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Persian Red Carpet Rc-246 full view
Persian Red Carpet Rc-246 pattern
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Persian 4'X7' Heatset Red Carpet RC-898

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Machine-woven heatset red rug

Length: 7' 4.56" (225 cm) / Width: 4' 11.04" (150 cm)

Longitudinal density: 2550 density

Transverse density: 700 shaneh

Note: The number of weft yarns per meter of carpet length is called the longitudinal density. The number of knots per square meter of the carpet's width is called the transverse density. The higher the transverse and longitudinal density of the carpet, the more durable the carpet is.


The design of this Persian 4'X7' heatset red carpet RC-898 is called Afshan, a beautiful and classic design, and due to the lack of Toranj, it shows the space bigger. These are the attractive features of this red carpet. This carpet is 700 reeds with a density of 2550 and has a thickness of about 1cm and is very soft due to its suitable thickness and is ideal for sitting. It is entirely resistant to damage due to washing, heat, and pounding, and as a result of consumption and washing, there is no change in shape, color, or stiffness in the machine-woven carpet.

If you are looking for a carpet with suitable thickness, high durability, and traditional colors, this is a good and satisfying option.

Features of Persian 4'X7' Heatset Red Carpet RC-898

  1. This stunning carpet has a relatively high thickness of about 1 cm and is very soft.
  2. This carpet is 700 reeds with a density of 2550, which indicates its high durability.
  3. Suitable for a variety of traditional and modern decorations.
  4. This 4'X7' rug is super soft. When you put your feet on it, you will feel so relaxed as someone gives a massage to your feet.
  5. Heat-set yarns are more resistant to dust absorption and contamination than ordinary yarns. Certainly, this will have a significant impact on the health and hygiene of the carpet.
  6. In heatset rugs, the ability to absorb dye is increased, and for this reason, the possibility of dye reduction after washing is minimized.
  7. Heat-set yarns make them more resistant to heat.

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~ 4' x 7' (120cm x 210cm)
Medium Rugs
Cotton Yarn
Polyster (Artificial silk)
Weaving Type
1 Reviews

What are the true colors of red/black and medallion red? It’s difficult to distinguish because several of the pictures are the same.
By Marshall on 04/27/2022

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