Generally, there is little difference between a couch and a sofa. Couches are more comfortable and casual seating furniture with a simple design, and often the skeleton of couches is not visible. Sofas are more formal and glamorous with a visible frame.
Nowadays, these two words are used the same way worldwide, but Americans and Canadians typically use the word couch more, and Europeans use Sofa more. In this blog post, we want to introduce all kinds of seats we know as sofas or couches. As these two words are being used alternatively, we use them the same way in this post.

types of sofa

Sofa Types Based on Application

There are Couches of different types based on usage and consumer needs. The most popular types are Lounge couches, Corner sofas, sectionals, Sleepers, Nugget couches, Recliners, Lovesac, Futons, Loveseats, and outdoor couches.

Lounge Couch

Lounge couches have historical roots and are among the most beautiful home decor items. Lounge couches or Chaise Longue applications are sitting on, lying down, and home decorations.

lounge couches

Corner Sofa

Any sofa you can use in the corners of a room is called a corner sofa. Corner sofas might be sectional, lovesac, or even modular Chesterfield, as seen in the picture below.

corner sofas

Modular Sofas or Sectional Couch

Although sectional couches and modular sofas differ slightly, both categories generally include single to multi-seater couches and chaise lounges arranged in a way that forms an L or U-shape. They are mainly suitable for use as a corner sofa.

sectional couches

Sleeper Sofa or Couch Bed

Nowadays, in some tiny apartments for one person, there must be more space for a bed and a couch. For such houses, one of the best choices can be couch beds or sleeper couches, which are comfy couches used during the day and as beds at night. If you want a sofa to decorate a small bedroom, you can use a couch bed to have both sofa and bed in one piece of furniture.

sleeper sofas

Nugget Couch

Another type of modern furniture is nugget couches, specializing in home decoration. Nuggets are the best couches for kids. You can use nugget couches in your home, kindergarten, and any place that requires a modern interior design.
You can arrange nugget couches to create tiny houses in the child's room, since children love to play on them. Putting a nugget couch in the kids' room could allow them to play safely on it and build tiny huts. And whenever you desire to redecorate the kids' room, you can change the nugget couches arrangement.

nugget couches

Recliner Sofa

Recliner sofas are comfortable with recliner seats for two or three people. A recliner couch is a type of sitter whose lower body can rise to keep people's legs up to provide more comfort to the person sitting on it. Recliners are among the most comfortable couches.

recliner sofas

Lovesac Couch

Lovesac is designed for lounging, lying down, and generally maximum comfort. A lovesac includes two categories: Lovesac Sectionals and Bean Bags. Here are two Lovesac Sectionals in the picture below.

lovesac sectional couch

If you are looking for the most comfortable couch with deep seats for lounging and lying down during the day, you can try lovesac couches. Here are three lovely Bean Bags in the following picture.

bean bags


Futons are other types of comfortable couches that are mainly light in weight and easy to move. Another feature of futons is that they are light and take up little space. Futons are one of the modern couch family members. Most of the futons are folding beds.



Mostly, “sofa” and “couch” stand for three or more seater numbers; here, some may need seating furniture for two-seaters, so loveseats have come for this purpose. Most of our handmade wooden sofa sets include loveseats too.


Gaming Sofa

Gaming sofas, as it is obvious from their name, are comfortable couches with an ergonomic design for sitting while playing video games. We have already discussed them in d n the “Gaming Sofas” blog post.

black gaming sofa

Outdoor Couch

Having a villa in the middle of nature requires furniture for the villa's yard, so you can sit or lie down, relax in the open air, and enjoy the natural landscape. Outdoor Couches are here to give you a cushy seat in the yard, garden, or villa.

outdoor couch

Different Sofa Design Styles

Designers design different kinds of sofas every day in all spots of the world. Still, we can categorize most of them into groups based on their layout, style, and model. The most beautiful couches are Camelback, Chesterfields, Low seated, settee, cabriole, rolled arm sofas, and Vintage couches. Note that one couch may include more than one of these designs; for example, a handmade wooden sofa might have rolled arms, cabriole legs, and a camelback.

Camelback Sofa

All wooden sofas whose backs have a hump-like crest are called camelback sofas. A camelback sofa may have one, two, or three humps.

camelback sofas

Settee Sofa

A settee is generally a smaller version of a sofa that stands on raised legs. It's not meant to be lounge furniture but preferably a seat upon which to sit alone or with another person, usually without more than one seat cushions.

settee sofas

Vintage Couch

Any type of couch with an old and rustic design, like the 18th century, can be called a vintage couch. Vintage couches often have fabrics with some patterned design. Today, vintage style is a trend in interior architecture and decoration. If you are interested in this style, we recommend you visit the “vintage interior design” page.

vintage couches

Chesterfield Sofa

One of the most famous sofa designs in the world, Chesterfield sofas are characterized by their large, rolled arms that are the same height as the backrest, just like tuxedo sofas' arm height.

chesterfield sofas

Low Seated Sofa

Any couch with short legs and a seat near the ground is a low-seated sofa or couch. Low-seated sofas are suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

low seated sofas

Curved Couch

Couches with a curved layout are called curved couches. Like the other sofa styles, curved couches have different models too.

curved couches

Rolled Arm Sofa

Rolled arm sofas, as their name shows, have arms wrapped through the outside. Rolled arm design is applicable for both classic and modern couch styles. They are also known as “English roll arm sofas”.

rolled arm sofas

Cabriole Sofa

Cabriole sofas are those with legs with wrapped ends. Cabriole legs are common in wooden sofas, especially in handmade woodcarvings.

cabriole sofas

Types of Couches Based on the Material

According to what we learned in the “How to choose a couch?” article, you know that choosing a couch, it's better to know the couches material and decide considering your lifestyle and region situations. Here is a brief discussion about different couches based on their body material and upholstery.

Wooden Sofa

Wood is often used in the furniture industry. You may see only the upholstery of a sofa like in Lawson sofas, bat the inner skeleton is wooden. When we say wooden sofa, we mean different kinds of sofas whose wooden parts are visible, like in the pictures below.

wooden sofas

Leather Couch

Leather is one of the most popular and durable upholstery that never goes out of fashion. In addition to durability and beauty, leather couches have a unique luxury and splendor that can make the contemporary interior design much more luxurious. Many types of faux leather with durability and beauty equal to animal leather but are nature-friendly and cheaper. CyrusCrafts offers leather sofas made of faux leather, also known as leatherette, with the durability and beauty of natural leather, without harming animals.

leather couches

Velvet Sofa

Velvet sofas have always been trendy furniture due to their durability, longevity, softness, beauty, and ancient roots. Velvet sofas also have different thicknesses, colors, and patterns. Our company always uses the highest quality velvet fabric for our contemporary sofas.

velvet sofas

Satin Couch

Satin is one of the most luxurious and, at the same time, the most comfortable fabrics, one of the best fabrics for people with sensitive skin, according to the recommendations of skin and hair specialist doctors. Also, satin couches are always a glamorous part of home furniture and a lower-price alternative for silk.

satin couches

Linen Couch

Linen is one of the most popular plant-based natural fibers, with an infinite variety in thickness and color. The furniture industry uses linen for many purposes because it does not cause skin sensitivity, is highly durable, and can be patterned and colored easily. Linen couches are mainly in the group of comfy couches.

linen couches

Brocade Fabrics for Sofas

Any fabric decorated with shiny golden or silver fibers is called brocade fabric. There are brocade satins, linens, and even brocade velvets, which add beauty and glory to furniture. And you can see brocade fabrics mostly in traditional sofas.

brocade fabrics for sofas

You read a complete guide to the different types of sofas and couches according to their applications, layout, and materials. Now, please tell us your ideas about this post in the comment section, and ask your questions about the subject.
Ultimately, the CyrusCrafts interior design team is glad to tell you that you can visit various sofas on our website and order anyone at the best prices by filling out the order form. Wherever you live worldwide, especially in Canada and the United States, our colleagues are ready to deliver your orders quickly to your home door.

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