Flowers are very popular around the world, so it is no surprise that floral rugs are one of the most enduring and popular styles. Flowers have inspired many stunning decorative patterns from Europe to the United States and Canada, Just as the colors in Iranian carpets have a special meaning.

The flower pattern is also a symbol and expresses a special meaning that has entered the art of carpet weaving throughout history.

What Is a Floral Rug?

Floral carpets or flower carpets are a type of carpets that use flowers and blossoms in their pattern. Such carpets can be seen chiefly in oriental examples and Iranian hand-woven carpets. In addition to beauty and originality, floral carpets also have special meanings. Each flower in the pattern of the carpets has a special meaning and tells a story, which we will explain of below.

What Do Floral Carpet Designs Mean?

The carpet you walk on daily may be the last thing you have thought about its meaning. Nevertheless, if you own a Persian carpet, you should know that each floral pattern on your carpet has a special meaning, and understanding these meanings will help you choose the next floral carpet. Because any sense adds unique energy and atmosphere to your home, so stay with us in the rest of this article to understand the secret of each of these signs and symbols.

Blossom Design in Floral Carpet

A flower in the blooming stage is related to youth, new birth, spring, and the time of growth. The weaver or pattern designer is trying to refer to the child.

blossom flower carpet

Hyacinth Flower Design in Floral Rug

The hyacinth design floral carpet symbolizes fertility; because it is one of the first spring flowers. These floral carpets are found in many of Iran's cities and rural areas, including the Tabriz carpet. It is even seen among rural tribes and nomads.

flower carpet

Lily Flower Design in Floral Rug

Lily is a symbol of freedom of religion. This design is very rare in floral area rugs. Oriental rugs with this design are usually exceptional.

vintage floral rug

Tulip Flower Design in Floral carpet

Tulips are often depicted with cheerful and attractive colors. There is often more than one type of tulip in the floral area rugs. For example, you may find a mix of single-leaf and double-leaf tulips. The tulip symbolizes the birth of a male child; it also represents prosperity and happiness because it is one of the first flowers blooming in spring and promises growth and new beginnings.

rose flower in floral rugs

Lilium Flower Design in Floral Rug

Lilium is a universal symbol associated with purity and spirituality. Liliums are primarily found in old floral area rugs.

floral carpet

Lotus Flower Design in Floral Rug

The lotus is a symbol used in the floral rugs of Iran and all over the East, including China. The lotus is a symbol of rebirth and immortality. In terms of appearance, it is similar to the Paonia and Shah Abbasi flowers.

Very delicate patterns of lotus flowers can often be seen in floral carpets. This flower is one of the most popular designs used in many parts of the world, with similar meanings in different cultures.

flower shaped rug

Cypress Tree Design in Floral designer Rug

The Cypress tree is one of the most common trees used in Iranian flower rugs. They are also an important member of formal gardens, easily recognizable by their sinuous tops that rise above and watch over the rest of the garden's trees.

floral area rugs

These trees with strong roots planted in the ground are stretched towards the sky, and in this way, they represent the connection between earth and heaven. Cypress trees are evergreen and remain so in winter. They are also long-lived and a sign of eternity. They represent eternal life beyond earthly existence and life after death.

Are Flower Rugs Popular?

Floral designer rugs can be popular. Of course, this depends on everyone's taste, personality, and the location of his or her life. For example, we know that handmade rugs are often woven with floral designs. But people in Canada prefer more uncomplicated carpets such as Dhurrie rugs. Also, in Latin America, you will probably find more cowhide rugs and sheepskin rugs.

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Best Places to Use Floral Rugs

The living room, bedroom, or kitchen is the best place for flower rugs. Because these carpets give good energy to any space and add warmth and intimacy to the environment. Of course, these carpets are not classified as commercial carpets and do not look official.

In this article, we tried introducing floral carpets and introducing you to their types, the meanings of each design, etc. You can buy the best floral carpets in the collection of oriental carpets of Cyrus Crafts with the best prices and the fastest delivery.

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