There are easy ways for inexperienced people to distinguish faux or bonded leather from genuine leather sofas. But you may ask about the importance of identifying fake from the genuine leather sofa. There are faux leathers and leatherettes with higher quality nowadays, but the quality of genuine leather sofas is generally higher than the leatherette.
Meanwhile, as natural leather is more expensive than human-made, some may cheat and want to sell faux leather sofas to you at the price of genuine leather. So, it is essential to tell real leather sofas from fake if you want to buy a leather sofa.
If you are still deciding whether to choose a leather sofa because of worrying about its durability, here are tips to enhance leather lifetime.

how do you tell a genuine leather

How to Identify Genuine Leather from Faux?

How can you tell if a leather couch is a real leather? How can you tell the difference between genuine leather and faux leather sofa? There are six handy and easy ways to tell if a leather sofa is made of genuine leather or leatherette. You can identify genuine leather from faux by looking at its appearance, smelling it, touching it, checking the backward, reading the label, and finally checking out the price.
Here are six quick tips and ways for inexperienced people to distinguish faux from natural leather sofas:

1. The Appearance of A Genuine Leather Sofa VS. Fake

First, take a look at the leather's grains. Are they even, or do the patterns alter? Faux leather is printed and therefore has unnatural pattern repetition. The grain characteristics have no defects or divergences, which we expect in genuine leather.
Note that some genuine leather sofas are embossed or 'rectified' with a pattern, so there is some uniformity in the grain; still, you can always see variations within the leather.

artificial leather

2. The Smell of Genuine Leather and Faux Leather Sofas

Genuine leather has a particular, nature-like smell, but synthetic leather has not. In other words, natural leather has a definite unique smell. The new natural leather sofa's smell attracts many people to purchase it. Like all aromas, it does dim with time, but there should be no misinterpreting it when the leather sofa is new.
There's no need to shy away; approach your nose to the leather piece. Leather has a distinct smell; it smells more chemically when leather is low-grade or artificial.

ways to know genuine leather couch

3. Touch the Leather Sofa to Identify Its Naturality

A genuine leather sofa feels smooth and lax and has a grainy touch. Natural leather is much softer than synthetic fibers and more flexible and pliant. Press the leather sofa's seat and see if it gives a little flexibility. Fake leather is usually very inflexible and rigid. You can not try faux leather, but the natural leather is stretchy. Moreover, a genuine leather sofa feels mild and friendly to the skin.

real leather sofa

4. An Unmistakable Way to Tell If a Leather Sofa Is Real

The best indicator of whether it's a genuine leather sofa is to look at the back of the leather. Open a cushion case and look at the fabric's back. The backward of real leather should be like a coarse suede; if it is woven, the sofa's fabric is fake leather.

artificial leather vs genuine leather

5. Read the Label of The Leather Sofa to Distinguish if It is Real

Check all the information that the supplier has offered. Most reliable companies supply a detailed explanation of the type of material they use. Still, if there is no label or written information, you can ask about the material from the seller.
Different companies may name genuine leather differently, so you must first know the different kinds and types of leather if you want to; look at the "Leathercrafts" blog post, written in detail entirely by CyrusCrafts. These words stand for natural leather on a sofa label: nubuck, cowhide, Nappa leather, rub-off, calfskin, saddle, suede leather, soft grain, lambskin, suede, top grain leather, aniline, aniline leather, full grain leather, and whole grain.

artificial leather sofa.

6. The Price of the Genuine Leather and Faux Leather Sofas

The price of genuine leather is much higher than synthetic leather. You'll permanently pay more for genuine leather than faux leather, so be sure you're not buying a fake if you think you've got a great deal. Unfortunately, some retailers sell PVC sofas for the same price as leather!
But the good news for you is that the CyrusCrafts has genuine leather and leatherette sofas in its collection of handmade sofa sets with complete information on them and offers them at the best prices you've ever received seen in Canada or the USA.

genuine leather sectional sofa

Ultimately, prices and labels can point you in the right direction, but getting intimate is the only way to ensure the leather is genuine. Check the back of the couch's cloth by turning a cushion inside and smelling it. The uninitiated can tell that leather is authentic by its smell, feel, and back. The feel of genuine leather is warm, while the feel of fake leather is cold. Still, both leatherette and natural leather sofas are suitable for decorating rooms with white walls.
In the end, please tell us your ideas about the post and hacks to distinguish a real leather sofa from a fake one. And remember to visit our unique handmade leather product available on this website to order from all spots of the world at the best prices ever.

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