Islamic wall arts are a group of Islamic arts used to beautify the walls of homes, offices, and public places. So, in this blog post, we will skim Islamic art first and then examine Islamic wall art with examples.
blue Islamic wall art

Islamic art is vast because of its expansion over 1400 years; it includes architecture, calligraphy, painting, glass making, ceramics, textiles, and much more.
Islamic arts refer to all art skills related to the Islam religion. These arts have many branches, such as architecture, painting, calligraphy, glass making, ceramics, fabric design, wall rugs, metalwork, silk, batik printing, and a performing art called Ta'ziyeh, and many fields.

Islamic wall art

Among the various Islamic arts, we would like to introduce the types of Islamic wall art so that you can use them for the interior design of your homes and workplaces. In other words, all the artworks you see in this article are usable in gallery wall design.

Islam wall art

Islamic Wall Art Branches

"Scripture wall art" and "Islamic wall art" are separate branches of art that can sometimes stand for one artwork. The use of Islamic scriptures in wall art can create a scripture wall art because the Quran is the holy book of Muslims.

best Islamic wall art

Islamic wall art can be divided into three main categories: calligraphy, canvas painting, and wall rugs, among which, since Iranian miniature painting is a unique style of wall painting, it is an essential branch of wall art by itself. You can use Islamic wall art for the living room, dining room wall decor, and office wall art.

Islamic wall art for living room

So, the following includes introductions and samples of:

      • Islamic Calligraphy Wall Art
      • Islamic Painting for Wall
      • Wall Rugs with Islamic Designs


Islamic Calligraphy Wall Art

Calligraphy is the fine art of writing words. Several types of calligraphy are Nastaliq, Kufi, Naskh, Thuluth, and so on. Allah Calligraphy, Ayatul Kursi Calligraphy, and Calligraffiti are among the most famous Islamic calligraphies. Arabic calligraphy is also called Quranic calligraphy. You can see some calligraphy artwork in the Calligraphy Products section on the website.

Islamic calligraphy wall art

Calligraphy drawing is a beautiful calligraphy branch in which letters are used to draw using calligraphy. The words that make up this drawing can be read carefully in their detail. 

calligraphy drawing

Islamic Painting for Wall

Islamic painting combines beautiful artistic designs with soothing colors such as Persian blue, patterns, and sometimes Islamic writing in mixed media, called calligraphic painting, to enhance the viewer's spirit. One of the most popular types of Calligraphic Painting is Watercolor Calligraphy.

Islamic painting

In Islam, painting faces with many details is not common. Still, the idea that this is forbidden is also a misconception. For example, in the Persian miniature painting, which deals with minor details, most of the details of human faces are also visible.

Islamic painting for wall

Still, we can say that Muslims have a problem drawing the details of the faces of religious leaders, including the Prophet, maybe idolatry. Therefore, they usually do not paint the look of the Prophet or angels and draw light instead. You can see canvas paintings on the online art gallery of CyrusCrafts' website.

wall art Islamic

In Islamic paintings, all painting techniques are used, including watercolor painting, acrylic painting on canvas, textured canvas art, graffiti canvas art, oil painting, and even abstract art, primarily geometric abstract art. Recently, with the trend of minimalist wall art, minimalist Islamic wall paintings have also increased and have found a special place among the lovers of this art style.
minimal Islamic painting

Wall Rugs with Islamic Designs

Handwoven carpet is an original and ancient art of Iran, which has been used for floor and wall decoration since ancient times. Producing a handwoven carpet, including the point-by-point drawing of the carpet map, preparation of the yarn, dyeing the thread, and weaving the carpet, is very delicate.

wall rug with Islamic design

It requires expertise and experience that carpet weavers Iranians have done the best throughout history and have kept alive until today. With the arrival of Islam in Iran, Iranian carpet-weaving artists have included beautiful Islamic writings, such as verses from the Quran and the name of God, in their wall rugs. Various wall rugs are available on CyrusCrafts so that you can create a luxury interior design by ordering each one.

Islamic wall rug

Islamic Arts in more Details

After the emergence of Islam, this religion influenced societies socially, culturally, politically, and economically. In this religion, art also changed and became known as Islamic art. Following the emergence of Islam in the seventh century AD, Islamic art emerged and developed in different historical periods and geographical regions.

Islamic wall art in details

Many researchers have introduced this art in different historical periods and defined it in their studies. They have provided almost identical examples and various theories and definitions in this field. Reviewing the analyses conducted so far about this branch of art and defining what it is, is one of the prerequisites for realizing a practical plan to achieve a noble and sublime art in contemporary times.

Islamic art wall

By examining the achievements of researchers in this field, eight perspectives and tendencies have been recognized: the art of Islamic lands, Muslim art, art derived from religious texts, geometric and abstract art, sacred art, art with religious content, Islamic art, including all of the above.

Islamic Persian miniature

With more than ten thousand years of civilization, Iranians have created and preserved extraordinary works of art, many of which are now in museums worldwide. With the emergence of Islam in Arab countries, it did not take long for Islam to spread to Iran, the largest empire of that time, and in the neighborhood of Mecca. Therefore, people combined Iranian and Islamic arts and invented unique artworks.

Islamic wall decor

Many of these artworks have survived all over the world today because many independent Islamic countries today were part of the great empire of Iran at the time. Also, most of these arts, including architecture, glass making, painting, carpet weaving, etc., were Iranian arts that took on an Islamic form with the spread of Islam in Iran. Islamic wall art is a perfect option for classic interior designs.

mix media calligraphy -painting

The article you read was a brief overview of Islamic arts. Iranian Islamic arts have such diversity that it is impossible to introduce them in one blog post. Therefore, this essay only discussed the details of Islamic wall art. We hope this article interests you and has provided helpful information to you, dear ones. Please help us by writing your valuable comments in the comments section to provide you with more and better services. If you have any questions about this article, let our experts answer them quickly.

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