To define the "Modern interior design style," we must first know the word "modernism." Modernism in art, architecture, music, and literature occurred around the early to mid-20th century. As soon as modernity reached architecture and interior design, modern interior design became popular among people.
The modern interior design emerged during the peak of the modern art movement, influenced by Scandinavian and German Bauhaus styles. In this blog post, we introduce modern interior design and the most important features of this style. Then we will compare it with some common styles that must be corrected.

modern industrial interior design

What is Modern Interior Design Style?

The modern interior design style is more popular than many other styles. The reason for this issue is the beauty and simplicity of the modern interior design, the practicality of this style, or a set of modern interior features.
The distinct style focused on simplicity is the best short definition of modern interior design style. In interior design with modern style, designers use furniture and decorations that are simple and have straight lines. There is no pattern in them, and they also use neutral and nude colors in the space to maintain the simplicity of this style. In general, modern interior design is simple and functional.

modern interior

What is the Modern Interior Design Style Known for?

The modern interior design is based on a neutral color scheme and natural materials that give the design style a natural warmth. From the linguistic point of view, modern can also include new tools and appliances. But this style is simple, uncluttered, and straightforward.
Balancing the decorations, furnishings, and intended functions is essential when incorporating modern design into homes and offices. It shouldn't be in the space if it doesn't serve a practical purpose.

modern interior design

Characteristics of Modern Interior Design

Here are the main characteristics of modern interior design, including colors, geometry, lighting, etc.

Mostly Used Colors in Modern Interior Design

Modern style clears bright colors in favor of a monochromatic, neutral color palette, like white, beige, gray, black, and pastel tones. In modern interior design, the colors should be neutral, ineffective, and light (dark colors are also used, but light colors are more common). The chosen color is among matte colors; there is no need to reflect light. The color used should not be in contrast with the general colors of the decoration.

colors in modern interior design

Geometry in Modern Interior Styles

One of the most apparent features of modern interior design is simple geometric shapes. In the modern interior, simple lines are visible, and intertwined twists and curves are not mentioned. For example, modern couches and sofas, which suit the best for modern interiors, retain strait lines and simple shapes without many curvings.

Lighting in a Modern Home Decoration

Another essential feature of modern interior design is natural lighting instead of artificial. It is energy-saving and a practical way of brightening a room. Modern interior design plans often include this feature with large windows. In modern interior lighting, indirect and hidden lights are used. In this interior style, we use fewer chandeliers. Most of the environment is illuminated with modern devices with a hidden appearance. In exceptional cases, chandeliers with a simple appearance are used.

lighting in modern decoration

Applying minimalism, One of the Boldest Characteristics

A minimalist design is one of the boldest characteristics of modern interiors. There are no unnecessary embellishments or clutter in minimal designs. Functionality takes precedence over fashion in minimal and modern interior design styles.

modern dining room interior

Modern Interior Design's Primary Materials

The primary materials seen in most of the interiors designed in a modern style are:

  • Wood: Wood is the most basic, straightforward, available home material. Wood is a natural and organic material with beauty in its natural state. In addition, the natural colors of wood are warm and very suitable for modern interior design. However, the wood can be painted in any desired color or cut in any desired shape. We can use wood for the floor and furniture like sofas, chairs, tables, etc.

modern interior primary materials

  • Leather: No matter whether natural or artificial, using leather with its unique texture and attractive colors helps modernize the interior design. One of the characteristics of modern interior design is being luxurious and simple at the same time. Leather is one of the most luxurious, simple natural materials, so leather has always been a good choice.
  • Metal: Metals are an essential part of modern interior design. Matt or shiny metals are used in this interior design style. One of the most widely used metals in modern interior design is steel, which can be produced and used in matte or polished form. Metals can be used in furniture, faucets, handles, chandeliers, and railings.
  • Velvet: In contemporary modern interiors, velvet is a popular upholstery. Use velvet carefully in your modern interior design with tips for using velvet in decoration.

modern interior design materials

Modern Interior Design Style's Features

The modern interior design comprises unique features, making it one of the most popular decoration styles worldwide in recent centuries. The most significant of which are:

Practicality and Functionality of Modern Style

Being practical and functional is the essential features of modern interior design. We use furniture and appliances in modern interior design because of their applications and not only as decorative elements. An interior design expert states that it " can be eliminated if it "does not have a practical purpose."

Nature-Friendliness in Modern Decoration Style

There has already been an increase in eco-friendliness awareness. Barron's reports show that 70% of consumers in the U.S. and Canada consider eco-friendliness essential. Using wood and leather is against nature. Still, wood has continued to be in high demand as a naturally renewable energy source. Leather is also environmentally friendly if it's tanned naturally without chemicals.

Open Floor Plan in Modern Interior Designs

You can use furniture instead of walls to separate the spaces of a home. For example, a kitchen island can separate a kitchen from the dining room, and a sectional sofa can bring definition to an open living room. Remember that using a carpet on an open floor living room would be fantastic.

open floor plan modern interior design

Ceiling, Walls, and Floor in a Modern Interior

High ceilings are better for modern homes. Don't decorate the ceiling of a modern room pell-mell; a simple modern chandelier is enough for a modern ceiling.

ceiling in modern interior design

Walls in modern interior design are decorated with simple colors or wallpaper without patterns and with less glamor. All the walls don't need to be the same color, but observing harmony between the colors is necessary.
Another important part related to the walls of modern rooms is the windows. Perhaps, at first glance, the windows do not have much impact on the space, but as the size of the windows grows, the criteria of the room in question tend to be more modern. Sometimes, designers replace a huge window and make a glass wall instead of a wall.

wall in a modern interior

The floor also plays a vital role in creating a modern space. Imagine that you are in a place with modern principles, but the flooring and its tools must be revised; a sense of imperfection and lack of evolution will keep you from staying. It is for the same reason that the importance of the floor in modern interior design is very much considered.
Some people may think carpets and rugs are prohibited in modern interior design. But it's not true; using suitable rugs or carpets makes your modern interior more luxurious. The carpets used in this interior style are monochromatic and have short piles. Soft and delicate piles and single colors are the main features of this type of carpet. You can find the best Persian rugs and carpets on our website at the best prices.

flooring of a modern interior design

Which Furniture Is Best for Modern Decorations?

Another feature of modern interior design is using practical devices; their selection and arrangement are purposeful. We should choose according to the furniture's efficiency and purpose and only get what we need at home. To be simple and neutral, consider their design and color. We do not have to use luxurious and decorative decorations.
Modern interior decoration should be open. To maintain simplicity, we should use as much furniture as needed. Long furniture pieces low to the ground can make your home modern from natural materials like unpainted wood or metal. There are many options for furniture clothing, including leather, fabric, wood veneers, glass, chrome, steel, and concrete.

best furniture for modern interior design style

Decorative Objects for Modern Interiors

Decorative objects, which play a significant role in creating a modern space, are much more important nowadays than in the past. In this interior design style, using decorative items with unique designs and neutral colors adds a lot of charm to the interior design. You can use cushions with particular patterns and colors or panels on the accent wall.
Large and flat T.V.s installed on the wall or unique lampshades in the living room, decorative plates, bowls, and vases are among the most used decorations in modern homes. The appearance of these devices depends on their general design, color, and applications. In the past, many appliances were considered essential for the home. Today, the same tools and appliances have become an indicator of beauty in the home environment.
We can change the home's decoration by modifying or changing its location. It is better to consider a specific space for each piece of furniture so that the home environment is quiet and away from crowds. With shelves and bookcases at work, you can have hidden spaces for small essentials for a neat and orderly house.

decorative objects for modern interiors

Wall Art in Modern Interior Design

The decorations primarily used in the modern style are mirrors and canvas paintings, usually simple and without frames. Large wall art panels show the space's significance and are better choices for modern interior decoration design.
A giant artwork maintains a modernist look better than multiple smaller pieces. Cubism, abstract art, and Fauvism represent the original modernist movement. Choosing good wall art for a home's focal point can significantly affect its aesthetic. To have the right choice, see the CyrusCrafts online art gallery and choose your favorite wall art for your lovely home.

modern couch and wall art

Modern Home Decoration

Modern home decoration has never been static; it has spread worldwide quickly after its emergence. This interior design style has been changed under the influence of the culture, climate, lifestyle, and customs of the people of any region it has reached. It has become a sub-style of this interior design.
For example, traces of modernity can be seen in Japanese interior design, modern Victorian decoration, modern coastal interior design, urban interior, modern bohemian interior design, modern French home decoration, and modern farmhouse interior.

minimalist house design

What is Organic Modern Interior Design?

Modern organic interior design continues to gain popularity with its sleek lines, organic shapes, and textures. The organic modern interior design blends the streamlines of modern interior design using organic materials, textures, and colors. Designing a modern organic space involves layering organic elements, forms, and hues against a modern, sophisticated backdrop.
Modern interior design is often perceived as uncharismatic due to its clean lines and bland textures. When combined with mid-century modern or contemporary design, the authenticity of natural materials and the beauty of their natural textures result in effortless elegance.

organic modern interior design style

Styles Combined in an Organic Modern Interior Design

Three styles are combined in an organic modern interior design style: Minimalism, Midcentury modern, and Boho flair. Sleek lines, nature-inspired shapes, organic textures, and rustic elements are the essential features of organic modern interior design.
Adding natural textures and shapes makes the organic modern interior design elegant, soulful, inviting, and warm.

organic modern style

Modern Interior Design VS. Contemporary Interior Design

Nowadays, people talk about contemporary interior designs. Is it different from the modern interior style? Although it is often mistaken—or used interchangeably—with contemporary design, modern interior design is different. Modern interior design means the style of a specific historical moment beautifully.
In contrast, contemporary interior design means the specific styles of the current time. Contemporary architecture and style do not refer to specific features of interior design. Still, it is a term to describe today's trends, which have not to be necessarily rooted in any particular interior design style.

contemporary vs modern interior design style

Contemporary is what's happening at this moment. This definition makes it hard to determine clearly. On the other hand, modern design has a different aesthetic that emphasizes balance, clear lines, and warm neutrals.
Despite modern interior design, contemporary interior design does not refer to a specific time; it reflects the popular styles of now. Without focusing on anyone, it borrows qualities from modernism, minimalism, Art Deco, and other global styles.

contemporary interior design

This post describes modern interior design, its characteristics, features, materials used, and a comparison with similar interior design styles. You can share your valuable opinions about this article with us through comments.
Remember that the CyrusCrafts store website is ready to serve you worldwide, especially in the USA and Canada. By visiting this website, you can buy handicrafts, art and wall products, furniture, decorations, and other accessories necessary to have a modern interior design by filling out the order form. We will deliver them to your door as soon as possible.

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