather production units are active in Tabriz, and more than 95% are active in heavy leather production and the rest in light leather production. In addition, Iranian leather crafts are also produced in the cities of Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Hamadan, Shiraz, and Karaj.

orange and black leather bags

Which countries import Iran's leathercrafts

During the Qajar era, the export of hides and leather from most cities of Iran to Russia, the Ottoman, and India was very prosperous. For a long time, the cities of Tabriz, Hamedan, and Isfahan had an outstanding contribution to the production and export of leather. Today, Iran exports leathercraft to Georgia, Ukraine, Baku, Azerbaijan, Oman, Iraq, India, Morocco, Turkey, Romania, Indonesia, Thailand, Hungary, South Korea, and Japan. We hope to use the capabilities, potential, and export capacities of the CyrusCrafts collection to offer more valuable information and products in this field of leathercraft to the world, especially to Canada and the United States of America.

brown leather bag

CyrusCrafts offers high-quality and unique products to those interested in Persian art and handicrafts, with its specialized activities in supplying, selling, and exporting leather handicrafts. So you can have your home or workplace's remarkable and unique decoration as well as lovely clothes and accessories.

Please tell us your opinions about this article or any parts of CyrusCrafts' whole website in the Review section to help us offer you better services.

blue leather bag

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